The cover shoot for W Korea is uh-mazing. I mean sure it helps that model Valentina Zelyaeva is deeked out in Pre-Fall Chanel, and it defo helps that Jeffrey Graetsch is a smashing photographer…but here it was definitely the hair that drew me in. The hair and the bald ass cat on the cover.

So for your viewing pleasure, I’d like to present you with some of the sweetest hair since….well my last hair post. Featuring washed out green hair, blonde that looks like it’s been tinted with chlorine (see above) and…golden blonds…with cute bobs, waves at the bottom and flicks. It’s pretty god damn spectacular (green hair with red lipstick btw, hot as fuck.)

As I said…uh-mazing. The outfits are obvs pretty spectacular too, as well as those cuffs, but for now let’s just sit back and enjoy some big ole green hair.

Photos from over at Fashion Gone Rogue


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