It’s a Saturday night and after helping boyfriend move in my nails were fucked. I’d tried Chanel Particuliere with black half moons (I use stargazer…cheap as chips and I find it really easy to use) but there was nothing left after hiking monitors and the rest up and down stairs…so I decided today I wanted to try something different. Obv I have to work a shit-ton on my nails…..the lines are squint and got polish all over my fingers, but was curious how the colours would look together.

So tonight I used Illamasqua in Victorty, Stargazer‘s black and NailsInc in Tate.

My friend hooked me up with the Illamasqua after I spent the evening gushing about how Mombi in Return to Oz has the most bitching nails I ever did see so when she dropped the colour into my ever loving lap I died a little bit. It’s the perfect mettalic polish…and its fricking gold. It goes on a treat and lasts forever. One layer usually does it with this guy and it dries super fast. Easy-peasy worth the £13.

NailsInc in Tate is a really nice deep red but I find the polish a bit thick. I really really love the colours from NailsInc….Victoria a deep plum was a fave of mine for a while but the formula is just a bit ick.

Stargazer…well fuck I’ve been using it since I was 14. It’s cheap, its cheerful and it’s pretty much my go to black polish. Barry M’s black I find goes sticky far quicker than this bad boy so defos worth the money.

I’m dying to try Illamasqua in Hectic…an uh-mazing olive green….so will be keeping my eye out for that bad boy as its currently out of stock =[ GAH


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