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I’m not a great lover of Spring “looks”…I mean there are elements I like…the hair on the Chanel’s Couture catwalk for one. But really looking through designers spring looks…I’m not finding my heart skipping that important beat, I’m not catching my breath…I remain unmoved.

And then came Dior Couture.
GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I still think I need a moment to process how much I love this.

So yeah as you can see, equestriennes….with top hats and riding crops, riding habits, veils…it’s all very erotic. OBVS. Who doesn’t want to see a 6 foot glamazonian strut down the catwalk in the biggest shoes ever, impeccably dressed wielding a fucking riding crop. And you know what…I KNOW this is meant to be couture, and I know it’s not meant to be necessarily wearable but I would TOTALLY rock this look so hard…..to the point where I find myself hitting the caps lock key like an Internet gangsta. So yeah for the most part it’s nipped in waists on jackets (dies) and full skirts. I mean of course there is the ballgowns….with a very gone with the wind vibe but just…..gush. GUSH.

Look at the make up. LOOK AT IT. Its brilliant. Pale as fuck with red lips.

I am sorely tempted to spam blogger with stuff from the Dior Couture show, I mean it wouldn’t be difficult. This jacket for one has entrapped my heart (and I’m not even crazy for colour). I mean sure it helps that it’s teamed with a top hat and veil but…y’know, it’s hot as hell. I’m also pretty hot for this flared out blouse and the colour of the skirt. It just all seems very fitted. And awesome.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean it’s frickin Dior…of course the silhouettes and shapes are going to be astounding. And some of the pastel ballgowns…don’t make me want to slit my own throat. I mean I’d probs have overlooked the whole thing if it wasn’t for the fetish undertones of the equestrian line…and I really fucking dig what appear to be leather (maybe pvc….I don’t know) gloves and, shoes and belt with otherwise very feminine and sweet colours.

So yeah….Dior Couture..probably been covered to death by everyone else, but I really don’t think I could pass up writing about anything that involved riding crops.


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