It seems there just isn’t enough praise for Keira.

Everything she makes is pretty fucking gorgeous. Her style is heavily influenced by old time glamour giving a nod of the head to some of the most stylish women in history; Monroe, Chanel, Garbo and Paige. Keira’s designs are classic and beautifully tailored…and her speciality is leather. Fucking leather. SWEET.

I’ve wanted to blog about Keira for a while as her gorgeous cuffs are sold in one of my favourite shops, Boudiche but had completely slipped my mind till today. Was sauntering home after a day in town and passed Brazen which were stocking some of the softest looking leather jackets my eye ever did see. And of course they were Keira. After having a gander at her new collection over at the site it’s safe to say I’m in love all over again. While I def prefer the golds and blacks of her Lady A/W collection the new Cowgirl collection is dreamy. I’m partial to a bit of fringing and the Summer Bomber in orange looks like it could just melt and the black playsuit is astounding.

That said my favourite Keira pieces are definitely Glamored (a Keira signature piece cape..and pictured…plus the wool variation..TO DIE FOR), the wrist bow, as seen in Boudiche that I want in every colour (and her sister the cowgirl cuff, also godly) and the 365 day bomber.

I believe it’s my love of pussy bows that really makes me swoon at this designers work, that and the leather just looks caramel smoothe. So yes. Keira. Top job and all the rest.


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