Judith Leiber Week

I really enjoy a woman who likes a good bag, and Judith Leiber….well she’s a woman who likes bags. Bitch pretty much owns the most prestigious luxury handbag brand in the world.

So I spent the evening googling images of the Leibs‘ bags (urg leibs…kill me) and it’s just all really good. Good clutch bags are important and the dame really has a sense of fun and whimsy when it comes to designing her bags…so for one week I’ll be posting an awesome bag every day, with a brief synopsis of why I love it.

Before we start this though you should know I’m totes over the cupcake bag Katy Perry sported. Boke. Thing is it’s not even an ugly bag…it just doesn’t seem as fun. It’s…..boring.

Let us however wonder at prob my favourite of the novelty bags the Leiber Piglet Miniauderiere. It’s just the chunkiest looking wee thing and I love it. I’m not crazy for pigs but I’m into this on all sorts of levels. I kind of think the way it’s sitting looks like a frog that’s gone wrong.


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