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Christian Dior. Trust you to make me think pastels are acceptable. Of course I’m talking about Dior’s 2011 Resort Show in Shanghai…bringing a sweet mix of ready to wear and couture. Oh yeah and the premier of “Lady Blue Shanghai“…..only a bloody 12 minute film for Lady Dior directed by the grandmaster David Lynch. Hoh boy.

I’m waiting for the kids over at Dior to do something wrong, I really am. Fact is, they are really good as what they do, and are probs the only ones out there who can make me think pastels are a good thing.

First and foremost though, the shapes. The ready to wear stuff is very Parisian, very sweet conservative tailoring with nipped in waists and bows. The silhouettes going down the catwalk are not as strong as the equastrien couture show but definitely wearable. Cropped jackets, ankle skimming trousers and sweet floaty dresses. It’s all good. Seems to take a little bit from the forties and a whole lot from the sixties with the tailoring. The pink dress with the white collar detailing looks incredible. It’s very feminine and is all about creating shape, and yeah, it’s pretty god damn awesome.

Colour wise I’m seeing bases of blacks and greys but then lots of sweet candy colours, which I can’t say I’m too surprised about. I’m all for candy colours on my nails, candy colours on my bag….this collection may be the one to bring candy to my back.

A lot of the looks don’t look like they’d be out of place on the back of your old Barbie dolls……and here, it’s not a bad thing. The off the shoulder pink top with the waist belt, white trousers and green bag. Adorbz. Personally I don’t think I’ll ever be fully sold on white trousers, especially in Glasvegas, but with this, it looks right. I like the cropped leg here, though I feel slightly wary that it’s starting to err on the side of pedal pushers a bit much? URG.
I’m not entirely repulsed by the materials either. I mean it seems like it’s going to be all basics and out come the floaty sweet dresses with bow details. I love the colour contrast and the big ole plastic earrings are amazing. It works here.

I’m always cautious about colours and feel too many pastels can be overkill, like some 7 year old girls wet dream gone wild and while there ARE a lot of pastels and candy colours here, with the correct tailoring and styling it totally works. It’s channeling 1960’s Barbie…..if she was french. There is something timeless about the collection and while it seems like something we’ve seen before, it doesn’t feel aged or overdone.

I love the accessorise throughout this collection. Bags are sent down with almost every look and they are simple, and chiq in an array of bright colours. The cuffs are a nice sweet detail and…I’ve already wanked on about the earrings.

So Dior Resort, 2011…Yes please.

You can check out the Lynch wonder HERE btw
Photos from fashionologie


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