girl on fire

Dear Internet. I really like eco-label Issi. I also really like the “Paul Morrison Volcano Kit Bag“. It’s a collaborative piece between the label and artist Paul Morrison and is made out of a fricking decommissioned fire-hose. It looks amazing. Also the inside is gold silk from a reclaimed parachute with a print of a volcano by Paul Morrison. While I couldn’t really give too shits about the print inside tbh (although I am a sucker for good lining) I am crazy about the idea of a bag made out of hose. The colour and shape is amazing, and you know what…gold silk lining, also totes on board with. There is something really kitsch about this, it’s unusual but not bizzaro enough that it couldn’t be a nice staple bag for the wardrobe. £270 at Selfridges which ain’t all bad (at least I’d imagine so if I wasn’t so skintod all the time). My fave stuff from Issi is def the stuff made from fire-hoses. The Girl on Fire purse is uhmazing, and the Lothar Gotz bowling bag (not crazy for stripes or colour but he texture looks fucking incredible). Either way it’s a nice idea and seems to have got some sweet ass results. Kudos.


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