cat’s meow

I really fucking wish I could come up with a better title for this post…but it’s been a busy week of rubbish exam mourning and studying for the next one (see reading every true blood book i can get a hold of, finishing series 2 of carnivale….etc). But I haven’t been completely fucked in my efforts this week….I updated my cv, sent my next event blurb off to be printed in the merch city festival programme and sent away a report for ITCOW to be reviewed for the short-list of the Scottish Events Awards.

And I haven’t neglected Leiber week as I found something even better to post than planned.

Yeah…it’s a fucking bag in the shape of a cat. A black cat. Covered in tiny black crystals. It reminds me of by beloved George Clinton and he’s just sooooooo cute. I believe it’s name is “jinx the cat” which I can totes get on board with. I know it’s May but Halloween….always rules my heart…and now, so does Jinx.


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