I love good nails. I fucking love WAH nails. I’m enjoying how they were in the fucking Metro and they were on T4’s Frock Me giving some sweet ass nail advice. I’ve always been a bit partial to some sweet nails, although my talents really stop at red with white dots (like little mushrooms if you squint hard enough…but yeah. I mean when it comes to nails I’m probs erring on the side of garish with my love for having huge fucking pieces of plastic hanging off them (Kawaii nails do some SWEET ones) but I’ve got to say..for every day WAH! and Minx seem to be the way forward.

Now I know this is leopard print and it’s been done to death but that’s because its simple and looks dead impressive. I like the colours here…but what really caught my eye (hohoho) was the giant piece of Butler & Wilson this dame is spotting. Def one of my favourite pieces from their collection. Well played mam, well played.


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