another friggin beauty post

But this one is exciting.
While over at Not Tonight Darling, I’m Washing My Hair, mine eyes spot they spy a post about MAC‘s new make-up collection due for September. I’ll give you a clue….

Yeah its the Venomous Villains Collection. I love MAC and while the Hello Kitty collection left me cold, and the Barbie one was a bit too pink for my palette (although they did an uhmazing blush) this…this is my cup of tea. It reminds me of last year when MAC went all goth and it was black lipstick, black eyesticks, black face masks. NTD has speculated that it’s all going to be strong brows and dark lips. I agree. I mean look at every single one of those fierce bitches up there, they are all women who enjoy a good brow and a red lip (which never ever goes out of style. obvs). I’m hoping for a really excellent brow pencil….lipstickwise….I hope they sort out a decent red as their new formula red one in their vintage pigments is way too bright and dry so this VVC collection is a chance to sort it out. Predict they might make a nice plum also. Eyeshadow: I’m guessing lots of purples and blues. The casing should be uhmazing…and if not one of these bitches is representing it come late September, I’ll eat my face.
(and while I love Ursula…my undersea Divine, I got to say my money’s with Malificent, that women is glorious)


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