And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

I don’t think I ever will get over the Acne Atacoma wedge. Ever. It pretty much the prettiest wedge I ever did see…..probably cause it looks a little bit like an ice skate…but you know. It is/was wonderful. Very simple, very wearable, very onedayyouwillbemine.

I do love Acne though. The collection they did with Lanvin is pretty sweet and other than some of the sweetest jeans I ever did lay my eyes on…they pull out some major fucking stops when it comes to jackets and shoes.

The Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is pretty astounding. While I prefer more classic female tailoring, I’m totes on board with this line. I mean I’m looking at it, and something in my mind is telling me….I should hate it, but no. Maybe it’s the models giant painted foreheads that do it for me…

Jonny Johansson’s defos hammering home a definite sci-fi vibe this season. I’m loving this whole angular futuristic thing that seems to be coming up. I really like the shapes, and the sort of materials that are being used…here it’s not the sleek star fleet uniform, it’s more of a space scavenger. There is arm and leg bangles…furry cuffs….the most uhmazing chunky shoes I’ve seen in a long time (with furry ankle cuffs…seriously gushgushgush I love it)…..and some major jackets…in blacks and oatmeals.

I’m going to say for the most part I’m not really crazy about the jumpsuits that feature heavily. They seem a bit too…mechanicy (there is one in a dust colour, another one is deep blue)…and I’m not feeling it at all. I prefer a bit more structure and shape.

The colours are good though. Blacks, beige, oatmeals, camels, golds and silvers. All good things. The devil really is in the details here for me though. The cuffs of metal and fur on the legs are amazing, and I’m definitely a fan of the chunky shoe. I’m liking the slightly less fitted trousers (while probs not for me, I’m still not big on wearing jeans let alone a baggy trouser…) and the prints on the t-shirts are nice..looking a bit like a galaxy print which is also good.

The whole line has a sort of grungey feel to it and I fucking love how the girls have been put down the catwalk…what with their flattened centre patterns and big shiny circles on their foreheads. YES.


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