whips & chains

Let’s talk chain mail. My previous most flirted with the idea of chain mail…and I know it’s old hat but I can’t get it out of my head.

The chain mail skirt from metal & thread on etsy for example. JUST WOW. Now I know it’s not gold so a little part of me is weeping inside….but a bigger part, the part of me that loves chains, leather and nails is weeping at how brilliant this is. It’s just very…..pretty. Can I say that? I suppose at $6,995 it should at least be “pretty.” I am convinced I should be able to recreate this, or at least an approximation of this for under £20.

Of course I shouldn’t be that surprised considering everything I seem to be in love with at the moment wouldn’t be out of place in a Nine Inch Nails Video……not a bad thing.

Now for pretty pretty chain mail I can always have a wee gander over at Unizicker Design.

Well first of all it’s gold. And the chain mail mesh effect is to die for. I love the shape and the angles. It manages to be feminine while working with classically unfeminine traits (angles,mesh….oh yes.) So I’m very very fond of this.
While this piece is a bit more unusual her more classical chain mail pieces of bracelets and necklaces are to really sweet and her broaches really have a medal quality to them.

Anyway point: chain mail – good.


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