sting in your tail

Ah yes….the Butler & Wilson Red Crystal Scorpion. Now I’m not going to pretend I’m mad crazy for broaches or anything, but me, I’m quite partial to anything novel shaped like an animal. I mean I nearly died a death when I got my golden lizard broach (not unlike this..but primani obvs) the other day…so when SparkleCandy set up their pop-up shop at multi-media event ITCOW that I was working on, I nearly died.
I’m crazy for a good piece of jewellery so this red crystal broach just really set me off. Butler & Wilson make some of the nicest broaches I ever did see (my personal favourites being the purple cross and the evil eye) but the scorpion is just amazing. Anyone who saw the sparklecandy stall at ITCOW has gushed to me about this piece, and they are right, it’s kind of something special.
And you know what’s better? It’s in SparkleCandy’s springsale…down from £68 to £34. I cannot say I’m not tempted to live off pasta for a week and buy this (spesh since I still have my 20% off code from the event!)

We’ll see how things go at the Panopticon Sale tommorow.


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