show us your teeth

Know what I like? Good teeth. Know what else I like? Good jewellery. So Polly Van der Glascollection of silver jewellery made with human teeth and human hair…well it’s pretty much my cup of tea. I know the first reaction is usually of the queasy variety but all the molars etc are locally sourced and sterilised, so I don’t really see it as any worse than leather or silk. I’m sure the gross factor will prob put a few people off, but I find her pieces more curious than disgusting, and she’s taken something that is usually seen as fairly macabre and made is beautiful.

The collection which is teeth,hair and silver is the first wearable range of jewellery from Van der Glas and is all handmade which kind of makes it all the more special.

My favourite piece is the sterling silver human tooth ring….
Yeah….it’s pretty special. I have an affinity for big rings…and while I’m more prone to anything with gold and studs…silver and teeth may be what converts me over to the silver side.

Found out about the killer designer thanks to an uhmazing blogpost on pavement frippery. SO GOOD.


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