Rob Goodwin’s MA collection is fucking spectacular.
That’s all you need to know…and know what I could leave it at that and spam this post filled with his collection…but it’s just tooooooo good.

I mean it sure helps that the photography on his site is nothing short of stunning but I’m always partial to someone who takes something a bit diy….a bit fugly and turns it out something fucking fantastic.

Goodwin’s collection comprises of handcrafted leather headwear and shoes adorned with nails and chain mail. From working in tv, he’s taken concepts that are more traditionally “costumey” and made them more “fashiony.”

“I wanted to combine the costumes and mask making traditions of both the Venice Carnival and of the Congo to create something unique, modern and original.”

And while I definitely get a Venetian vibe from the whole collection I’m seeing heavy medieval influences, chain mail evoking images of knights, king arthur and robin hood…which I feel is more emphasised by some of the headgear.

While I’m not overly crazy about the coned headgear-it reminds me a bit of a bra, and maybe I just don’t get it but the shoes…the chain mail veil across the face,t he leather masks that look like birds, almost texas chainsaw if he did pretty…..all very very good.

Now I’m not going to lie, these boots would usually give me the heave…..they look like my mum’s idea of a “sensible shoe” but the fact that heel goes in and that its covered in nails…..not only is it the shoes saving grace but it makes them kind of brilliant.

You can see more pictures of Mr Goodwin’s MA collection over at the uh-mazing F-Tape under Roar Talent. I guess that means its fresh or something but fuck…..I’m just looking at those nails and thinking…dear God yes.


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