you better work

I have no idea who this girl is…but I found this picture over on the WAH! nails tumblr and I love everything about it. I mean first of all- yeah those nails are bitching. I love the simile straight lines and the colours are super sweet. But what I really love is the lips and the brow.

First lips: I’m a fan of a lip with two different colours and here it reminds me of those sherbet bags where you’d get 2 different sherbets in raspberry and orange. So yeah…colour me a fan. I think may be more inclined to a purple and pink, or black and red, but then…I’m a horrid goth.

Second: BROWS. Anyone who knows me knows I love a strong brow and I feel naked without them so a nice full dark brow is brilliant. Seriously I spent the other day watching make-up tutorials and fast-forwarding them towards the brow section. I feel that good eyebrows make a better statement than a fancy eye, plus it doesn’t feel too heavy.


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