i’m caught in the symmetry of your mind

My wardrobe tends to have a lot of black.
This isn’t a bad thing, more of a statement of fact. I find in shops I will always always always go for it in black first, and if I’m in a shop and I don’t see the design in black…well fuck, I will ask the nearest person with a nametag…”You got this in black?”

I am trying to branch out of the habit though….a little red, a little gold, a little khaki but pastels….no. I’m fucking bored with spring. I’m ready for the shops to stock anything in black so I can go down the street and not want to heave at all those fucking “I <3 Paris tops"
So Belle Sauvage. It’s A/W collection pretty much restores my faith in humanity.

Virginia Ferreria and Christian Neuman are the powerhouses behind the label, and I love it. It suits me as the colour palette is dominated by black…but brings in flashes of colour in purples, blues, green and orange. It’s got a feel of being futuristic, but more so…what the people 50 years ago thought the future would be like. It’s very geometric and symmetrical…which is no suprise when you find out the collection was inspired by one of my favourites H.R.Giger.

When I first saw the collection the most obvious influence after Giger for me was the 1920’s film “the cabinet of dr. caligari“-considered one of the most influential of the German expressionist films. This is further backed up on Belle Sauvage’s site with “industrial imagery found in German expressionisim especially in early 1920’s films.” If you haven’t seen Dr.Ciligari I suggest you do – not only cause it’s free and in the public domain but the imagery within the film is striking with sharp angular lines which we see being transfered through in this collection.

From the influences you can see why Neuman has decided to combine heavy machinery and classic futuristic drawings within his prints. The prints have a sci-fi vibe reminisent of “Metropolis” and draw the eye in with the symmetry of the garments.

Ferreria’s use of colour is fantastic and although black does dominate the look I feel this may just be the kick up the backside I need to bring more colour into my wardrobe. The purple, greeen and yes even the orange feel okay with me..while before the idea of wearing orange would have sent me running. The way the clothes on the site are desribed is just enough to make my heart melt; “hard structured leather meets soft silk chiffon, crepe and jersey.” I AM IN LOVE.

I love the angles, I love how long the bodies look and I love the prints….but then considering their inspiration it’s no suprise that I’m a little bit in lust with the collection.

For more of the fantastic Belle Sauvage A/W collecton you can find pics, info and the rest on the site. I must say though…the catwalk music the have on in the background is tres creepy. In the best way possible.


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