First Post-NAILS

Over at Stop It Right Now they have some uh-mazing nails on show – in the form of these Chanel logo drippy nail, which I found via a blog Not Tonight Darling, I’m Washing my Hair. Now I love a good bit of nailart…..I spend half my life on Wah! Nails tumblr wishing I had their talent. The most I can manage at the mo is dots…and maybe the top of my nails But I digress. These nails…oh baby. Where to start? They remind me of the Cramps font, with the letters dripping and I think it looks FANTASTIC.
To quote SIRN “the base is Calgel colour SW and the drip is Calgel Black” – the blogger handpainted the chanel logo…but you know, I could give or take it.


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