Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gin Inspired Dining with Gin71

The gin bubble isn't showing any signs of popping any time soon, so the arrival of a Gin71 in my local merchant city was a pleasant addition to the areas burgeoning restaurant and bar scene.  Tucked neatly away down Virginia Court, this intimate restaurant reads as a love letter to all things gin - from their extensive cocktail list to their carefully crafted food menu.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Feminism & Fashion: Are we leaning in or selling out?

“We should all be Feminists.” I mean. Obviously right? It's no longer just a statement but a battle cry. Though this time it's not on a protest sign or a bumper sticker. It's a t-shirt. Oh, and it comes with a £500 price tag. Yeah, sure, that seems reasonable. Dior's t-shirt tribute to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is hardly the first time a luxury brand has dipped it's toe in to commodity activism. Hell, even Chanel's faux protests from S/S 15 led by Cara Delevingne marching with girls in rainbow tweeds and twinsets wasn't the first outing of fashion using feminism as a statement. And look, we get it. Everyone's got something to sell. But should feminism be held to a higher standard than a marketing ploy?


Monday, 20 March 2017

Lazy Sunday evening dining at Browns Brasserie

Following a massive revamp that pays more than a passing nod to Glasgow's art deco history, coupled with the launch of a brand new menu - there never seemed a better time to visit Browns Brasserie. Based in the heart of Glasgow, sitting prominently in the old post office on George Square, a hop, skip and a jump from Queen Street Station - Browns has all the hallmarks of a classic brasserie. Lush booths, a well stocked bar and a well trained and turned out staff. So, I suppose the question is, is the food actually any good?


Saturday, 11 March 2017

What the fuck is so offensive about body hair?

Apparently nearly half (48%) of Scottish men dislike body hair on a woman, with over a third (33%) having been tempted to or encouraged women to remove their body hair. Let that just sink in for a moment.  Let that wash over you for a hot second in hot little waves of rage. Allow this to be followed by an eye roll because this was a press release I received earlier this week for a hair removal clinic. In 2017.  Well, where do I even begin to unpack this hot mess? The key points I got from it though - most men don't actually give two shits about your pubic regime, and the assumption that women should care is a big old bunch of bullshit. I mean, look, if you're in to sleeping with women and you're going to have a hissy fit because her pussy doesn't meet your exacting standards, then frankly we've got bigger fish to fry and quite frankly, you have no business having sex to begin with.


Friday, 3 March 2017

Japan: Mark II : Let's Go Shopping

There's a few thing I wish I knew before going to Japan. The fact that no one really speaks English. Street names? Yeaaaaah. Those aren't a thing. Oh and good luck if you haven't got portable WiFi for finding anything.  Culture shock. I had it. Big time.

So there were a few things I hadn't anticipated. What I was prepared for though was the shopping. Oh baby was I fucking ready. At least I thought I was. Turns out shopping in Japan is basically exactly as fucking nuts as you would hope it would be. We are talking constant eye candy.  Walls of cat plushies, pink neon and a throwback to basically my dream childhood bedroom. There's something about Japan (and more so Tokyo) that feels like coming home. Here's just a few of my favourite places to shop.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Taste of Ardoe

The trick, it turns out is butter.  What I hadn't really accounted for was quite how much of it was used. Of all the lessons I learnt at Ardoe House's Masterclass, it was the liberal use of butter that stuck out the most. I mean seriously we're talking a lot of butter. Think you've got too much? Add some more and you'll be somewhere in the sphere of how much butter was used. Somewhere. And it was god damn delicious.

I mean of course it's not all butter. From the salt-baked vegetables to the locally sourced double-dived scallops, the former Aberdeen mansion made for the perfect setting to explore some of Scotland's finest produce. Arriving to a picnic basket of goodies with a copy of the menu for the evening, there was one for certain. I was not going to go hungry.

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