Monday, 11 September 2017

Bee Waits Travels: Eat Japan

I'm convinced it's nigh impossible to have a bad meal in Japan. And while I may be looking back on my time there with some heavily rose-tinted glasses, the food there is the one thing I remember pretty clearly. Somethings just have an impact. And Japan fucking loves food. It doesn't matter what itch you're hoping to scratch - from steaming bowls of fat flavorsome ramen to the most delicately prepared sushi, cream filled pastries to hipster burger joints, Japan has it. And arguably, does a great deal of it better than anywhere else in the world.
As I said. Japan fucking loves food.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Managing and maintaining bright coloured hair

"Your hair's so bright! How do you keep it so.....yellow?" It's a question I'm asked on a near weekly basis, and while the shorthand answer is awkward laughter followed by "Oh I barely wash it" (half true) the truth of the matter is that it's slightly more complicated than that. And by complicated I mean that having any fashion colour takes work. And money.  If you're looking to go a bright or a pastel the ugly truth of it is that it takes time and dollar dollar bills to keep your hair healthy and looking it's fine/fresh/fiercest.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

Why the Madonna/Whore is Bullshit

Growing up, there's always that one guy at the party. We've all heard him. He sits there and just proclaims how much he just fucking loves eating pussy.

Well, first of all – good for you I guess? Second – is this some kind of fucking bizzaro world sales pitch (in which case, nothnxbai) and third, what the fuck do you want? A medal? A gold star? A slow but steady round of applause? I am ALL for sincerity and enthusiasm (in fact I actively encourage it. Is there anything sexier than someone who's excited to fuck you?) HOWEVER it comes down to how we get to talk about sex in a public space and the disparity in genders in how we do it.
A women talks about how much she loves sucking dick/fucking at the same party. Well, the guy who talks about how much he loves eating women out comes across as a twat, but the women? Well she's just a big old slut.


Thursday, 24 August 2017

A return to hotel dining with Malmaison

Hotel dining can often get the short shrift. Especially when you're in a city like Glasgow that has a near constant rotation of new restaurant openings.  And I get it. Outside of The Big Smoke, if you've not got a room, it can feel jarring and damn right unnatural to just pop in to a hotel for a quick drink, let alone dinner.  And then there's Malmaison. Dog friendly and with a killer bar - and then they go and launch their Summer ice cream menu. What's not to love right?


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Yellow is the new black

"I'll wear anything as long as it's black." That was my excuse for years. A safety net that morphed my wardrobe in to a giant bruise. Which is fine. Bruise is a strong look - but over time it left me feeling a little uninspired. We all have our safety nets and our comfort zones and my approach to fashion had become formulaic. At lot of it had to do with my mood and how I felt - awkward, unsexy, frantic - and as a result everything was boxed and hidden and frayed at the edges. Like my mind.
**not jk

It wasn't a conscious thing though but suddenly I started falling in love. With everything again. I'm a god damn culture sponge and when I'm in to something I'm in to it. Books, comics, movies, music - I was consuming everything and anything and just completely obsessed with just life. And of course there was fashion. Silly, sexy, irreverent fashion.

I'm not saying fashion is daft (though fuck it, I will over intellectualise the shit out of anything given have the chance) but my approach to it loosened up. Sure there was minimalist fashion angel who wants me to be this effortlessly chic girl that's rolled out of Cos, but there's that other fashion angel on my shoulder who seems to made up of this weird Dolly Parton/Tyra Banks hybrid by way of Courtney Love who's approach is much more fuck it. "Darling have fun with it."


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Natural Cycles: A New Type of Contreceptive

I've been using oral contraceptives for as long as I've been having sex. Which means, in short, that I hadn't had a natural period for over 10 years. Even through long periods of singledom I'd use my pill as a handy back up (please don't do this) as a way to control my period by doubling up if I had a holiday (please don't do this either) but for the most part out of habit.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Fuck It Fashion: Ruffles and Perspex

Fashion rules are arbitrary at best. They can serve as a guide line sure - but I like to think of them as more suggestions that hard fast lessons to live your sartorial life by. Case in point - wearing things that flatter your body shape. However, if you tell me there is something I should 10/10 avoid and NOT wear, I'm going to try and find a way to integrate it in to my day to day. And this week it's ruffles. Ruffles that by all accounts pay more than a passing tribute to Liberace and 80's pop stars. Ruffles, that if you're not rocking a fashion titty are going to look awkward, add unnecessary volume and generally be notoriously difficult to work with. Ruffles, the diva of this seasons fashion trends. Fuck it guys, I love ruffles.


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Best Full Coverage Foundations

When it comes to your make-up bag you can skimp on a lot of things. Basically anything you put on your eyes. Most lip colours. Hell, my favourite highlighter is £3 from Superdrug. Though the one place I'm willing to spend that little (lot) more? Foundation. There are some perfectly passable, hell, even great bases available on the high street but, when it comes to coverage, longevity and colour range?  Well I'm yet to find my foundation soul mate on a budget. If you're going to blow your load on one product you want to make sure it's a good one. And my preference towards a matte mid to full coverage and meant I've seen and sampled my fair share of foundations.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Karen Mabon: Today is Your Lucky Day

How much is too much Karen Mabon? Trick question guys. When it comes to this Edinburgh designer, the limit does not exist. At least if you've got any commitment to the kitsch, weird and wonderful. So basically anyone with a heartbeat right?

Over the last year she's dipped her toe in to sleepwear (read: what I want to wear to the office, a killer collaboration on Despicable Me 3 and is currently Stateside showcasing her new swimwear range. I think this is what we call building an empire right? Though, if we're going to strip it back and go back to basics, it's always been about the scarves. They've always been somewhat of a love letter to the absurd with a generous helping of nostalgia - and as a result we get collections featuring kitty cat weddings, a tribute to all our favourite vices (fast food, cigarettes, Champagne and dancing) and of course jumble sales. It's an exercise is full blown maximalism with Mabon's captivating and quirky illustrations providing a snap shot in to her own personal brand of off-beat story-telling.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Rhubarb and Strawberry Margaritas

Does anything say Summer more than a margarita? I mean, other than being one of the all time classics (and perfect for lazy Summer days with friends) I can think of few cocktails that perfectly manage to tread the fine line of salty, sharp and sweet the same way a margarita does. Perfect with mexican food or on it's own this easy to make icon has become a bit of a stalwart in my kitchen cupboard.  While I think sometimes it's hard to beat a classic (I mean, why mess with perfection right?) invited me to share my twist on the ultimate Summer cocktail and well, it was a no brainer. There was no way it could be anything other than a margarita. So it was time to combine my favourite summer time tipple with my favourite summer flavours. Strawberry and rhubarb margaritas anyone?

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hungry? Let's Try Ardnamurchan Glasgow

Ardnamurchan seems to have missed the Great 2017 Glasgow restaurant hype train, but that doesn't mean this unassuming newbie based in the heart of the cities theatre land shouldn't be at least somewhere on your foodie bucket list this year. Directly across from Theatre Royal on Hope Street, Ardnamurchan have a focus on creating beautiful Scottish food with an extensive Scottish gantry to boot. Oh, and it happens to be the only place in the city you can get Ardnamurchan venison, so that surely should be reason enough to visit for any game fans alone right? (Short answer? Yes. Yes it is.)


Monday, 24 July 2017

Making your World more Ribenary through Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and branding isn't anything new. Stripped back, it's using technology to mix objects and images within your real world. It's so normalised now (think brands face mapping so you can take a selfie with your favourite fictional character or hell, ANY snapchat filter.) The two go hand in hand and with augmented reality and virtual reality set to hit $150 by 2020 we're all but set to see more brands using it within their making campaigns. While we may not quite be integrating wearable tech fully in to out lives a la google glass or facebook's oculus, the easiest way is through a series of apps through our phones. And while this has primarily been used to encourage social sharing, the gamfication or altering our reality isn't only the next logical step but already in full swing. It plays in our desire to share, create and collect. I mean, come on, Pokemon Go! anyone? Nintendo's shares sky rocketed and it was the most download IOS app last year WORLDWIDE. That's nuts. 

Ribena invited me to their latest app and to Doodle my World with the entire concept based around making your life more Ribenary. From video to photography you're invited to integrate a bunch of weird and wonderful animated characters in your day to day life - from the personified goofy disco ball to bunnies shooting pink laser beams it's completely and delightfully off the wall.  Ribena: Doodle Your World is pretty much a big old playground for anyone who loves any excuse to goof about on their phone. I mean, when you've already had a penchant for cartoon imagery and have more than a passing interest in gifs and stickers, Doodling your World plays to all of those visual itches.


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Why Dying My Hair Yellow was the Best Thing I've Ever Done (to it)

A new hair day can be completley and utterly transformative. No two ways about it. It's a tired cliche for a reason, but an outward change has always been a signifier of "inner personal growth." It's okay, I can hear your eyes roll from here, and trust me, I did the very same just typing it. But it holds true, for me at least. My barnett is a solid barromoter for my emotional state of affairs and a sure fire way to measure if I'm going to go through a "Big Change" wether consiously or otherwise.

I've been yellow for a while now, but it's taken a while to settle on my perfect shade of sunshine (seriously, that's what it's called. Sunshine. Talk about a positive omen right?) But I think the gals at BLOW have finally nailed it. And look, I get it. It's superficial. Feeling good about yourself comes from within. Blah. Blah Blah. But really, dying my hair yellow was the best thing I've ever done to it. And not just cause it looks cool in photos.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Skincare Worth Investing In

I've managed to scrimp and save with other beauty products in the past covering everything from nails to hair. What I refuse to scrimp on though is what goes on my face. I love skincare. Serums, moisturisers, cleansers. They do it for me. And if I fall in love with a product I'm in for the long haul. It doesn't always work out the cheapest, but that being said these products tend to last me a long time. And more importantly? They work. It's tried and tested skincare worth investing in.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mesh Bodysuits, Origami Bags and Finding Your Style Mojo

I've got a whole section of my wardrobe dedicated to safe bets that I don like warm blankets. The thing is though, my go to roll neck and jeans combo begins to feel a little tired the fifth time in a row and isn't exactly the most emotionally or aesthetically rewarding. It's not just the clothes that begin to feel tired. I do too.

Don't get me wrong. I straight up love a style uniform. For me though I find it better to lean in to this with colour (it's a long standing joke among my girls and I that I dress the equivalent of a human bruise) rather than shape.  Moving flat made me reevaluate my entire wardrobe. I had to be unrelentingly brutal with what could fit in my new wardrobe (even with a little imagination that did turn all of my room in to an extended version of that.) As a result I wear everything more because, well, I know what I've got. Nothing tucked away only to resurface 3 years later any more.  And that was how I got my style mojo back.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Coming off anti-depressants

I was doing everything right. And on paper everything was right. Peachy fucking keen even. I'd started a business with my BFF, had negotiated some sweet contracts to start us off. We had funding. The healthy eating, exercise, life balance thing. You fucking bet I was checking off all those boxes left right and centre. But I was straight up struggling. And not in, oh I was having a bad day or a rough week. I wasn't so much floundering as I was drowning. I felt hollowed out and overwhelmed and there was no rhyme nor reason for it. It was while I was out for a run when it hit me. All of it. I didn't want to do it any more. I wasn't entirely convinced I could do it any more. I was emotionally spent and dying, well dying seemed like a viable option. Attractive even. I sat on a bench, defeated and called my best friend and howled.  The kind of crying that leaves your body aching and without any sense of catharsis. It was time to give anti-depressants a go.


Monday, 10 July 2017

The Big Old Baby Question

There's a question that women of a certain age will find themselves subject to. Especially if you're in a long time relationship. But the closer you get to 30 (or heaven forbid 40) more and more people will start to ask “So, you guys thinking of having kids?”
I mean it's a fairly personal and invasive question and weighted no matter what side you fall on. Having fertility problems? Well, hello to a particular sore spot. And heaven forbid you've decided you don't want them. The later? More likely to be met with “Oh, you'll change your mind when you're older.”


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

3 Summer Scents Worth Getting Obsessed About

Real talk time. I am a straight up scent slut. A big old whore for anything that smells fucking great. I mean, look, I get the appeal in having a signature. To be the woman who always smells of Chanel No 5, or Guerlain Shalimar - there's something enigmatic about it right? Properly low key sexy. Well I'm not really one for being low key. At least when it comes to my perfume. I mean I love bold, punchy scents. When it comes down to it, I want something lingering and identifiable. From my first perfume loves (Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue and Hugo Boss Deep Red and Jean Paul Gautier were on a near constant rotation for me as a teenager) to now (a mix of dark florals and gourmands from everything from Le Labo, Serge Lutons and Tom Ford) I am near enough constantly following my nose. I mean if we eat with our eyes, we lust with our noses right? Nothing quite captures the memory or the moment like smell.  So in the spirit of the season, I've picked out 3 of my favourite perfumes at the moment that are worth falling in love with and making them mark some spectacular Summer memories.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Is Body Positivity the New Body Shaming?

So, is body positivity the new body shaming? Short answer. No. Right, case closed guys, we can pack up. Good job all round. Lol, okay. I'll bite. Because while body-positivity at it's heart is well, positive, it's not perfect and still, at least in the wider populas version of it that's been co-oped by brands – it still sells a very commercially palatable form of the female body.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Why is Mansplaining Still a Thing?

I used to work in a comic book shop. Which as far as jobs go is pretty god damn unremarkable. Until you realise you're a woman. Working in a comic book shop. And today, someone's going to teach you about comics, or try and teach you about comics. Not have a conversation. No no, they are going to talk at you – name dropping some of the most prolific artists, writers working in the industry, iconic and current running story arcs, and expecting you not to know a damn thing. Except, I spent my university years covering topics like the oligopoly of the comic book industry, and my lunch breaks reading any trade I could get my hands on. The 40% discount? Tremendous and exploited. But, because I was a woman, in a comic book shop, I had to have comics explained to me.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Best Beauty Buys Under £5

I'm perpetually is a a state of flux when it comes to cash money. Like, I know I should be better at saving (fiscal responsibility is sexy guys, I'm serious) but my approach to beauty has always fallen in to two very distinct camps. Pay day millionaire and poor and impoverished. And okay, not being able to afford your favourite highlighter is like THE HEIGHT of first world problems - like if you're paying your rent and you've got food in your belly you're doing pretty damn good. But sure, when it comes to those little luxuries it's kind of nice to know where to blow your load and where to pinch those pennies.  So in the spirit of trying to restrain myself from buying yet-another-matte-lipstick, I've got 5 of my favourite beauty buys that are both ridiculously amazing and will give you change from your fiver!


Monday, 19 June 2017

#TFW The Memefication of Fashion

Fashion, by it's very nature has always been steeped in a form of meme culture. From the it bags of the 90s to the return of highly recognisable logos and brands on street style stars at fashion week, fashion is all about virility. It lives and dies by the ability of the trend to spread. So #TFWGucci – Gucci's latest digital marketing campaign for their new line of watches, doesn't feel completely jarring and more like a natural progression of fashions continual appropriation of subcultures.


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Small Investments: The Life changing Magic of Building a Home

Less is more. Okay, sure. I mean, that's fine if you subscribe to "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up." Minimalism is so chic. Fold your socks and keep things that only are practical/bring you joy.  Let's slide past the sock folding thing for a minute (who even does that?) and the reexamine the practical/joy bringing thing. So far so good right? Well what if you're a maximalist at heart? No amount of life-changing magic is going to separate you from your collection of ceramic cats and novelty lights. Even a "Big Move." Even a "Big Move" that has you in a flat-share. If anything, what better time to mark your territory (not like that) and full on nest?  I love my flat. I love having people round, and bar work, it's where I spent most of my time. So as far as investments go, treating myself to some executive throws and cushions doesn't feel superfluous. In fact, it's a way of injecting some much needed magic in your life and making you feel more at home. And no, I'm not saying that the perfect marble salt and pepper grinders will change your life - but investing in some nice treats for around the house that you find beautiful? I mean, there is far worse ways to spend your money.  And if you're looking for the ultimate in designer furniture porn, well, you certainly can do far worse than BoConcept.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Night at the Opera

I'd never really "done" Opera.  It always felt very....inaccessible? If anything, I'd absorbed any operatic knowledge through cultural osmosis, using Pretty Woman, Anastasia and Bugs Bunny as my cultural touchstones. From that I garnered a few things fairly quickly. Opera was big. Big stories with big emotions and even bigger voices. That someone nearly always died in the end. Oh and that I'd be needing some gloves and tiny spectacles. And while the former held true - death and passion have always been a main stay in the arts, the formalities of "dressing for the opera" have disparated. While I'm a long time convert to ballet, something about Opera (was it the subtitles and the perceived stuffiness? Shamefully, I admit that a bit of both played way to to my trepidation) seemed out of reach. But for better or worse, Opera was about stories and I can't resist a good one.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Reasons to get laser eye surgery and other stories

5. I was 5 when I was first told I was going to need to wear glasses. And as you can imagine, I took it about as well as any 5 year old who's told she's going to be different would. I cried my fucking eyes out. I was pointy with shocking white hair, and with my NHS specs I resembled someones very tiny and very weird Grandma. And if you think the other kids didn't notice this, well, you have another thing coming.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Time to Try Chaophraya

It's all very big. Which shouldn't come as much surprise. Popular Thai chain Chaophraya cater in creating dramatic destination dining across Europe and the former Royal Academy of Music and Drama has been their home since they came to Glasgow. Retaining many of the original features (expect famous composers busts adorning the wall as you make your way around the impressive venue) next to giant gold brushed Buddhas, a trip to Chaophraya at the very least is worth it for the interiors alone. That said, with an extensive cocktail menu and a rich and varied menu, there's a few other solid reasons to pay them a visit. A slight disclaimer: Come Hungry.


Saturday, 13 May 2017

I Don't Think You're Ready for These Jellies

Sun Jellies live in that beautiful grey area where you're not quite sure if it's some elaborate kitchy home wear or a handbag. The easy answer is of course, both. The vintage inspired bags, made entirely of recycled plastic read as a bit of a love letter to mid-century retroism crossed with some old school 90s nostalgia. So, I guess we're ticking a lot of boxes from the get go right?  And what better way to celebrate new styles, new colours, and bad ass business bitches that with an afternoon tea with some of your favourite people?  Coupling cake with colour therapy (and a killer collaboration with my beloved Karen Mabon) is the perfect pick me up and if there's a finer way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Glasgow, well I'm yet to hear it.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Capital C Changes - New Flat Times

Here's the abridged version. The last few months have been nothing if not transformative. It's been devastating, and fulfilling, with a big old dash of fear and hope and all the emotional whiplash you can expect from any Big Change. Like capital C Change.  In short - I started a new job, my husband and I parted ways and uh, I moved out the flat I've lived in for 10 years to a flat share with some complete strangers. I did however keep the cat. So y'know, there's that.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Good Vibes Only: Adventures in Female Matrubation

Go fuck yourself. No seriously. It's good for your health (yes seriously) it can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 (yes really) and knocking one (or, two or three, delete as aprop) is basically going to sort out some of that stress. Cheaper than a massage. And a lot more fun.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Great British Chippie with Six By Nico

I don't think I've seen my news feed so excited about a restaurant launch, since, well, ever. But then, a restaurant that changes every six weeks with menus inspired by places and memories? Who can blame them? Six By Nico goes all out with the nostalgia vibes for their inaugural menu launch "The Chippie." How can you not be totally hyped by something like that? So of course I booked in. Really, how could I not? I would get to eat everything on the menu (taking away the whole dining paralysis when everything looks good) and I'd be getting a full story told through food.

Sunday night and Six By Nico is heaving. It's a small restaurant for sure, but for late on a Sunday night they were packed. The vibe is relaxed, clean and minimal with the exception of the large neon VI and the screen above the restaurant, showing a live-stream birds eye view of the kitchen plating up which is a nice and unexpected tough. Story really is king here.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Long Live The BFF

I'm a hopeless romantic. Not in the classic sense of the word, or indeed in the modern now that I come to think about it. Less cut out hearts and love songs more about hope and trust and laughter.
And tears. And screaming matches. Goofy faces. Sitting in with take out. Clasped hands, sore feet and walking home long after the sun has came up. The kind of relationships that leave you feeling completely and utterly full. There is this expectation though that all of this comes from one person. Confidante, lover, colleague, collaborator, partner in crime – no one person can tick all these boxes, at least not all of the time. It's why romance is dead, at least in the traditional sense. Forget your Mills and Boon and Nicholas Sparks. I'm here for the BFF.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gin Inspired Dining with Gin71

The gin bubble isn't showing any signs of popping any time soon, so the arrival of a Gin71 in my local merchant city was a pleasant addition to the areas burgeoning restaurant and bar scene.  Tucked neatly away down Virginia Court, this intimate restaurant reads as a love letter to all things gin - from their extensive cocktail list to their carefully crafted food menu.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Feminism & Fashion: Are we leaning in or selling out?

“We should all be Feminists.” I mean. Obviously right? It's no longer just a statement but a battle cry. Though this time it's not on a protest sign or a bumper sticker. It's a t-shirt. Oh, and it comes with a £500 price tag. Yeah, sure, that seems reasonable. Dior's t-shirt tribute to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is hardly the first time a luxury brand has dipped it's toe in to commodity activism. Hell, even Chanel's faux protests from S/S 15 led by Cara Delevingne marching with girls in rainbow tweeds and twinsets wasn't the first outing of fashion using feminism as a statement. And look, we get it. Everyone's got something to sell. But should feminism be held to a higher standard than a marketing ploy?


Monday, 20 March 2017

Lazy Sunday evening dining at Browns Brasserie

Following a massive revamp that pays more than a passing nod to Glasgow's art deco history, coupled with the launch of a brand new menu - there never seemed a better time to visit Browns Brasserie. Based in the heart of Glasgow, sitting prominently in the old post office on George Square, a hop, skip and a jump from Queen Street Station - Browns has all the hallmarks of a classic brasserie. Lush booths, a well stocked bar and a well trained and turned out staff. So, I suppose the question is, is the food actually any good?


Saturday, 11 March 2017

What the fuck is so offensive about body hair?

Apparently nearly half (48%) of Scottish men dislike body hair on a woman, with over a third (33%) having been tempted to or encouraged women to remove their body hair. Let that just sink in for a moment.  Let that wash over you for a hot second in hot little waves of rage. Allow this to be followed by an eye roll because this was a press release I received earlier this week for a hair removal clinic. In 2017.  Well, where do I even begin to unpack this hot mess? The key points I got from it though - most men don't actually give two shits about your pubic regime, and the assumption that women should care is a big old bunch of bullshit. I mean, look, if you're in to sleeping with women and you're going to have a hissy fit because her pussy doesn't meet your exacting standards, then frankly we've got bigger fish to fry and quite frankly, you have no business having sex to begin with.


Friday, 3 March 2017

Japan: Mark II : Let's Go Shopping

There's a few thing I wish I knew before going to Japan. The fact that no one really speaks English. Street names? Yeaaaaah. Those aren't a thing. Oh and good luck if you haven't got portable WiFi for finding anything.  Culture shock. I had it. Big time.

So there were a few things I hadn't anticipated. What I was prepared for though was the shopping. Oh baby was I fucking ready. At least I thought I was. Turns out shopping in Japan is basically exactly as fucking nuts as you would hope it would be. We are talking constant eye candy.  Walls of cat plushies, pink neon and a throwback to basically my dream childhood bedroom. There's something about Japan (and more so Tokyo) that feels like coming home. Here's just a few of my favourite places to shop.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Taste of Ardoe

The trick, it turns out is butter.  What I hadn't really accounted for was quite how much of it was used. Of all the lessons I learnt at Ardoe House's Masterclass, it was the liberal use of butter that stuck out the most. I mean seriously we're talking a lot of butter. Think you've got too much? Add some more and you'll be somewhere in the sphere of how much butter was used. Somewhere. And it was god damn delicious.

I mean of course it's not all butter. From the salt-baked vegetables to the locally sourced double-dived scallops, the former Aberdeen mansion made for the perfect setting to explore some of Scotland's finest produce. Arriving to a picnic basket of goodies with a copy of the menu for the evening, there was one for certain. I was not going to go hungry.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Reek: Where Bitches Unite

Commodity activism is hardly new. And while many brands try to exist in the space that functions between art, politics and a shit hot marketing campaign, many fall short with a neutered, de-clawed and placid efforts. Stay unchallenged. Stay safe. Stay smiling. It's hegemony disguised with a thin gloss of "making a difference." Thank fuck for Reek.

The women of artisan perfume brand Reek are full and complete - untouched pictures accompanied with their thoughts. They aren't just a prop to sell perfume. They are warm, wonderful, thinking women. The entire campaign oozes power. And joy. And sex. The women are unapologetic and defiant. Reek women don't ask for permission to exist. They take up space. They aren't small and won't be made so. Everything they've ever been taught to hide through shame, and guilt, and god, even good old fashioned internalised misogyny is laid bare. It's rough and raw and just a little bit punk rock. They're Damn Rebel Bitches. 


Monday, 20 February 2017

Japan Part 1: The Elephant in The Room

This is the story of how I ended up going on my honeymoon by myself.  No use in hanging a lampshade on it or trying to draw out a tired exercise in suspense.I can't quite talk about Japan without addressing the elephant in the room. That my husband, despite his attempts to medicate himself, cannot, will not and arguably,should not fly.  It all started in an airport, and ended with me on the streets of Tokyo clasping my portable WiFi and a steamed bun.


Friday, 10 February 2017

It's all about that Benefit "Big Sexy Lip" kit

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a lazy girl beauty buy. BB cream? You better believe I'm here for it. Mascara that curls and lengthens? Gimme. So when Benefit launched their "They're Real!" lip-liner and lipstick in one range  you just know I was all kinds of excited for it. I mean, who even really has time for lip liner, amirite?

Monday, 6 February 2017

If you're reading this I'm already dead....and other stories

"If you're reading this I'm already dead." It's a familiar enough trope, but as we continue to live more of our lives online it's also something we can expect to see more on our feeds. With apps like ifidie, Facebook users are able to post their final words/videos/memes/all of the above after they've shuffled off this mortal coil. With an estimated 8000 facebook users dying everyday, our digital spaces are increasingly turning in to digital graveyards. Most of us don't have a will, let alone a funeral plan and quite frankly, what happens to our social media accounts when we die seems like the least of our problems. Especially, with the whole, being dead thing. However social media hasn't just changed the way we perform identify, but also the way we grieve.

Photo c/o Camera Hannah

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Visit Auchrannie: Eat. Explore. Restore.

Itchy feet. I've got them. While I always have a tab open and a tentative eye on Skyscanner, there are other ways to scratch that travel itch without hopping on a plane.Within driving distance, a staycation has all the hallmarks of escapism and excitement of any holiday. And in Scotland? Travel long enough in any direction and you'll find enough beauty and strangeness to keep you utterly captivated.  Arran is less than 3 hours from Glasgow, yet couldn't be feel more different, with a tranquil stillness you only really can get from an island. I've never done the islands (okay, Millport. For a day.) but what a way to begin. And what better place to stay than the spectacular surroundings of the Auchrannie Resort? Perfectly blending together traditional grandeur with contemporary luxury with 2 4* hotels as well as a selection of lodges on site, Auchrannie is the perfect base for an exploration of Arran.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 Indie Lingerie Brands to Follow on Instagram

I'd like to think everyone has one vice. Minimum. For some it's going to be shoes, others, it's going to be records. For me? It's always been buying some kick ass lingerie. From those indie darlings to some good old fashioned Agent.P, there's nothing I'd rather spend my money on. Instagram is a lingerie lovers dream - with some tremendously beautiful brands out there just waiting to be discovered. So whether you rep for the itty bitty titty committee or got them heavy boobs, here are some of my favourite indie lingerie brands you're going to want to invite in to your wardrobe/life.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Retro Kitsch Vs Metalic Glamour

New Year has always been a time of renewal, of stripping things back and looking for a fresh perspective. But just because the party season is over doesn't mean it's time to hang up  the sequin and glitter. The mega babes at BLOW certainly aren't.  Always at the forefront of counter-culture and forecasting the next big trends in haircare, BLOW refuse to go quietly in to the good night, kicking off the year with some of the hottest trends in style and colour for the year ahead.   They've always dabbled in extremes, rejecting classics and traditional "good taste" and instead diving in to a world of high fantasy. High risk, high return right?   From dreamy rainbow melts and retro flicks to big, bouncy metallic blow outs, we see the Glasgow salon hit us up with retro kitsch vs metallic glamour.  And damn it, if it isn't exactly what we fucking need right now.

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