Monday, 11 September 2017

Bee Waits Travels: Eat Japan

I'm convinced it's nigh impossible to have a bad meal in Japan. And while I may be looking back on my time there with some heavily rose-tinted glasses, the food there is the one thing I remember pretty clearly. Somethings just have an impact. And Japan fucking loves food. It doesn't matter what itch you're hoping to scratch - from steaming bowls of fat flavorsome ramen to the most delicately prepared sushi, cream filled pastries to hipster burger joints, Japan has it. And arguably, does a great deal of it better than anywhere else in the world.
As I said. Japan fucking loves food.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Managing and maintaining bright coloured hair

"Your hair's so bright! How do you keep it so.....yellow?" It's a question I'm asked on a near weekly basis, and while the shorthand answer is awkward laughter followed by "Oh I barely wash it" (half true) the truth of the matter is that it's slightly more complicated than that. And by complicated I mean that having any fashion colour takes work. And money.  If you're looking to go a bright or a pastel the ugly truth of it is that it takes time and dollar dollar bills to keep your hair healthy and looking it's fine/fresh/fiercest.

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