Monday, 26 June 2017

Why is Mansplaining Still a Thing?

I used to work in a comic book shop. Which as far as jobs go is pretty god damn unremarkable. Until you realise you're a woman. Working in a comic book shop. And today, someone's going to teach you about comics, or try and teach you about comics. Not have a conversation. No no, they are going to talk at you – name dropping some of the most prolific artists, writers working in the industry, iconic and current running story arcs, and expecting you not to know a damn thing. Except, I spent my university years covering topics like the oligopoly of the comic book industry, and my lunch breaks reading any trade I could get my hands on. The 40% discount? Tremendous and exploited. But, because I was a woman, in a comic book shop, I had to have comics explained to me.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Best Beauty Buys Under £5

I'm perpetually is a a state of flux when it comes to cash money. Like, I know I should be better at saving (fiscal responsibility is sexy guys, I'm serious) but my approach to beauty has always fallen in to two very distinct camps. Pay day millionaire and poor and impoverished. And okay, not being able to afford your favourite highlighter is like THE HEIGHT of first world problems - like if you're paying your rent and you've got food in your belly you're doing pretty damn good. But sure, when it comes to those little luxuries it's kind of nice to know where to blow your load and where to pinch those pennies.  So in the spirit of trying to restrain myself from buying yet-another-matte-lipstick, I've got 5 of my favourite beauty buys that are both ridiculously amazing and will give you change from your fiver!


Monday, 19 June 2017

#TFW The Memefication of Fashion

Fashion, by it's very nature has always been steeped in a form of meme culture. From the it bags of the 90s to the return of highly recognisable logos and brands on street style stars at fashion week, fashion is all about virility. It lives and dies by the ability of the trend to spread. So #TFWGucci – Gucci's latest digital marketing campaign for their new line of watches, doesn't feel completely jarring and more like a natural progression of fashions continual appropriation of subcultures.


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Small Investments: The Life changing Magic of Building a Home

Less is more. Okay, sure. I mean, that's fine if you subscribe to "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up." Minimalism is so chic. Fold your socks and keep things that only are practical/bring you joy.  Let's slide past the sock folding thing for a minute (who even does that?) and the reexamine the practical/joy bringing thing. So far so good right? Well what if you're a maximalist at heart? No amount of life-changing magic is going to separate you from your collection of ceramic cats and novelty lights. Even a "Big Move." Even a "Big Move" that has you in a flat-share. If anything, what better time to mark your territory (not like that) and full on nest?  I love my flat. I love having people round, and bar work, it's where I spent most of my time. So as far as investments go, treating myself to some executive throws and cushions doesn't feel superfluous. In fact, it's a way of injecting some much needed magic in your life and making you feel more at home. And no, I'm not saying that the perfect marble salt and pepper grinders will change your life - but investing in some nice treats for around the house that you find beautiful? I mean, there is far worse ways to spend your money.  And if you're looking for the ultimate in designer furniture porn, well, you certainly can do far worse than BoConcept.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Night at the Opera

I'd never really "done" Opera.  It always felt very....inaccessible? If anything, I'd absorbed any operatic knowledge through cultural osmosis, using Pretty Woman, Anastasia and Bugs Bunny as my cultural touchstones. From that I garnered a few things fairly quickly. Opera was big. Big stories with big emotions and even bigger voices. That someone nearly always died in the end. Oh and that I'd be needing some gloves and tiny spectacles. And while the former held true - death and passion have always been a main stay in the arts, the formalities of "dressing for the opera" have disparated. While I'm a long time convert to ballet, something about Opera (was it the subtitles and the perceived stuffiness? Shamefully, I admit that a bit of both played way to to my trepidation) seemed out of reach. But for better or worse, Opera was about stories and I can't resist a good one.

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