Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Retro Kitsch Vs Metalic Glamour

New Year has always been a time of renewal, of stripping things back and looking for a fresh perspective. But just because the party season is over doesn't mean it's time to hang up  the sequin and glitter. The mega babes at BLOW certainly aren't.  Always at the forefront of counter-culture and forecasting the next big trends in haircare, BLOW refuse to go quietly in to the good night, kicking off the year with some of the hottest trends in style and colour for the year ahead.   They've always dabbled in extremes, rejecting classics and traditional "good taste" and instead diving in to a world of high fantasy. High risk, high return right?   From dreamy rainbow melts and retro flicks to big, bouncy metallic blow outs, we see the Glasgow salon hit us up with retro kitsch vs metallic glamour.  And damn it, if it isn't exactly what we fucking need right now.

 Photos: Erica Von Stein

Girl gangs from outer space is a glorious mash up of 50's pulp by way of Bowie.  Micro-fringes, bee-hives and big ass flicks make the perfect backdrop for a magpies menagerie of colours. Fantasy fades (melting roots in to a different colour) have slowly become a signature for the girls at BLOW, taking influence from everything from the  Northern Lights, quartz gems to Halloween schlock.  It's a lasting tribute to the more is more mantra they've developed over the years; with a focus on experimentation and playfulness that is truly out of this world.

Photos: Christina Riley

At the other end of the spectrum we have the more polished, glossy and high glamour that is Fur Coat, Nae Knickers. BLOW continue their work as colour innovators by being one of the first salons to bringing Guy Tang's much anticipated metallic hair dyes to the U.K. It's sleek and it's sexy and undeniably cool. We're no longer just working in silvers but a whole new spectrum of high gloss shades of grey, copper and rose.  Here it's all about simple, sleek, sophisticate-lite. A little bit  more grown up and easy to wear than some of their bolder looks but not lacking in their trademark personality punch.

BLOW continue to create come of the more exciting hair editorials, predicting and shaping trends the world over. From glitter roots to help popularising Olaplex to being the first UK Manic Panic Salon, it's safe to say if BLOW are behind it, it's bound to be popular soon. 

So will you be popping in to BLOW for a metalic make-over or fantasy fade?

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