Monday, 25 July 2016

The Graduate

To say I have a penchant for things that look like other things would be an understatement. Among this; bags that look like champagne bottles, shirts that looks like sailor suits and dresses, dresses that look like graduation gowns. I can't help it, I am a sucker for novelty.

Dress - Weekday
Bag - Radley x Holly Fulton
Shoes - Zara

On my recent Weekday binge I bought lots of easy to wear pieces that I could transition easily from office to dates with the bear. I'm wearing jeans A LOT less, but it's still nice to incorporate a few little signatures in my day to day look. It's like ticking off boxes on a checklist - boxy shapes, monochrome and tiny little finishing quirks. I adored the little split on this dress and with it's loose draping siloette it reminded me more than a little of a graduation gown. Paired with a bag that looks like something else (in this case - a puppers) and we were good to go.

While I love basics - I've yet to meet a striped brenton I didn't like - it's still nice to find those simple, elegant pieces that still feel like "me." A basic a-line cut dress this ain't. The shopping diet is still proving restrictive but it's helping me be more honest with myself, and in the end the clothes I do buy, I love. I suppose in a way it's a success in some way right?

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