Thursday, 21 July 2016

Better off the hanger

We're all guilty of it, or at least I certainly am. I frequently judge clothes by how they look on the hanger. Or their cut out on websites. And all too frequently it has me turn my nose up (figuratively) because it looks unflattering and ugly - in spite of the fact that's never stopped me before. In fact the less flattering and uglier the better. It's my M.O. This weird clothes bias obviously came back to haunt me when dresses of the past looked amazing on friends, acquaintances, strangers and I was left with non-buyers remorse. Because I judged a dress by how it looked on the hanger. But not anymore. I was ready to roll those dice and find those beauties that look best when worn. Hopefully. 

Dress - Weekday
Necklace - Bloody Mary Metal
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Quiz

Everything about the Sara dress from Weekday should have me running for the hills - wide silhouette, vertical stripes, v neck, it's like a hit list of things I chronically avoid. And yet there it was in my cart because it might work? Maybe. Well turns out gambles pay off. Sure it needs a belt (they weren't kidding about the wide silhouette, you could camp out in the thing) but it drapes beautifully and is fantastic quality.  It's the first step to not judging clothes by their hanger and finding those hidden gems that I so often leave on the shop floor. It's not rocket science, it's actually trying on clothes because they are made to be worn not to sit on a hanger, because of course they'll look better on. I'm just embarrassed it's taken me this long to come round to it.



  1. I love the marble style to this! I think we are all a bit guilty of buying something for how it looks on a hanger or mannequin especially, never know where you might find those gems!

    The Little Things | Louise x

  2. I totally agree with you, some things you would never to think to try on because they don't look like much but then when they're on they look amazing! This dress is so pretty on you xx


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