Monday, 30 May 2016

Earning your stripes: Embracing the Bardot with a Bust

I think I'd all but resigned myself to never getting to embrace the bardot trend because, well, y'know, I got them heavy boobs.  Seriously though, there's many trends that I often find myself sifting in to the big old NOPE pile because quite frankly, gravity isn't on my side and with the wrong cut I can look a little matronly. But I was determined to make this one work. I needed a no brainer Summer dress and this little guy from Zara was perfect, off the shoulder and all. 

bee waits blogger
bee waits blogger
bee waits blogger
bee waits blogger
bee waits blogger
Glasses - Iolla
Necklace - Bloody Mary Metal
Dress - Zara
Shoes & Bag - Boden

If you're anything above a D cup, finding a good (and more importantly comfortable) strapless bra can be a pain the neck, back and shoulders but I think over the years I've found one that I can always rely on in a pinch.  Going up to at 36G, the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless is a life saver and should be in any busty girls arsenal.  Or really anyone who likes a good strapless bra. It's Summer and the only straps I want are on my shoes. I might not get to wear backless dresses or anything with a deep plunge but I can at least show off a little bit of shoulder for the season. Paired simply with a good sized structured bag and a classic t-bar, I'd like to think there's always a way of finding the trends that work for you and your style. It doesn't mean buying straight from the mannequin but finding the cuts and patterns that speak your language and making them part of your wardrobe. Now who said you couldn't wear a bardot with a bust?

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