Thursday, 3 March 2016

Public Service Announcement: Pick up Rock n Roll Bride

After the bear and I got married back in November, I never imagined we'd be featured in one of my favourite magazines. Rock n Roll Bride 7 comes out today featuring our wonderful wedding (which, spoilers was filled with cats, cake and confetti.) We're off honeymooning but if you do pick up a copy I'd love if you could share your snaps. It's really an honour to be able to share our day with you all. More wedding goodies await over the coming weeks including how to find the perfect glitter eyeliner and new bridal designs from some indie darlings. Until then we hope you enjoy seeing a small part of our day and for the truly curious find a video under the jump.

Quirky Glasgow Wedding Film | Claire & Paul | Partick Burgh Hall from Tub of Jelly on Vimeo.

Photos and Video: Tub of Jelly


  1. I'm about greetin' and I don't even know you! What a beautiful day! Everyone looks amazing and you are BEAUTIFUL and well done for managing to get Irn Bru in the film! xxx

  2. That video was really beautiful!!

  3. LOVE the decoration & styling of your wedding! :D

    Hayley xx


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