Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sara Hill Make Up Glitter Pots

Say hello to you new favourite beauty brand. Cruelty free, designed in Glasgow, made in New York and tested on Granny's, Sara Hill Make Up is what your make up bag has been crying out for. Not content enough with being a celebrity make up artist, being creative editor of Hope Street magazine and running her own make-up academy, creative force Sara Hill wanted to create her own make up line. 5 years in the making and Hill has created a core range of beauty products from your essential basics (foundations in every shade you could hope for) and a few that should be. The hero products that everyone has being going crazy for however are her glitter pots.

Suitable for all over body wear, these versatile little beauties can be used on eyes, nails, cheeks and hair. Coming in a wide range of colours from burnt coppers to hot pinks, they have been designed for flexibility and longevity. These long lasting glitters are super fine, making application easy and an even easier removal. No scratchy glitter bits here. My favourite way to use this it to slick on some eight hour cream on my lids and pat this heavily for a full metallic look. While this might sound like a bit much, it's surprisingly wearable and glitter has fast become part of my daily make-up routine when I feel the need  for a little oomph. It works beautifully with a little eye cream and worn under the eye as a lower eyeliner sparkle to make you eyes pop for a slightly subtler look. It's fast become a favourite over at Naf salon who are already using this little beauty on their nails.

While not available readily just yet, if your Glasgow bound you can pop up to Sara Hill's showroom and get your paws on her make up from as little as £15.  When you wear it, there is no doubt that is was designed by an award winning make up artist and can readily believe she has every single product in her own kit. It's time to embrace a little sparkle with Sara Hill Make-Up.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Surviving the Great British Summer

Being Summer wardrobe ready means being ready for any and all eventualities. Snow in the middle of July? Seems legit. 30 degree weather at the tail end of June? Not unheard of. So what's a girl to do when she can't decide between floaty floral pints or layering up with faux fur? It's hardly rocket science and the idea of having to choose itself is arbitrary. In the end you just need to channel you're inner Girl Guide and "Be Prepared,"  or in short, layering.

Dress - Yumi
T-shirt and belt Belt - Primark
Hood - Chouchou
Trainers - ADIDAS via JD Sports
Ring - Pip Jolley

I've learned the hard way not to leave the house without my hood (as sod's law would have it, if I do the chance of rain goes up exponentially) and always to carry a spare pair of tights in my bag. It's easier to strip off layers if I get too warm than magic up a jumper when things take a turn for the worst. It's not all gloom and doom though. Summer is the perfect time for a wardrobe revamp. It's when you can experiment with colour and shapes and prints. Even if it doesn't look like Summer outside, that doesn't mean it can't be Summer in your wardrobe. It's time to let a little more colour in to my life, and maybe, even some print.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Heverlee at Tontine

The Merchant City is right on my door step, and for better and for worse, for me it's been defined primarily by the street market and overcrowded streets. While I appreciate fancy pancakes and several kinds of cheeses as much as the next girl, it was hard to get really excited about something I could just about manage from a really good shopping week at Aldi. The Heverlee at the Tontine was exactly what I needed to get me excited about events on my doorstep once more.

The Merchant City was abuzz with energy with last years Commonwealth games, and for many, the highlight was The Fish Plaice's pop up restaurant.  It's not something we see much of in the Merchant City but for a short blast of time there is just this really unbelievable high quality food with the demand all the higher due to the time frame. Heverlee at the Tontine plays on this model, taking over a former bus station down Tontine lane for their 2 week bar and restaurant.  Set under the Turner award winning Empire sign, it really feels like a hidden gem, with the unassuming lane tucked away in-between a cupcake shop and a greasy spoon.

To celebrate National Belgium Day, Betty and I popped down for a 6 course tasting menu paired with 6 different beers.  Designed to offer a taste of Belgium in the heart of Glasgow we ate our way through steak tartar and radish snow to the more traditional Belgian waffles.  It was a change from Heverlee at the Tontine's main menu which includes classic dishes like moulles frittes and lobster macaroni, all set within an intimate industrial setting. With 4 different Heverlee Beers to try from including their limited edition Witte wheat beer for the Summer, the pop up bar is sure to be abuzz during the festival. With a no reservations policy it's definitely a luck of the draw for getting a table here, but rest assured, will definitely be worth the wait.

Jeans & Polo - Topshop
Boots - Miista
Hood - Chouchou
Jacket - Vintage

With street art from the likes of Little Book Transfers and projections of Tin Tin on  the brick walls, Heverlee at the Tontine us the perfect mix between Glasgow and Belgium. While the venue does offer blankets when it's chillier, be sure to pack a jacket if you can't manage to get a seat inside. Dogs are welcome and beers can also be served in tasting glasses if you can't manage a full pint. All in all, sounds pretty perfect right?

Heverlee at the Tontine is there from the 17th of July to 2nd of August.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Born Sassy: Naf hits Glasgow

Sack your nail stylist babes, because after you've taken one trip to Naf, you'll wonder why you ever went anywhere else. Set in the heart of Glasgow city centre, Naf has more sass than you can shake a stick it, and the mad skills to back it up.

Set up by bad ass business woman and all round mad talented entrepreneur, Tammy Koslowski of DIY Nails, Naf is the perfect girly escape hidden in plain sight. It's your best friends dressing room you didn't know you wanted to get ready in.  With neon signs, emoji decals and Ru Paul on repeat there really is no place like this in Scotland.

From manis, pedis to all round amazing nail art, it's no suprise that Naf was featured in Stylists Most Trusted Hands in Beauty. With her crack team of nail artists on hand, with pop up beauty treatments on rotation, there really is no place to get ready in the city centre. Truly your nails will never be in better condition after a trip to Naf.


Monday, 13 July 2015

Bride x Tested: Kiss Proof Lipstick

There isn't such thing as kiss proof lipstick. At least, not if you're doing it right. That said, a long lasting smear proof lipstick that won't end all up over your OH isn't impossible either. When the time for top ups are few and far between and you're going to be getting photographed more than any other day in your life, a good lipstick (and a killer smile) are a gal's best friends.

Make up Monster Cosmetics Matte Lipstick (maroon masquerade worn here)

Make up Monster lipsticks have fast become my must have beauty products. An amazing alternative to Lime Crime Velvetines, Make up Monster Cosmetics lipsticks come in such a diverse range of colours so if you're looking for a true blue red or a vibrant forest green that will last all day, they have you covered. The application is even and easy with no bleeding and the colour lasts for ages. Bonus points for being vegan. The only real niggle with this little beauty is customs charge, so make sure to bulk buy when ordering. It is worth every penny you will spend. 

MUA Luxe Lip Velvets (funk worn here)

Who hasn't tried and fallen in love with this high street classic? £3 a pop gets you a gorgeous little matte lipstain. The formula from colour to colour can be varied, though I find the pinks particularly good. They are quite dry but with a little scrub underneath and some balm they are a great budget buy to get you through the day.  I would personally avoid the paler tones (they can make you look a touch like a burn victim) but the bold, bright ones work wonderfully.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick (fireball matte worn here)

Smashbox may be known for their primers but they do a pretty good lipstick too. The Smashbox lipsticks are OH tried and tested. After years of bemoaning my smeared lipstick, this was the first of many that simply did not budge. Or at the very least, didn't end up all over his face. The colour is nice and even and lasts wonderfully, though I would suggest a lip liner to keep this one tidy.

These have become my 3 fail proof lipsticks when I need something a little more hardwearing. Like anything that is long wear, do bear in mind they can be drying so a bit of exfoliation beforehand is a dream. If you need something for some long wear on your big day, you would be hard pushed to find anything better than these guys.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A taste of Caledonian Chic

If you're going to blow the budget on a spa day, you can do far worse than the Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria. From beginning to end everything is pure luxury in a quiet, intimate setting. Nothing short of what you would expect from the Waldorf and the only Guerlain Spa in the UK.  Their signature treatment, The Caledonian Chic, is a deep tissue massage specially designed for the spa.

The Caledonian Chic is designed to take you on a journey throughout Scotland. From twists and pinches to gentle saltire strokes, The Caledonian Chic is the epitome of Scottish luxury. Every treatment is different and designed to your bespoke scent journey dependent on whether you want to feel invigorated or relaxed. I went for a classic (and my personal favourite Guerlain scent) Shalimar. It's perfect for relaxing and is just this wonderful intense and bold mix of jasmine, rose, iris, incense and vanilla. In short it was everything I love in a perfume and was a perfect backdrop to scent-track (that's a thing right?) my massage.

From the robes that are essentially glorified duvets to relaxing in the chill out room with champagne and artisan chocolates, there wasn't a single part of the day that didn't feel deliciously decadent. I was rubbed down, steamed, fed and watered and was left feeling brand new. It was a wonderful little bubble to escape in to in the heart of the Edinburgh, and definitely one I have pinned down for special occasions. Truly The Guerlain Spa is the perfect way to treat yo'self.


Friday, 3 July 2015

Cause I'm all about them braids

I am all about them braids guys like you wouldn't believe. I love how they can edge up, funk up and dress up any look. I was unfortunately born with sausages for fingers so creating anything other than a "messy bun" (even that was a stretch) is out with my particular skill set. So obviously when BLOW launched their Braid Bar I was all up in it. Yes I am too lazy to do my own  hair (it's a real problem) but the braid bar menu is also RIFE with puns. Braid puns guys. It feels like the universe has been reading my memos after all.

"The Real Slim Braidy." "Braid in Glasgow." "Milk Braid." "50 shades of Braid." The list just goes on and on. There isn't a single one I do not want in my hair. They vary wildly from soft and feminine to club ready to full on festival boho chic. The best part? You can gussy up your braids for as little as £5 with glitter, hoops and chains. The 90s aren't going anywhere guys. So channel your inner Stefani and head down to BLOW, it's time for to get braided.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Introducing Aymee Charlton: Three

I find it hard to imagine anyone who upon meeting Aymee, wouldn't be instantly charmed.  Softly spoken, she speaks with conviction about her love of minimalist Scandinavian and Japanease design, organic fabrics, zero waste production and cats. It's impossible not to love her.

Charlton's come a long way since I first girl crushed on her a year and a half ago. She had launched a collection of kitten inspired scarves so I knew from the start we were on the same wave length, though when she sent through images of her latest collection? Well if my love hadn't been cemented already it was now.  She wants to create something that is anti-fast fashion but still at an accessible price point. So often it seems like shopping ethically and shopping within a reasonable budget couldn't be at further ends of the spectrum but Charlton puts that to rest.  Using organic, ethically sourced fabrics, Charlton has created a collection that starts from £20 for accessories and £75 for clothing, putting it in league with the likes of your premium high street.

It's a gorgeous collection of heavy textured fabrics from thick cottons, bamboo fabric and boiled wool. Most of them are in their natural state but those that weren't have been dyed using organic matter. Designed for versatility and gender fluidity in mind, THREE can be worn layered up and on different parts of the body to build completely different looks. It's a capsule wardrobe inspired by raw coastlines, the highlands with more than a nod or two to Yohji Yamamato and Vika Gazinskaya.  In short, it's kind of perfect.

Aymee's website launches next Thursday, 9th of July at 7pm, with the collection available to buy there and then. There's never been a better time to invest in Scottish design.

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