Monday, 27 April 2015

The perils of home bleaching and home care and repair

Let me start off by saying not all home bleaching is bad. The way I use bleach? You're going to want and give that a miss. I have played it fast and loose with my hair in the past and while blue may have been the healthiest my hair has been in years I decided I wanted to put my through the ultimate endurance test. I wanted to go white.

This my friends, was the end game.

I've been wanting to go lighter for some time now and I promised myself I would take it slow, under the care of a trained professional. Aided with a mix of dandruff shampoo to strip it and regular conditioning treatments I was convinced I'd be silver by April. This was not to be and I got shall we say, impatient. So I mixed some 40vol, set up my netflix and prepared myself for a home bleaching.

Want to spot where I went wrong there? Other than the way too high concentrate, I left the bleach on longer than I should have. The exact length is lost to the sands of time but historians guesstimate it at being between 60-90 minutes. Feel that? That's your own hair recoiling back in to the roots in horror.

Luckily I had mentally prepared myself to cut off some length (goodbye hair) and had a whole host of conditioning treatments to get me through the night. As I dried my hair with a towel there was definite moments of "This is it. This is the point where I have to chop all my hair off. I've gone too far." Of course, the loss of all my hair didn't in fact come to pass in which I believe is in no small part to the ridiculous and intensive conditioning programme I've put it on. I say programme but what I mean really is various conditioning treatments placed on my head. And it works. Who knew?


Restore and balance from Lush is a bit of a hero product for me. It travels with my everywhere. Every morning it's the finishing touch before going out the door, taming fly aways and generally giving my hair that little bit of refresher. I don't wash my hair everyday - my hair quite frankly can use all the natural oils it can get - and this guy always makes me feel a bit cleaner and more put together while giving my hair some sweet TLC. 

Phyto conditioning mask

Not the cheapest conditioning mask but by far one of the best on the market I've used. Creamy and thick, this is a fast acting deep conditioner that is part of my weekly routine. Bonus points for lasting for ages.  Made for ultra dry hair....and I mean, ultra dry hair, if this guy isn't already in your bathroom cabinet get it sorted.

Coconut oil

Turns out the rumors are true and coconut oil truly s manna from heaven. It happens to be cheap as chips (around £2-3 for a small tub) and smells amazing. The fact it's a multi-purpose product is not lost of me and I love nothing more than using it as a body moisturiser after I've caked my hair in it. And let's make no bones about it. I truly cake my hair in it. While it's maybe not the easiest to work with in either it's solid or liquid form a little really does go a long way. I use this once a week as an intense overnight treatment but still works a treat if have it on for just shy of a few hours.  You really have to scrub this beauty out with a good shampoo (Lush shampoo bars are my oil remover of choice, current favourite Jason and the Argan Oil) but it is so very much worth it. Lasts for ages, dirt cheap and worth all the hype. Evey last bit of it. 

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

Vegan, colour safe and gluten free (though why a shampoo needs that credential I don't think I'll ever be quite sure of) but this has been a recent and welcome addition to my bathroom. Calming, soothing and super conditioning, this guy is perfect for a bit of hair repair.

Phyto Serum

For dry, damaged and weakened hair, this is the guy I slip on to my hair if I'm doing any hair treatments. And I mean any. I wouldn't put a hairdryer within 6 feet of my hair without a good old bit of protection. This little guy helps strengthen my hair and while isn't part of my regular routine (I prefer to towel dry more often than naught) but when I do turn up the heat, this guy is more than welcome. 

The fact is, I'm never going to get my dream hair overnight, and trying to take short cuts only did a fair whack of damage. It's still got some blue tones at the moment but for now, I'm going to take the slow bath and listen to my head a bit more than my anxious impatient heart.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bang Bang my Baby got some Bangs

Not to blow things out of proportion or anything, but there are few more crucial decisions you can make than wether or not to get a fringe. It may not seem important, and sure it's pretty trivial but let's take the following in to consideration: you have to live with it. Also growing out a fringe? The worst. 

I mean who hasn't sat iwth bits of their hair, styling it to mock up some kind of fringe and turned to their friends and be like "Yes? YES." The thing is though concept and reality are very different beasts. It's like deciding to get a puppy, or at the very least, a very testy kitten.  You need to look after it, maintain it, and let's face it, who's ready for that kind of hair commitment?

As much as I dream of having a dramatic micro v fringe, I am more than aware that it's a hair game I can't really play. I am low matienence at the best of  times and commiting to blue was already a big enough step.  That said, for "8 bucks a bang" and the promise of clip in fringes, well, Blow Glasgow has had me rethinking my whole hair philosophy.

Blow's new bang bar offers a quick service where you can totally revamp your look for under £10 and walk out with change. Not quite sure if you're ready to take the next big step? How about clip in bangs from £25 colour matched to your hair? It's the perfect way to dip your toe in the proverbial fringe pool at low risk and without the growing pains and regret of fringes gone wrong. 

I'm still a bit hesitant to dive in, but maybe it's to time to look for those fringe benifits.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Lashings of faux fur, sequins and glitter - it can only be Isolated Hero's collection. The latest drop entitled "PLEASURELAND" launched on International Women's Day with a mini collection created for....wait for it....Miley Cyrus. HOT DAMN.

An uber luxe selection of some of the best of Isolated Heroes includes multi-sequin bikers, scalloped glitter dresses and over-sized duck yellow fur. It's like a highlights reel of what they've been working on and amped up to 11. Worn with some glitter roots a la Blow and you've got yourself one hell of a look for your next night out.

Shot in an arcade by Nuala Swan, the high trash collection is uber fun, bright and is a culmination of everything Isolated Heroes stands for. Anti-trend, personality led and ranging up to UK size 24, they continue to put self expression and individuality at their core.

I sign myself up for a mermaid biker then?

Monday, 6 April 2015

Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega

Look guys, I have a problem. One that will see me bankrupt before years end. Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary and the retelling that launched last year have, if we're been entirely honest, one big old sexy lesson in commercialism. And I've loved every minute of it. The new dub, Crystal, the make-up and of course the over-priced mugs in the shape of cats (which I have totally already bought.) Trust me. If you stick a moon or a cat on it, I'll probably buy it. It's no surprise that I lost my mind at the Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon bag collaboration.

As expected I want every single one. Moon stick bag in pink and white? YES. Luna and Artemis cat bags? Obviously. Little mini mobile bags designer for the inner scouts and Chibi-Usa? Sign me up. The rucksacks might actually be even better. Pretty sure buying them will cost me all the money but there's just that little bit of crazy behind my eye that needs to have it all. Sounds reasonable right? Pretty sure buying all of them would equate the deposit for a small flat. For now I can just covet from a far before narrowing it down. What's your vote for?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Current Obsession: SUGARBONES Fight Like a Girl

A feminist girl gang inspired patch collection, come on guys, what's not to love? Cheyenne Federiconi more commonly known as SUGARBONES is the super cute illustrator and self confessed candy skeleton who creates super kawaii fetish and feminist inspire patches and stickers. After first discovering her instagram my obsession has been slowly growing steadily by the day. Yes I want a Blood of Thy Enemies juice carton, who doesn't, but try asking me to resist that combines magical girls and girl gangs. I can't. It's impossible. You may as well ask me to try giving up eating cheese and cuddling kittens.

It's super fun, unashamedly girly and has it's tongue firmly in it's cheek. This is for girls who take no crap what so ever. Fight Like a Girl may be more commonly used as an insult, implying weakness but here the collection is all about power and respect. "No does not mean convince me", could there be a better message than that?  Her gorgeous collection of neo-punk illustrations remind me of some of my favourite artists. I can't help but place her as a younger Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson or even Miss Van.  From demon dolls in pentagram ropes to pin up ice cream sundaes, her designs are fun, fresh and everything a girl could want for a wee bit of DIY customization.  She's recently went full time as SUGARBONES and has a few other things in the works. I know I'm holding out for some pretty sweet phone cases to add to my collection.
So are you ready to fight like a girl?
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