Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Love That Remains - Obscure Couture: Suadade

Okay my babies have done it again. Obscure Couture have been a little bit quiet for some time and in truth,a collection hasn't really got under my skin since Weekend In Hell (as in I've needed every single piece in my wardrobe immesiately.) However Suadade presents a complete anti-thesis to previous collection trading in bright neons and black leather for pastels and lace.

Suadade: named for a feeling of nostalgia, longing and loved lost, or the love that remains, is a soft, romantic and dreamy collection unlike anything the girls have ever created before. It's romantic with more than just a hint of meloncholy, it's bittersweet and beautiful and the softer tone suits the girls style.

The OC stamp however remains all over it. Plunging necklines, thigh skimming baby dolls and sheer bralets has a collection that at times is like the best lingerie you've never owned. It's risque and powerful and sexy but in a more mature and refined way. There's little hints of Meadham and Miu Miu but Suadade it undoubtably 100% Obscure Couture.

The centre pieces of the collection are undoubtably the Wild Spaces and Existence Gown which look like they are straight out of a fairytale and are just totally etheral and dreamy.  There is a total soft spot in my heart though for the Faraway Trousers, Fancy Wings Ruffle and of course the Into Eternity Fishtail.  Finding a slip for this guy might be a little tricky but come on! Totally worth it! Can you pick a hero piece?


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