Saturday, 11 April 2015


Lashings of faux fur, sequins and glitter - it can only be Isolated Hero's collection. The latest drop entitled "PLEASURELAND" launched on International Women's Day with a mini collection created for....wait for it....Miley Cyrus. HOT DAMN.

An uber luxe selection of some of the best of Isolated Heroes includes multi-sequin bikers, scalloped glitter dresses and over-sized duck yellow fur. It's like a highlights reel of what they've been working on and amped up to 11. Worn with some glitter roots a la Blow and you've got yourself one hell of a look for your next night out.

Shot in an arcade by Nuala Swan, the high trash collection is uber fun, bright and is a culmination of everything Isolated Heroes stands for. Anti-trend, personality led and ranging up to UK size 24, they continue to put self expression and individuality at their core.

I sign myself up for a mermaid biker then?


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