Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Andsmile - Keys, cacti and Frida

Occasionally (okay more frequently than naught) I stumble across someone's instagram and become completely and utterly obsessed. Double tapping all over the shop, starry eyed emojis as far as the finger will scroll and often a strong burning desire to buy all the things. Don't get me wrong, I love instagram for creeping on my favourite bloggers as much as the next gal, but ever since I moved in to the office (and if I'm completely honest, before then) I've been deeking about for illustrators and artists and all that other good stuff.  Which is how I came across Andsmile.

motivational poster

 Don't get me wrong, I've got my default list of old faithfuls that I will always always love(James Jean, Tara Mcpherson Junko Mizuno and Miss Van since you asked) but it's always nice to find someone who's work you find you want to keep around you. From motivational posters to Wes Anderson inspired brooches, London illustrator Viktorija has a lot of bases covered for me. I love her use of colour, the quirky details she included in her portraits (party fox and banana necklaces apleanty) and okay, yeah, the subject matter. Film characters, feminist icons, pastel haired babes and dancing animals - you may as well be reeling off a list of my favourite things. 

I've spent far longer trawling her site than I'd care to admit, but she's got me hankering for some new prints. At this rate I'll have no wall left. I'm not quite sure if I could pick a favourite, but let's face it, their all gems.

Any illustrators you're loving at the mo?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We Crave: Garden Parties, Fashion Shows and Cat Bags

From a sun drenched garden party to a misty fashion show on a rooftop, Thursday was certainly a day of extremes. The Commonwealth Games is in full swing, the weather is nothing short of stunning and the city is completely buzzing. So there was something quite surreal about having a high tea in the heart of the city centre before heading to Edinburgh for the launch of Crave and the closing of EIFF.

bee waits for no one

Dress - USC*
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Georgia Wiseman

Just as a cheeky wee heads up guys, this little sheer midi dress number of dreams? £6. USC. I'll give you a moment for that fully to sink in.  Other than fitting like a god damn glove and being pretty much the perfect length, it has the added bonus of being skanky cheap. USC may not be one of my usual haunts but I've found some crackers in there over the years, and their own line UNCUT is perfect. So much black.So much sheer. So many boxes ticked. Paired with these sale shoes from Toppers I felt like a right lady (which pretty much happens never.) I'm not usually one for really polished looks, but it's sometimes nice to go for some uber femme, that I feel not too shabby in and would get a firm nod of approval from the Grandmum. In truth though I really just needed something that could take me from afternoon tea to a fashion show in a car park.

tea party

John Lewis is one of the Commonwealth sponsors so to celebrate have launched a pop up in the city centre of Glasgow. There's something utterly bizarre and terribly pleasant at the same time about sipping peppermint tea with busses flying pass. The #JLTeaontheGreen takes you right out the city with it's luscious spread of afternoon tea treats, comfy chairs and a massive screen to watch the games on. With something quite as magical as this you'd expect this unusual dining experience to cost a pretty penny. Wrong. Completely free courtesy of the good folk at John Lewis. Belter. I'm dying to try book another slot and take the boy here before it leaves.

After eating our fill it was time to grab the train to Edinburgh for the official launch of Crave magazine (which you guys have all been reading obviously)  and the closing of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival. It was the polar opposite to our sunny afternoon tea, set against thick fog in a car park outside Edinburgh's city centre. Crave have teamed up with some of their favourite designers - Saunt & Sinner, Jacob Birge (winner of Poland's project runway!) and Obscure Couture  to create exclusive luxury collections to be sold on the site. While I love love love both Birge and Saunt & Sinner I was blown away by the Obscure's latest collection.  Yes, of course I want a fully embellished body suit. Yes of course I want a silk floral jumpsuit with gold accents. Of course I do.  Seriously guys, I AM IN LOVE.

It was a pretty splendid way to end the week, surrounded by some of my favourite people in some of my favourite places. I'm adoring what Crave are doing and can't quite get over their gorgeous editorials (and can't wait to see the snaps of the designers collections.)
So what do you Crave?


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Karen Mabon: I Wish It Would Never End

It should come as no suprise to anyone that I'm obsessed with Scottish designer Karen Mabon. After completely falling in love with her work way back when she was still Red Brick Scarves, my love for Mabon is an enduring love affair. With a growing collection of her scarves (to the point I've actually lost count) as well as one of her dresses with Coco Fennell, I pretty much felt my bank balance wince when I heard she was dropping a new collection. Not only that - but it was inspired by retro Americana seen through the eyes of a teenage girl. So yeah, if poodles, bunny pez dispensers and vegas show girls wasn't enough, she's also teamed up with House of Fraser to launch a limited edition Glasgow scarf to celebrate the Commonwealth games. That's cool. I didn't like eating anyway.

karen mabon glasgow scarf

karen mabon vegas scarf

karen mabon bedroom floor scarf

karen mabon poodle scarf

karen mabon poodle scar
What I love about her designs is how no matter what, I always find a new detail to fall in love with. It could be as simple as a polka dot shoe lace to a gaggle of Elvis impersonators. There's no doubt about it, her scarves are art.  Straight up art. I don't get a chance to wear all my Karen scarves but I just owning them because they are so unbelievably beautiful and make me incredibly happy. I'm dying to get some frames to decorate the house with them (imagine, a room filled with scarves.) I don't think there are really words for how much I adore Karen's work, or indeed her new collection. Looking at the bedroom floor scarf was gorgeously bitter sweet as it's nailed that delicate balance between childhood and becoming a teenager. Lipsticks littered next to crayons and Barbie dolls evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. And that's what is so great about Karen. She captures a moment, a story and a feeling. It's hard not to have a reaction to her work as it is so immersive. From the pool party to the bull in the china shop, she never fails to create a completely cohesive and enveloping narrative.

While I'm loving the poodles and the ostrich motif (and of course the Vegas scarf, how can I be expected to pick a favourite) I do have to say I have a soft spot for the limited edition Glasgow scarf. With only 150 made of course I needed to nail myself some limited edition Karen Mabon. It's got all my favourite Glasgow landmarks and a few extra touches (the fish who never swam, the bell that never rang.....) as well as Irn Bru and ballet dancers. It's just so Glasgow and it's beautiful. I've snapped a photo of it and everyone in my family is after one. To wear, for the wall, I've got no idea but they seem to love it as much as I do.It's not available online (unlike the rest of her collection) but if you find yourself in House of Fraser Glasgow I suggest picking up one of these babies for £55 before they sell out.

I can't wait to save up for my next Karen (I pretty much want everything she's ever made) so just need to make sure my bank balance can catch up! Have you got a favourite?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tutus are always a good idea

If you're going to do high maintenance dressing you got to be ready to put in the work. At least that's what I found myself repeating over and over to myself as a I hiked several pounds of tulle along Great Western Road. To a baby shower. In the rain. My beautiful Bonnie Blinger is due to pop soon and god damn it, I was going to dress for the occasion.

scottish street style
scottish fashion bloggerbee waits blogger
bee waits blogger
bee waits

scottish fashion blogger
bee waits
Jacket - a wee Betty number she customised and I swiped. As I am wont to do.
Dress (worn as t-shirt) - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Tutu - Mr Ben's Glasgow
Shoes - Converse

There are only so many appropriate situations for a massive tulle skirts (every day...obviously) however I thought this guy had to make its public debut at a special occasion rather than say, a nip round to Tesco.  Other than feeling incredibly fancy (while getting away with some cons and a loose tee- call it a tribute to early Lily Allen) it has the added benefit of making people give you a wide breadth. Cons? Having to make sure it doesn't drag, navigating layers for bathroom trips and of course knocking everything over as you forget just quite how wide you are.

I can't wait to meet the baby Blinger, though there was something decidedly surreal about going to a baby shower with no hangover on a Saturday morning (officially a grown up now right?) It's still super lovely seeing the people I love building these wonderful lives for themselves. 

I'm not entirely sure how to wear it for more formal affairs without looking, well, you know, bridal but it's safe to say this little cutie is my favourite thing in my wardrobe/life at the mo. So what about you? Would you tutu?


Friday, 11 July 2014

Date Days and Bag Ladies

Planning a date after a day of building furniture is perhaps not my most inspired of moves. Some would even go as far to call it poor planning? Me? I was just excited to spent time with my boo, but mostly (sorry bear) move in to the Betty and Bee office.

So armed with little but a hammer, a velvet cow head, a ceramic dog and some nails, Betty and I set to work in making our wee office in to our home away from home. I wasn't exactly prepared for an afternoon of furniture building, or indeed shuffling so pretty much ended up in my pants screwing legs on to tables. It's all glamour all the time for us. I did however find myself sans date night outfit. Thank the fashion gods for Primani that's all I can say.

glasgow fashion bloggger
glasgow fashion blogger
glasgow fashion blogger
glasgow fashion blogger

Dress, Necklace, Tights and Shoes - Primark
Bag - iKrush*

Meanwhile my hunt for my next "big bag" continues. I've got this gorge mint one from iKrush in the mean time which is so far ticking a lot of boxes. It took my laptop without totally freaking out and has exactly a bajillion pockets which is ideal. Turns out it was much bigger in person than on the site and while the main zip is a little stiff, it's fast becoming my daily bag of choice. I'm not quite ready to let go of my Lulu yet, but I thin I'm getting closer to finding my bag S.O.

I'm not sure what I'm quite looking for as of yet. I haven't really set myself any guidelines other than BIG. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gin and Scallops

I don't do it often but it's been known to happen. Never really planned and never fully realised till I leave the house, but that slow creeping feeling that something's not quite right.  I'm not someone who wears one shop head to toe but between living in a hotel, Betty and I's live tv debut and an evening at gin club kicking off the week, I found myself waving that Topshop flag pretty high.

I've been staying in a pretty small hotel room while my bathroom's getting fixed and after the initial novelty of unlimited tea and coffee making facilities and daily fresh towels wore off I found myself climbing up some figurative fashion walls.

Top, Trousers and Jacket - Topshop
Belt and Shoes - Primark
Glasses - Pretavoir
Bag - Lulu Guinness

It really was a case of, what looks smart, what looks clean and what's going to get me from place to place quickly without me feeling flustered. Also I've been dying for an opportunity to wear these scalloped trousers since I picked them up in the sale.  Other than that just went for something loose, smart and pretty much pain free. The whole live tv thing was no where near horrific as I imagined (if you're curious, you can watch Sheri and I chat Commonwealth Uniforms on the Riverside Show here) and was really over in such a blur.

To finish off the day it was off to the Glasgow Gin Club in their latest pop up in a hairdressers tucked away in Finneston.  I'd heard incredible things about their inaugural gin club meeting at the Hidden Lane Tea Room so was super excited to make it down to their next pop up. Two words sold me. Coriander gin. 

We were trying No3 gin for the evening which is a London Dry gin, made all by one guy. The recipes pretty simple with it's 6 basic ingredients including cardomom, pink grapefruit and of course corriander. I've never really been one to experiment with my gins. A slice of lime/cucumber/strawberry and a dash of slimline and I'm usually good to go. Never in a million years would have I thought to serve it up with coriander and lemongrass, which is the only way I ever really want to drink gin again truth be told.

I'd never been to a gin tasting and I had all the questions. What makes a gin a London Dry and how does a pot still actually work?  Of course we had questions about how best to serve it. While No3 is designed or the perfect dry martini it goes super well with raspberries or if looking for something different, pink grapefruit. This was of course before the whole coriander revelation.

Glasgow Gin Club pops up around Glasgow once a month, a different gin and different locations. They return to the Hidden Lane Tea Room this August so if you're a gin connoisseur or just someone who likes a tipple and wants to learn more make sure to pop along!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Moet White Party: All White On The Night

I didn't realise quite how much white I owned till I was invited along to the Moet white party. For a girl with a wardrobe akin to a bruise I was unsure of how I was going to pull it off. Then I looked in my wardrobe. Not only did I have an outfit for the white party but I had several. I had options.

Shirt - Primark
Trousers - Topshop
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Lulu Guinness

There's a fine line you tread wearing white. It's that uneasy balance between clean crisp elegance and "Can I park your car sir?" In my heart of hearts I was really hoping (praying, wishing, you know the usual) for something along the lines of Marlene Deitrech though whenever I put on a white shirt I often feel like I'm going for my first interview or to work in a really nice bar or SOMETHING. Which is utterly ridiculous as white shirts are one of my favourite things ever ever. I bought this slim fit mens shirt in Primark ages ago and love wearing it when it's all buttoned up to the very top but I really just fancied something maybe a bit more relaxed for Summer.  Paired with some tailored white trousers and my old faithful silver shoes and I was good to go.

Other than having to veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery careful (lipstick, red wine, just nature really) I could totally get in to this all white thing on a more recurring basis. What do you think?

(P.S: Sorry about the cheesy post title. I couldn't help myself.)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Shut the front door! Abandon Ship Slays with New Girls Collection

You can hardly walk the streets of Glasgow without seeing Abandon Ship. The cult Scottish street wear company has went from being sold out boxes in a bedroom to international lifestyle brand. From New York to Berlin, London to LA - Abandon Ship has snowballed in the last 3 years before launching both Glasgow and London flagships earlier in the year.

Top (worn as dress) - Abandon Ship
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - Faith
Belt - Primark

I've always had a soft spot for Abandon Ship. It was the bat print tee (everyone remembers their first ASA.) From then I'd find myself popping in to store and lovingly stroking clothes (like a massive creep) and silently coveting away the snake print joggers and the printed ragalans (which I obviously needed as a dress. Obviously.)  It may not quite pass the finger tip test (and let's face it, who gives a fuck about arbitrary standards of respectable dressing) but it's easily one of my new favourite things either with a pair of heels or lounging about the house.

Which is why I'm so super stoked about the launch of Abandon Ship Girls collection. They've dabbled before but this fully realised collection sees a line of tees, skirts and midi-dresses that are begging to be hanging in my wardrobe.  The new tattoo flash makes an appearance (featuring pups and cats) as well as a pretty killer watermelon print, which I am clearly ALL UP IN.

The collection lands in Glasgow the 8th of July (before becoming available online) with a sweer launch party. It's all drink and doughnuts coupled with hair transfers, temp tattoos and nail decals. Quite frankly I can think of far worse ways to spend my Tuesday night. I've already got my eyes on a few bits and bobs (tartan midi we should def become pals) so can't wait to see it in the flesh and play dress up.

If you're at a loose end on what to do with your Tuesday night (or really just fancy a kick ass time) then make sure you pop down to Princes Square next week and get your paws on the new line. See you hotties there?

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