Monday, 30 June 2014

Current Obsession: Bonnie Beasties

No big deal or anything but I think I may be slightly obsessed with the latest Bonnie Bling collection. And that's putting it lightly.  It's pretty much a smogasbord of all your favourite creatures around Scotland (no midgies then) brought to you in laser cut acrylic and finished with swarovski crystals. Featuring swans, puffins, crabs and my personal favourite - the highland cow - what else could the collection be called, but Bonnie Beasties?

Mhairi Mackenzie (the jewellery supremo behind Bonnie Bling) has always been inspired by her surroundings. Building the brand from her favorite local slang to the island of Bute where all Bonnie Bling jewellery is made. It was only a matter of time before wildlife got a look in. The swan twins already seem to be a popular- and how could they not be when it's swans KISSING. I totally have a soft spot for the crimson beaked puffins and I just know my wee mammy would go gaga for the sheep.

Starting from £15 (for my beloved highland coo brooch) to £55 for a pink swarovski embellished crab necklace (try saying that ten times fast) Bonnie Beasties ticks all the boxes or me this season.

Will you be adding any of the beasties to your collection?

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Handbags and Glad Rags

The past few days have been a real whirlwind of spa treatments, cocktails and excellent company. With Honey Pop's birthday this week we had to celebrate in style. From champagne at the Scottish Fashion Network to an afternoon getting pampered at the Blythswood, this week's been pretty peachy keen. We wrapped the whole thing off last night by heading to the Dhabba for dinner, but not before heading to Benefit to try the new They're Real Eyeliner (which I of course applied with a heavy hand.)

Jacket - Vintage and as old as time
Top - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Lulu Guinness

I've been coming towards the painful realisation it's time I invest in a new big bag. My Lulu Guinness heart tote has been with me years and has gone through the wars. It's more than starting to show. From loading it with text books to using it as a grocery bag, it's been my default bag for a reason. It's the perfect size and it's served me SO well. However it's now wearing away at the bottom and looking worse for wear. It's certainly not looking better with age that's for sure. I mean, I'm going to keep a hold of it till it's essentially in tatters, but until then, my hunt for THE ONE begins. Every woman has one. What's been your go to "big bag"?


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ripped Jeans and Day Dreams

It's amazing what you can do with a cheese grater and a sharp pair of scissors. I've never really been the crafty sort (sure I've had aspirations but my pom pom flowers come out more like vaginas and I still have trouble threading needles. Trashing things to make them look better though? Now you're speaking my language.

Shoes - Faith
Bag - H! by Henry Holland
Top - Vintage Aquascutum
Jeans - customised
Bracelet - eBay
Necklace - Georgia Wiseman
Glasses - Miu Miu from Pretavoir

It's pretty nye on impossible to find a pair of jeans that you like the fit of. Hell, even just a pair that you don't want to set fire to the second you slip them on. So while I liked my light blue jeans there was just something a little bit lacking. Something that could easily be solved by raiding my kitchen.  I really wish I could say there was a method to the whole madness but really the only problem I had was not getting completely carried away. It really was the best thing I ever did as it gave them a whole new lease of life and felt like getting a brand new pair of jeans that am already wearing with a bunch of my favourite staples.

What about you? Ever tried any upcycling?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Pretty Woman and Great Plains

Is there anything better than a movie night with some of your favourite girlies? If anything it at least makes the top 5. Me and my girls have done everything from musicals to the deepest darkest corners of Netflix, though nothing really beats an old classic. Our friend Kelly thought so too, so naturally she rented out the Blythswood (as you do) for a private screening of Pretty Woman with some of her favourites. With champagne and popcorn flowing pretty generously throughout the evening it was a far cry from my sofa and bargain basement rose.

scottish fashion blogger
fashion blogger
scottish fashion bloggerfashion blogger
Cardi - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Dress - Great Plains*

Of course it was another beautiful day in Glasgow so it was the perfect excuse to leave the jacket at home once more and crack out my Great Plains dress which has become a Summer staple. It's keeping me from falling in to the habit of black everything and the fit is just gorgeous. I did however loose my mind a little when I realised it had pockets and since then has got me through everything from the launch of the vintage festival to the BBC Big Weekend.  Coupled with my Primark sandals (the only thing I can wear at the moment without feeling like my feet are going to melt off) and a wee light cardi for the evening and it's perfect wear for meetings, to office to pub. Though maybe not the best outfit for an impromptu rib tattoo. Oops

I love the Blythswood cinema. The mismatching Harris Tweed chairs are gorgeous and it's perfect for an intimate evening with your nearest and dearest and screening whatever you damn well please. I love hosting movie night (Princess Bride is pretty much a staple) and don't think there is anything that really brings people together like movies.  If you really fancy pushing the boat out hiring the screening room is ideal if want a party that's just a little big different. 

So what would you screen in your private cinema?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sailor Moon Nails and Summer Days

"You look like a sack of potatoes." He's not far off. Ever since my wool dress took an unfortunate tumble it's definitley lacking a certain - je nai sais quoi. I am however trying this thing where I take better care of my clothes (Claire of the past missed the memo) and try and find new ways to wear them rather than my default of BUY.ALL.THE.THINGS.  Which is how I ended up wearing merino wool on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Excellent choice. 10/10. A for effort.

blue hair
sailor moon nails
scottish style blogger
sailor moon nails
 Dress - Cos
Belt - River Island
Tutu -  eBay
Shoes - Primark
Nails - Nancy Mc

I had however have a nail and sandwich date to keep so it was once more in to the breach. I was still trying to recover and Betty and I's jaunt down to London for Jimmy Choo so rocked up to DIY Nails office dazed with water and pastries. Pretty much all the essentials. Nancy Mc was up guest-painting for a couple of days so I HAD to book myself in. I've pretty much been hyping myself up for the return of Sailor Moon this year (just finished re-watching Stars and crying lik a baby) so I needed to get myself some magical girl nails. Watching Nancy work was amazing. With little more than google image search and a sketch pad she pulled together the basic design of my nails and we were ready to go. Since getting them done a few people have asked if they were decals. NOPE. Painfully hand painted over the course of 2 hours. Totally worth it though. I got some transformation brooches, wands and obviously Luna and Artemis. I honestly haven't been able to stop looking at them since I got them done. Girl is a genius.

While she may not be often, you can create your own Nancy Mc Nails at home with her killer decal collaboration with DIY Nails. Eyeballs, watermelon, teeth, lipsticks and ring pops - you may as well be checking off a list of my favourite things. 

The rest of the day spent with intermittent email checking, popping in to check new stock for a client and of course finding a wee patch of grass to have an impromptu picnic.  I've never been one for Summer dressing but if it means more dining al fresco and going sans tights then I think I can work around it.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dita Von Teese Eyewear Collection Lands at Pretavoir

To say I have a slight obsession with eyewear would be an understatement. While I've been a fair weather glasses wearer in the past (and I still enjoy the occasional dalliance in to the lands of contact lenses) I've come to live and breathe eyewear. So yeah, you can pretty much imagine my reaction when one of my all time style icons Dita Von Teese announced she was creating an exclusive line of sunglasses with one of my favourite brands - DITA (I see what you did there by the way guys. Smooth.)

dita eyewear

It's all retro inspired frames, oozing sensual full scale Hollywood glamour with luxury gold detailing. The entire feel is very rich and luxe with gold, black and deep red accents (almost like a flash of lipstick on the frames, and very reminiscent of Loubutins soles.)  The names of the specs themselves hint at a bygone sense of mystery and allure. Gilded Lady, Nocturnelle and Huntress all feel like they could have walked straight out of a film noir.  The collection is made up of 10 vintage inspired frames with a modern twist (opting for a more exaggerated silhouette) and as expected is predominated by cat eyes.  I love all the detailing that reminds me of Dita's peek-a-boo lingerie. It's pure sex in spectacles.

The collection is currently available online at Pretavoir (the only place I've been able to find them for sale, PERIOD. I looked)  with a starting price of £199. I can already feel a hole burning in my pocket. Ready, set, spend, right ladies?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Time to Love Your Clothes

Who doesn't look at their wardrobe now and then and feel an overwhelming sense of apathy? It's so much easier to just buy new clothes, chasing that thrill of "where has this been all my life?" But there's a few key issues with that. Waste is a biggy (how many bags of clothes do you chuck a year, be honest now) but also cost (who really can afford a new wardrobe every season?) and where they are coming from? The thing is, the things in your wardrobe are there because at one time or another you loved them. To fix them or give them a refresher is relatively simple.

My Betty and I pulled together a designer workshop as part of Zero Waste Scotland's Love Your Clothes intensive. We asked 4 of our favourite designers to share some basic upcycling skills that were easily transferable to revamp your wardrobe. Everything from distressing, printing to hemming and adding zips. We had a crazy amount of fabric donated thanks to A1 Textiles and the time and talent of ChouChou, Nikki McWilliams, Jennie Loof and Danni McWilliams to aid us as we found new ways to give our wardrobe some sweet sweet loving.

Denim was the real biggy on the day with grating picking, slicing and studding proving to be oddly therapeutic and a great way to give your denim new life. I adored Betty's rockabilly inspired dalmatian denim jacket and Miss West End Girl's weather inspired coat with sequins and cute cloud prints.

I spent my day learning to sew, cropping and hemming a top as well as giving pom poms a shot. The thing is, I'd built this whole sewing, stitching, knitting thing in my head as the ultimate big bad but when it got down to it, it was relatively straight forward (thanks in no small part to our talented designers.)

It was great to see what everyone came up with with a few simple bits and bobs you can find around the house. I think I may well and truly have the upcycling bug!  Think you'll turn your hand at it?


Monday, 9 June 2014

Go Blow Me: MB Hair launches Glasgow's first in salon Blo Bar

Glasgow has pretty much been gasping for one of these guys for ages. London has already got it down, with the Topshop Oxford Circus with their own blow bar next to Bleach which as central as it comes.  We've been needing somewhere to get our hair did in a stitch forever, and let's face it, my tried and tested technique of backcombing plus all the kirby gribs is wearing a bit stale.

So other than MB Hair moving to a new, larger salon - what the hell is a Blo Bar? The concept's pretty simple. 6 hairstyles, 30 minutes and prices starting from £20 gets you ready for a night on the town. I spend ages doing my face, picking what I want to wear, but when it comes to my hair, well I have about....2? maybe 3 styles that I default to. Only one that I do well. So why do I neglect my head suit?   It's wedding season after all (which means a higher proportion of tagged pictures on fb) so why not make sure your hair is all did?

 Get Knotted
 American Hustle
 Super Sleek
Vintage Glam

To prevent option paralysis you've got 6 looks to choose from. I've given the top knot a whirl (lasts for ages) and grunge (which has a slightly more Grecian feel) though I'm pretty desperate to give bonce and vintage glam a whirl. I love me some big hair (it's full of secrets) and a cheeky excuse for a pampering. With Honey Pop's wedding in a short couple of months I've got some cash money burning a hole in my pocket, and a need for some fancy hair, consider myself already booked in.

Have you ever given a Blo Bar a whirl? Will you be checking MB Hair?

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