Monday, 28 April 2014

Get Your Glad Rags On

Some how I made it to 25 without ever going to a Swap Shop. In theory they are totally my bag. Another women's trash is another women's wardrobe as I've learned from years honing my charity shop trawling skills. So how come I'd never made the leap and got truly stuck in about it? Apathy? Perhaps. The real reason though? The only Swap Shop really worth going to is out in the Southside. It took the BFF taking part in a styling challenge to finally get me South of the river and in to the swapping spirit. 

blue hair
lime crime
blue hair
Jacket -Swap Shop
Denim Dress - Swap Shop
Shoes - Doc Marten 1461
T-shirt - Abandon Ship
Bag - River Island
Necklace - Georgia Wiseman

I'd been meaning to go to Glad Rags for the longest time - especially after clocking Betty's vintage Pringle cashmere find for tuppence but I've never really had much of the occasion. However for Fashion Revolution Day my Betty was part of a style challenge. With a Swap Shop thrown in to the mix, how could I resist? I raided my wardrobe for my best quality goodies that I love but no longer wear and made my way South.

Glad Rags was everything I wanted it to be and more with some really beautiful bits and bobs on offer. Alas I'm still on my shopping ban (it still counts if it's second hand!) so if I really wanted something new I was going to have to sharpen my elbows and ready my eye. Truthfully I wasn't sure what to expect (part of me dreading rails upon rails of second hand Primark) however everything was broken up by what you handed in - Designer/Vintage, Premium High Street and High Street -with each rail bursting with some utterly gorgeous options. The first thing I made a b-line for was a gorgeous Mary Katrantzou t-shirt for Topshop (super mega chuffed with that guy) before scoring this beautiful shearling biker (perhaps not the most seasonal of choices but I've wanted one forever and the condition is fab) and a cute boxy denim dress.  I walked away with 3 items that I absaloutley love to pieces and just know I'm going to get tons of wear out and best of all it was totally free! 

Of course it's not all about just getting our fashion on. It was about promoting people to be shop more ethically and looking for sustainable clothing choices. This included buying high quality pieces but also knowing who made your clothes and they were safe while making them. Fashion Revolution Day was on the 24th of April and marked the year anniversery of the Rana Plaza Factory distaster (the deadliest garment factory accident in history) and is a worldwide platform for promoting and celebrating best industry practice by asking you to Be Curious, Find Out and Do Something.

It was a brilliant event about a fab cause (I think we can all agree we need to be asking questions about how our clothes are made) plus by Betty won her challenge! I won't be leaving it so long for my next trip to the Southside. I can't wait for my next Swap Shop as it really is a brilliant way to update your wardrobe and find some new treasures on a tight budget. Swapping really is the way forward. Follow on Bloglovin

Friday, 25 April 2014

Taps Aff, Legs OOT. Spring is here.

We still seem to be having that sliding scale of weather at the moment. From slightly warmer than your fridge to flirting with "Tapps Aff" temperatures it's been a right good excuse to crack out the old Summer wardrobe. While I may be lacking in lots of brights, florals and pastels, for me a good rule of thumb has always been to ditch the tights and we're straight up trans-seasonal.

Dress - Christopher Kane for Topshop
Hat - River Island
Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Sweedish Hasbeens (similar)
Bag - Charity Shop
Sunglasses - Oxydo Society

As part of my great clothes ban I've been having a right good dig in the back of my wardrobe, cracking out some proper wee treasures that don't get enough love including this vanity case come handbag that holds everything and a wide brimmed hat I got in the River Island sales years ago and have worn maybe twice. Perfect pieces for goth in the sun. It's been fab to be able to go through my wardrobe again and play around with different looks. I'm still having to stop myself from casually sauntering in to the shops and just picking up a wee "something something" but so far so good.

How have you been transitioning in to your Summer wardrobe?

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Use it or lose it - The Great Fashion Purge

Beg. Borrow. Steal. A barganistas ethos to fashion though borrow, rediscover and restyle would be a much more accurate representation of the state of my wardrobe at the moment. I can't remember the last time I bought anything that was full price (I'm a certified sale rail junkie) and I'm more likely to pinch something of my sisterling or borrow something off the bestie than buy a complete new look. After doing a MAJOR wardrobe clear out recently (and I mean major) I still managed to find clothes that I bought, that I loved and still hadn't worn. FOR. SHAME. I never considered myself one of those people who like to "keep their clothes nice for special occasions" but some how a long sleeved little sequined number I'd picked up in Zara for £20 had managed to be relegated to the back of my wardrobe for months. Luckily after an invite to the Feast of the Commonwealth landed in my inbox I had the perfect reason to crack this little guy out.

Dress - Zara
Necklace - H&M
Jacket- Debenhams (similar)
Shoes - New Look (similar)
Bag - Chanel

I'm not usually in to wearing anything this short, for a variety of reasons (I dance between not loving my legs and doing my darnest not to flash the general public as top of the list) but it's a gorgeous light Summery dress and I'm trying to employ a use it or lose it policy to my clothes at the moment. Pretty much everything I'm wearing is an old sale number and it's kind of nice to be rediscovering old favourites and refreshing them with a few key trend details. I love clothes. I could buy clothes for days but it's nice to fall back on things that work and wear them with different bobs rather than just buying new things. Like a normal person. I'm very wary about posting very similar outfits on the blog and become very self conscious if I find myself wearing the same certain items over and over again. And then I realised I needed to crawl out my own arshe. I don't have endless wardrobe's and there is no use in pretending I do. While I can't say I'm in a particular rush to do anything like One Month One Dress again (if I ever see that black t-shirt midi again it will be too soon) the challenge did make me very hyper aware of my wardrobe, what pieces have clung on to years and what's been handed down to the sisterling. It's made me a better buyer and more aware of what's going to have longevity in my wardrobe and what I'll want to burn in a few months. I feel completely daft that it's taken me so long to click on to it. It's not anything particularly new, or innovative. It's just clothes. Buying smarter, experimenting with different styles and actually wearing our clothes. I'm going to start operating the use it or lose it rule on my wardrobe more this year (this goes double for my shoes) to see if I can actually rediscover some of my style mojo, save a bit of cash money and see how with the things that I know and love work rather than having to do completely new outfits. With the notion of beg, borrow, steal (or borrow, rediscover, restyle) I'm going to see if I can manage a self imposed clothes spending ban. No idea how it's going to pan out but I imagine I'm going to either going completely bonkers in the first couple of weeks or come out completely fashion zen.

Let the great purge begin.
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Friday, 11 April 2014

Outfit Post - Spring Fever

It feels like Spring has finally sprung. For weeks the weathers has been threatening to be take something season appropriate shaped but the blossoms are out and daffodils are everywhere and I am so ready for it. It's officially the time of year to make sure my sunnies are a staple in my handbag next to my brolly.

blue hair
street style
british style blogger
style blogger
Glasses - Alan Mikli c/o Pretavoir
Biker - Topshop (similar)
Necklace - River Island
Top - Primark
Dress - Motel
Shoes - Debenhams (similar)
Bag - Leko

My beloved Betty and I found ourselves taking a jaunt to Edinburgh for a Jaeger-Lecoultre masterclass in watch making. Other than being utterly spoiled in the Balmoral (I don't think I've ever been so excited about a bathroom in my life) we made sure we stopped off at H&M to check out the home section (NEED. EVERYTHING.) and took a wee wander around Princess Street Gardens. I always love coming to Edinburgh and have fond memories of lurking about Cockburn Street and the Cowgate but it never seems like I get as much time as I'd like. Perfect time of year for people watching! 

Are you in the Spring mood yet?

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dalmation print, bubblegum pink and loads of glitter - a love letter to Isolated Heroes

I am completely obsessed with Isolated Heroes new collection. COMPLETELY OBSESSED. Ever since Samantha McEwen released her graduate collection Voodoo Zombies 3 years ago, McEwen has been going from strength to strength. Taking inspiration from counter culture, regional traditions around the world and cinema has seen Isolated Heroes transcend fluidly from bold graphic colourful prints to pretty pastel and feminine cuts.

 Her latest collection may be my favourite to date. Soft candy hues of bubblegum pink and baby blue with lashing of love hearts, faux fur and dalmatian print makes the latest Isolated Heroes collection the most unabashedly feminine to date. The look keeps that cool 90s alt girl vibe (any of her looks wouldn't look out of place on The Face) with luxe oversized slouchy bombers, leather wrap skirts and fur trimmed heart print jackets. It's super fun - which is one of the things that's do refreshing about McEwen's designs. Playful, cute and always on the cutting edge of the trend, it's no wonder than Isolated Heroes is becoming one of the most popular emerging young designers from Scotland.

So think it's safe to say I need a dalmation bomber in my life right?
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Monday, 7 April 2014

Mixed prints, macaroni and Miu Miu

blue hair
blue hair
blue hair
fashion blogger
blue hair

Jacket & Shirt - Tatty Bon
Jumper & Necklace - River Island
Jeans - Henry Holland for Debenhams
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Dr Martens
Glasses - Miu Miu from Pretavoir

My friend Christina is on the hunt for the best macaroni and cheese. A noble cause I'm sure you can agree. We'd both had a positive mac experience at Skinny's in the West End so along with Betty, we thought it was time for a visit. While it wasn't quite the same euphoric mac experience as last time, it was great to head out with a couple of my fave girls for shakes and eats (we managed to get burgers, sides of mac and milkshakes for a super pocket friendly £10.) Perfect considering it's mid-season sale time and I've been getting a little spend happy.

 By now we've all seen the Zara embossed Stressed But Well Dressed clutch (a staple in my wardrobe at the mo since fashion week) and thought it was the perfect palette cleanser as I decided to go for a wee pattern clash. I fell in love with this jumper in River Island with it's bright colours and 70's kaleidoscope print. The fact it came with a necklace (this necklace) was a total bonus. I'm never usually in to tops that come with their own jewellery but on this occasion I know I'm going to get plenty wear out of both. Does it help that it was a sale purchase? You betcha.

Have you picked up any sale bargains yet?

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

That time Betty and I decided to start vlogging

I guess it's been a long time coming. I've always been curious about vlogging (self confessed YouTube addict) so it was always going to happen sooner or later.  Armed with little more than our phones, a mini tripod and our trademark rapier wit, Betty (long time readers will know her as my fashion soul mate, BFF and business partner)  and I decided to throw ourselves full pelt in the world of vlogging. There's loads that we want to cover from interviews with our favourite designers, trend reports and other general lols but to kick off we started with a classic Get To Know Me Tag. Other than concluding that we are the most Scottish sounding couple of BFF's ever, we pretty much manage to cover all the major bases from favourite chidhood tv shows, Oprah, Lindsay Lohan and dream homes. It's fun and a bit daft and we really enjoyed doing it so would love to know what you think!

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