Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Girl With The Most Cake: Glasgow's Snuggle Muffin encourages us to #ditchthediet

I've learned a few things about myself this week. Terrible cake decorator. Fantastic cake eater. Okay the last one was a given, but it's good to know where you skill set lies, am I right ladies?

Despite my best intentions (or hell maybe in spite of them) Snuggle Muffin has become my favourite wee hidey hole in Glasgow for anything sweet and after last night? Well I think it's safe to say the diet is well and truly ditched.

Pictured: Scrummy goodies, Snuggle Muffin Cocktail, cake decorating goodies, beautiful blogger babes getting stuck in and smore bites.

I got a whole mess of delicious cakes from Snuggle Muffin for my birthday last year (and they are my defacto food pressie for last minute delicious gifts for my nearest and dearest) so an evening gorging (because that was what it was, no delicacies hear, I GORGED) on their delicious cakes and sandwiches seemed like a not-terrible way to spend a Wednesday night.

All the baked sweets are made in houses including goodies such as smore bites, pistashio and meringue cupcakes as well as a few tasty gluten free options, and the savoury goodies such as minted lamb foccacia and blue cheese and apple sandwiches are all sourced locally. With American style dining (think milkshakes, pancake stacks and waffles with bacon and lashings of syrup) Snuggle Muffin is a haven for those with a sweeter tooth.

What makes all this more impressive is the story of owner Julianne Grasekamp. The 21 year old (YUP) entreprenur started Snuggle Muffin by selling cupcakes out of her school locker at 17. Before long she was in student halls and taking orders for Wedding Cakes (remember student halls, picture this fresh hell and weep) and hand delivering cupcakes via Glasgow's subway system (she has since got hr driving license.) Last year she opened Snuggle Muffin on George Street with her entire family pitching in to bring it together (all the paintings on the wall are the handiwork of her mum.) Now armed with a team of 8 members of staff she runs her coffee shop come catering company (specialising in dessert tables and cakes) from the heart of Glasgow. Me at 21? My head was right up my own arshe (or at least down a toilet after one too many jager bombs.) It's amazing what she's done and Snuggle Muffin is fast becoming a local favourite of local businesses and students alike.

I'm already booked in for my next visit (I'm taking my sisterling for the afternoon tea with BOTTOMLESS DRINKS GUYS) so I can't wait to try some of the other sweet treats on offer. The Snuggle Muffin cocktail from last night (champagne, strawberries, toasted marshmallow and ice for those asking for the recipe) may not be on the menu but has certainly wet my appetite for their milkshakes.

So when will you be planning your Snuggle Muffin visit?
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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Tale of the Kitty Cat Scarf: Introducing Aymee Charlton

Illustrator, photographer, fashion designer, cat enthusiast. Scottish designer and Gray's graduate Aymee Charlton manages to juggle those hats effortlessly (you can juggle hats right?)

With an effortlessly clean and elegant style with subtle embellishments, Charlton's designs have already won me over. There is one particular white midi coat that I'm dying to pack in my bag for London fashion week. And while I am ALL up in the quilted sleeves and sheer a-line dresses it was her cat scarves that really lured me in. What can I say? A lady loves a good print.

I love scarves. For me they are wearable art and a versatile canvas for designers to play with different patterns and colours and let's face it, Scottish designers are nailing it with their scarves at the moment. I've got like 20? What I love so much about Charlton's work isn't only the fact it features my fave feline friends (I've come to terms I'm going to die and be eaten by my many many many cats) but the fact they flat out look like water colours. They are the kind of scarves that I don't just want to wear on my person but want to have hanging on my wall. Seriously though how cute would these bad boys be as prints?

Eagerly anticipating her next collection, I'm just going to have to admire these bad boys from a far. At £50 starting though I suspect it won't be long till I have one of these cuties added to my collection.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sailor Moon Inspired Make Up? Sign me up!

I pretty much grew up with Sailor Moon and for a long time I pretty much thought it was THE.BEST.THING.EVER. It was cute, kitschy, girly and camp and was always super fun. Years later Sailor Moon still manages to bypass the snark and bitchyface part of my brain and plug itself straight in toe fluffy fuzzy part that loves stories of high adventure, friendship and romance.

In 2012 the Sailor Moon anime celebrated it's 20th anniversary and ever since they've been releasing all kinds of uber cute bits and bobs. My favourite has been the cosmetics line. Nail polishes, eyeliners, pressed powders and lipsticks. Quality wise? It's a bit of a gamble but the packaging is bloody incredible!

The cosmetics lines design is super cute and all based around all the different transformation pens and compacts the scouts use. My favourite guy has got to be the pressed powder in the design of Sailor Moon's transformation compact (though the Moon Wand lip balm is a close second.) I know quite a few polish enthusiasts who would love to get in about the nail polish set, coloured for each one of the inner scouts. The bright tangerine is a pretty gorgeous shade and is definitely one I need to try on my never ending quest for the perfect orange polish.

It's a bit of a pain to try and get a hold of unless you fancy spending painful money on eBay. It's worth giving here a shot if they do international shipping. If you really need your fix there are a few indie cosmetics sellers that do some Sailor Moon inspired goodies! I don't know about you but ridiculous customs fees are looking mighty fine about now.
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Thursday, 23 January 2014

5 Excellent Reasons to go to Glasgow Film Festival this year

Celebrating it's 10th anniversary, Glasgow Film Festival returns this year jam packed with a programme with world premiers, special events and pop up cinema experiences. Cinephile's around Glasgow are already fingering the new GFF14 programme and bookmarking their must sees for this year festival.  Highlighters oot folks, it's time for my top picks of this years programme.

Yves Saint Laurent

This french biopic about one of the most influential fashion designers has pretty much shot to the top of my must see this list for Glasgow Film Festival. Between learning his craft at Dior to being the first French couturier to launch a ready to wear line . I haven't been this excited about a film in ages.

Málmhaus (Metalhead)

After witnessing the death of her older brother Baldur, Hera deals with her grief by embracing his love of heavy metal. Exploring the turbulence of adolescence through death,music and culture I'm convinced this is the kind of movie I am definitely going to cry at.

 The Punk Singer

A profile piece on feminist/punk icon Kathleen Hanna? Sign a sister up already! Hanna was one of my biggest icons growing up (hell, still is) so a film that explores not only her work with Le Tigre and Bikini Kill coupled with her feminist activism and the riot grrrl movement is certainly one I'll be making time to deek at this years festival.

Monster Mash at Kelvingrove: Young Frankenstein

What better back drop than the splendour of Glasgow's own Kelvingrove Art Gallery for a special screening of Mel Brooks Young Frankentein. With a live organ performance, monster make up and fancy dress greatly encouraged this little number sounds like it's going to be an utter riot.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ever since the trailer for Wes Anderson's latest film came out last year I have been dying to see it (have you seen the cast??? MY GOD.) The Grand Budapest Hotel is the opening gala film for GFF this year and certain to sell out. I've yet to see a Wes Anderson film I don't like and this little number looks like it's going to be something else.

Still looking for something to check out: Video Nastie: Draconian Days, Masterclass with agnes b, Street Food Cinema: Withnail and I, Miss Violence, Tall Ship: The Fog, The Book Thief, Tron:Off The Grid, Tae Think Again: Rethinking Identity in Contemporary Scotland, 20 Feet from Stardom, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin with Golden Teacher, The House of Him, Dear Mr Watterson

Glasgow Film Festival runs from the 20th February to the 2nd of March with tickets going on sale tomorrow. So who else is in? Follow on Bloglovin

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nail SOS: From flakey nails to stiletto dreams (or how Swoon and calgel saved my nail life.)

Ignoring every piece of advice I've ever been given, I got stiletto nails. White stiletto nails. With freshly dyed purple hair. I'm not even sorry.

For a self confessed make up addict (my bedroom could double as a small Sephora) and more nail polish than I know that to do with (can a girl have too many reds? The answer, as it is with lipsticks is a no) I pretty much never do my nails. I paint them and then let them ride the storm. For months. Occasionaly I will get someone to do my nails. Which again we're looking at max lasting a week before I start pick pick picking.

What I'm saying is, this is why I can't have nice things.

There was however a solution to my problem. A solution which promised I would have to do SFA to my nails for weeks. Months if I played my cards right. Cost? Less than a night out and a couple of hours in my afternoon. It was time for this girl to get Swoon(ed) SIC.

I had spied some foine, fresh, fierce nails about Glasgow and has heard all the things about Calgel. All positive. I had a pretty negatory experience in the past with acrylics and a self removal job (acetate for dates and months of the flakiest nails) so I was legitimacy nervous. However I had that New Year slump of hating everything (my clothes, ma hurr, etc etc) so I resolved to shake shit up. One purple doo and a significant hit to the bank account later and I was ready to take the plunge.

White stilettos. Gold half moons. HIT ME. Swoon Nails took so much care of me with a ready supply of tea, biscuits and top notch chat (thank you L for being so sweet about my cuticles.) My nails were a fresh hot mess and Swoon, Swoon worked some pretty powerful magic on them. I went for ridiculous extensions because I like to make my life hard for myself (read: having to relearn how to ease a keyboard AND a keypad in an afternoon. Also jewellery and zips are not a minefield.) I also wanted white which,  hold up are actually holding up pretty well.

I wanted something really classic that I could wear with everything, and with a few handy care tips (buffers are your pals etc etc) I was good to go.

Calgels on average last 6 weeks before needing anything done, and you can get your bottom dollar I'll be going in for fillers in a Peloponnesian minute. I am loving having some proper talons (the first day I looked a right sight, holding my hands out in front of me, stopping people and basically screaming LOOK AT THEM in their faces.) I can't thank L enough for hooking a girl up and taking such good care of me. I can't wait to Swoon again.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Get in loser, we're going shopping! The Mean Girls jewellery line you didn't know you needed.

The flawlessly titled "Burn Book" collection from Stella and Bow is the Mean Girls jewellery line you never knew you needed till now. Coinciding with the films 10 year anniversary, The Burn Book drops this February and has got to be the single most perfect jewellery collection ever.

 Each piece is named after a different character from the film (the pink stone bracelet is called Damian *squeal*) and I think I'd be hard pushed to find a time I was this excited about anything. The collection is filled to the brim with reference to the 2004 cult classic, and while there may not be any "really expensive white gold hoop earrings" there is however a rose gold Wednesday bracelet (because on Wednesday's we wear pink) and a super cute "Full of Secrets" hair clasp. It's a playful collection filled to the brim with you're favourite Mean Girl's quotes and it's safe to say I want every.god.damn.thing. The Best Bitches best friend necklace while not a direct quote still nails the feel and I kind of think me and my Betty are in dire need of that bad boy.

The collection is available for pre-order now and drops Mid-February. Who else is getting in about this?

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

American Horror Story Style Icon: Myrtle Snow

My beloved American Horror Story is back which means one thing. More flawless outfits from one of my utter style crushes (even going as far to edge Audrey Horne out the top spot) Myrtle Snow. The matriarchal witch is like some gorgeous Grace Coddington meets Vivienne Westwood dreamboat and ever since becoming addicted to AHS (much like the rest of the internet) I have found myself wanting every one of her god damn outfits. Including the fingerless red latex gloves. Especially the fingerless red latex gloves.

Broach: Butler & Wilson
Glasses: Miu Miu at Pretavoir
Pussybow Blouse: Fendi
Red Gloves:  Dent
Rose Motif Dress: The Pretty Dress Company

When it comes to stylish fictional characters, Myrtle Snow has my heart. "I'm just mad for tartan." ME TOO!  We're fashion soul mates you and I Snow, and not just because you remind me of another orange haired beauty close to my heart.

It's all in the details for me with Myrtle. From her vintage cat eye glasses, her pussy bow blouse, the colour red sneaking in everywhere via belts, rose motifs on her scarves and in her enviable glove collection. Also thanks to her a broach shaped like a scorpion seems not only a good idea but an essential part of any woman's wardrobe.

I can't wait to see how Coven wraps up (I need more Jessica Lange, more Kathy Bates, more Frances Conroy)  but till then I'm just going to fan girl over my new favourite witch. My Supreme in spirit and in style. Myrtle Snow.

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