Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Santa Baby Slip some Karen Mabon Under The Tree For Me

Santa baby, slip some Karen Mabon under the tree for me. I've been a very good girl Santa baby, and her seasonal treats are just a delight.  They've made the very top of my wishlist (and a fair few of my friends) as does anything with the old KM stamp on it. We're a little bit fanatic when it comes to her silk scarves and jewellery and between myself, Betty and Pops, we more than likely have at the very least, one of everything.

Which is probably in no small way while I'm practically foaming at the mouth for her limited edition seasonal goods. A new drop from Karen is always a delight, but just in time for Christmas, she's only went and released 2 new scarves and a necklace. The jammy sod.

Her limited edition 100% silk scarves clock in at £35 a pop (I know guys, I KNOW) with a pink marionette clown scarf in a bubblegum pink box and a penguin parade (Monty who?) in a snow white matte box. There's a super limited run of these and they are both super gorgeous and versatile and without completely breaking the bank either. The Dalmatian necklace is limited to 50 (count them, 50) at £28 a pop so don't expect these guys to last long.  At these prices if you're buying for anyone particularly special (eckHEM) then you can suprise them with the full collection.  I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be delighted to receive one of these on Christmas morning.


Monday, 24 November 2014

Shameless Style Stealing

Be honest with me now, how many plastic bag do you have under the sink? I'm too embarrassed to count, but truth is, it's way too many. I'm not sure if my Gran owns a shopping trolley but my great gran certainly did. My fellow Scots will be aware of the new 5p charge on all carriers (which goes to charity y'all) but even with that in mind, it's about time we cut down on the waste.

There is no escaping it. I have more clothes than anyone I know and yet still, more often than naught I find myself pinching bit from my families wardrobes. From my sister it's usually tight (sorry Loz) and the boy constantly finds himself short on both shirts and jumpers (sorry Paul) but I never quite expected to turn to my great gran for style inspo

Jacket - Debenhams
Jumper - Old Tophop
Shirt -Boyfriends
Jeans and fishnet - Primark
Shoes - Quiz
Bag - yer Granny's closet

In 2003 Denmark started a tax on plastic carriers to encourage use of reusable bags. They now go through 4 plastic bags per person. Per year. Think about for that for a second. I could manage that in a relatively small grocery shop and frankly there is no need for it. A trolley for me is a bit of a god send because I have a tendency to purchase things that aren't exactly, well, light. It's ideal if you lug around a lot of books (I'm looking at you well meaning students) or just need some extra room without going full on camping backpack on us.
And for those who aren't quite ready to embrace their inner Grandmaw there is the lovable tote bag. I've got more than these than I care to imagine and I'm finally putting them to good use. With pretty much endless possibilities,their is absolutely no reason you should be buying plastic bags at the counter. Totes Amazed, Lazy Oaf and La La Land are all great places to start if looking for something a bit unusual. And if all else fails you can always try a bit of DIY at home.

To trolley or not? What's your vote?


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bells and Whistles

Sorry to break it to you guys but it is officially only 34 days till Christmas. I say I'm sorry, but I've been in full blown Christmas for the last month. Festive drinks? I've had them all. Destiny's Child Christmas album? Already playing it. So when it comes to Christmas jumpers it should come as no surprise to pretty much anyone that I'm all about the bells and whistles.

Jacket - Obscure Couture
Jumper - Beyond Retro
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Schuh
Bag - Todd Lynn for Debenhams 

Those totally amazing mega babes over at Beyond Retro are getting in to the spirit in a big way. Yeah sure, they have the best selection of Christmas jumpers on the market (fo'realsies) but they've also pledged to donate £1 of every Christmas jumper sold in store and online to Save The Children. It can be really easy to get caught up in all the glitter and tinsel of the season, but there is also no better time than now to make sure you're donating some cash money to your favourite charities.

Christmas Jumper Day is pegged in the calender's for the 12th of December, and Beyond Retro have everything you could possibly want. From Nordic Prints to The Worst Noel (so ugly they're great) to flashing bells and whistles, there is really a jumper for everyone. If that wasn't enough to get you picking up your Christmas Jumper of Dreams, they're also setting a #xmasjumperstylechallenge where you can win a £250 shopping spree at Beyond Retro. All you need to do is share you're Beyond Retro Christmas jumper look styled up, post it to instagram with #xmasjumperstylechallenge. Y'all got till December 14th  guys so choose your xmas jumper, style it up and save some lives! T'is the season after all.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dare to Bare

I can't help being suspicious of something that gets unanimous rave reviews. Surely something's got to be wrong right? And with that attitude I signed myself up for a Make Under with BareMinerals.

Bare Minerals is one of those brands that is hailed as the second coming for those with sensitive skin. Of course I am a little cynical. There is nary a mainstream beauty brand out there I haven't tried, and quite frankly I wasn't really expecting much.

More fool me.

I've tried Bare Minerals foundation before, and look, power just was not for me, so I was more than a little bit intrigued about their new bareskin liquid foundation. Not only is liquid foundation my jam, but I was all about finding something that gave a more natural finish than my go to base.  Putting it on though did take me in to brand new territory. With bareskin you have to give the bottle a good shake (like a Polaroid picture) then let out drop in to your Perfecting Face Brush. Usually I would go full on eye roll with any product that NEEDS a special brush to work (Dior and your £22 egg I'm looking at you) but seriously, this brush is pretty amazing. The little scooped out pool knocked me for one at first but I've used this with both the bareskin and other foundations and the results are gorgeous. It's super thick and leaves no streaks, which, if you're in the market for new kit do keep this guy in mind. The foundation itself is great, coming in a wide range of colours and proving that a little goes a long way. I found building up coverage super easy and it let my skin looking fresher without looking cakey. What more could a girl want?

 The pressed powder is a bit hit or miss for me however. The finish - gorgeous, and it's great for touch ups but there is just one little niggling problem. The smell is, shall we say, distracting. I've been reassured by a good few friends that this is typical of mineral based products, and I suspect this is my unfamiliarity with product more than anything else having me picking away. It's a a nifty wee handbag number and would be a near perfect product if I can get used to the smell, which I've not noticed in any of their powders (the blush is lovely.)  Well worth a swatch are their range of lipsticks. I'm usually a matte girl through and through but these leave a lovely pigmented glossy finish without being sticky.

Other than the foundation the real stand outs have been the skincare. The cleanser is super light and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean, and like the foundation, a little really goes a long way. For me an SPF is essential in beauty products so the fact the foundation  AND the moisturiser both tick this box is a straight up delight. The day foundation is light and fruity, and while may not be quite as heavy as I like in the Winter, still a lovely product. The Active Cell Renewal Night Serum however?  I can see this replacing my Midnight Recovery which has been part of my night routine for at least 3 years. It's a totally gorgeous wee product and makes my skin feel, well, renewed..

So am I convert? In some ways. I love the softer finish, even if the shake and blend method is a little bit fiddly, and it makes for a great everyday foundation. I may not be entirely sold on a few of the other products including the pressed powder and blush, they are nice, but didn't blow me away. The Perfecting Face Brush and Active Cell Renewal Night Serum's however are must haves and completely worth the investment.  If you are looking for a lighter finish do give bareskin foundation a try - and don't forget to buy you brush!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Herald Fashion Awards

First of all I'd like to thank my fans.....

HAWD ON, wait a minute? What's going on? I only bloody well and went and won an award - that's what happened. The inaugural Herald Digital Fashion Awards were this Sunday and who walked away with Best Blogger in Scotland? Try this guy.

I'm still in shock (and cringing at my slightly tipsy acceptance speech where I gushed about how great everyone else is, and swore, twice.) It really was such an honour. I'd been really nervous about the whole thing as I was up against some mega talented super babes, and everything was based on this points system of 6.bloody.judges. Still, I now have a rather nifty trophy and a hangover to prove it all happened. Also SO.MANY.SELFIES.

To be fair though I did have glittery mermaid hair thanks to BLOW and Gemma at Urban Decay in Debenhams gave me the eye make up of dreams. It would have been a waste not to.

Of course I wasn't the only big winner on the night.  Brotique walked away with best online newcomer, Tens with best use of online marketing and Abandon Ship only got best online retailer. When it came to the indies we saw Isolated Heroes take best independent and Common People scoop peoples choice (for me, these were two of the most difficult categories but super well deserved wins!)

Seriously though thanks to everyone who reads this wee guy. It means the world that I pretty much make a living writing and getting to share all my favourite things with you beauties.

You can see all the winners as well as some photos from the night on the HeraldFashion site.....but until then, I don't think I'm done pinching myself.


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Current Obsession: Looney Lolita

Apart from rent, it's probably the one thing I spend the most money on. It doesn't always have to take the same form either. Sometimes it's a beautifully printed scarf, occasionally it's a series of graphic novels but more often than naught it's a print. Illustration and animation are always going to be a soft spot for me. On a recent trip to Manchester I spent ages in this super cute art gallery flicking through Tara Mcpherson, and considered very briefly paying the $42 shipping fee to have some Junko Mizuno on my walls.

And while these ladies are some of my absolute faves (along with James Jean), the internet has been  the main driving force in me getting my fix. Society 6, etsy tumblr and instagram have all been helping me scratch that particular itch - especially my particular fondness for cute, uber feminine illustrations that have just the hint of magical girl about them (my love of Madoka and the release of Sailor Moon Crystal have played no small part in this.) In fact I'm pretty sure that's how I found Looney Lolita, just casual as you like scrolling through the Sailor Moon tag on instagram.

Let's say it ticks a lot of boxes for me.  Bows, roses with eyeballs, milkshakes, crystals and glitter - it's unashamedly girly and fun and I pretty much want every single one of their outfits (come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I already have that exact same bra.)  It's not a huge stretch of my love of magical girls and Mizuno to this. Looney Lolita's work is super sweet and I've become utterly obsessed with her. It's no surprise that a few of her prints have made their way on to my Christmas wish list.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Because nice is over-rated

It's a tricky one to get around. Winter is well and truly here and when I get up in the morning, pulling together something that looks good while keeping me warm and toasty is proving to be a bit more challenging than I'd like to admit.  Main priority? Getting on all the clothes so I don't freeze to death. While I'm not quite wearing thermals under my jeans just yet (oh but it's on it's way) I'm finding that getting ready is taking far more forward planning than usual.

It can't only be me who retreats in to comfort clothes when they're cold right? Which is utter nonsense because it means some of my favourite things only get an airing a couple of times a year which makes absolutely no sense. I'm not talking about black tie pieces either, just the things you want to "keep nice." Which is nonsense. Clothes are for wearing damnit.

Jumper - H! By Henry Holland
Dress - Warehouse
Tights - Bebaroque
Shoes - Schuh
Bag - Zara
Nails - Swoon

I picked up these Bebaroque beauties at a sample sale and because they are one offs and all kinds of beautiful I wanted to keep them for something special. I wanted to keep them "nice." I didn't even take in to account that they were super thick and warm or that wearing them made me ridiculously happy.  When it comes down to it, I have an ever expanding wardrobe, and while I have cut down on how much I do buy, I still fall victim of not wearing things in my wardrobe that I love. To keep them "nice."

I want to be excited about clothes again and I can't think of anything more wasteful than having a wardrobe filled with things you don't love and don't want to wear. Sure I've got a few key pieces I'll always turn to but I'm enjoying playing dress up again and adding a bit more colour and embellishment and layering, layering, layering. I'm done with nice, I want to feel LOVE.

Friday, 7 November 2014

When surreal doesn't quite cut it

The MTV EMA awards have rolled in to town and Glasgow is practically buzzing, and it's hard not to get caught up in it all. All this week Glasgow's been playing host to MTV Music Week with some unbelievable shows as we countdown to the big night itself. I caught La Roux earlier in the week at the ABC which was amazing, what I didn't expect was an intimate rehearsal with a living legend.

blue haired blogger
bee waits
Coat - Obscure Couture
Cardi - Primark
Shirt - Tophop
Bra - Agent Provocateur
Trousers - H&M
Shoe - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag- Zara

Along with some other MEEDYUH babes, my Betty and I were invited along to see Slash (yes, that Slash) rehearse before tonight's show with Biffy Clyro, followed by a live Q&A. What the fuck right? Other than being crazy surreal it got me all kinds of hyped up for Sunday. Oh and obviously we asked Slash what he thought of Scottish style which lead to him speaking fondly of how much he loves Glasgow. I bet he says that to all the cities but still, it was one hell of a way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Everything's coming up Milhouse

It's been a pretty manic couple of weeks and I'm not sure if it's quite all settled in yet. After celebrating Halloween with my BFF, Betty and Bee turning one (my god) and gearing up for the festive season, everything seems to have happened at once. And it's kind of a big deal. I've been kind of overwhelmed and am still riding a life high at the moment.

I've found myself nominated for not one, but two awards. Other than finding myself standing along side some of my favourite bloggers and brands, I'm thrilled to be shortlisted for the Herald Digital Fashion Awards. Celebrating the best of Scottish is totally jammy and nearly had a wee greet when I found myself on the list for Best Blogger and Twitterati! I find out the result in a couple of weeks and I'm super excited. What the hell's a girl to wear though?

I've also got some pretty big news.....

So yeah, I've been doing #100HappyDays on instagram and so far life has been peachy keen. I got a massive haul of make up goodies from Bare Minerals (review coming soon), did some work for MTV, ate some amazing food including Red's infamous Donut Burger, oh and got engaged.

The boy and I were down in Manchester celebrating 5 years of being excellent to each other. It was lovely and very much us. I have to say I'm super excited about doing marrying my best friend so to say I'm over the moon would bean understatement.

I'm looking forward to resuming normal service soon with a mix of my fave reviews, Christmas gift guys and pretty much all the events you need to hit up.

Till then - A bientot.
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