Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Top Haircare goodies for Dry, Damaged and yeah....brightly coloured hair

I have super dry hair. It's the kind of thing that is going to happen if you, you know, bleach and dye it on a regular basis. However I keep it manageable with a few key products that find themselves on a continuous rotation in my bathroom. Basically? This is my dyed hair girls guide to haircare.

The "Everyday" Shampoo: Pro tip. Or you know, common sense. Don't wash your hair every day. I give my coloured locks a good shampoo and rinse twice a week MAX.  For this I reach or Phyto's Phytocitrus shampoo. It's not the cheapest going (£10-£12 a bottle) but it lasts for ages and it smells bloody incredible.  It's been designed for colour treated hair so it gently washes without stripping away colour. If I had one little niggle it would be the metal bottle which can be tricky to get product out of when you're nearly out but it's made more than one appearance in my bathroom cabinet meaning at it's price point, it must be good.

The "Everyday" Conditioner: I don't usually believe in the whole use the same shampoo and conditioner combo for max effect, it tends to read a bit scammy to me. That being said I love the hell out o the Phyto Phytobaume conditioner. Again it's for colour treated hair and it smells fruity and delicious, but the real thing that won me over? EXPRESS CONDITIONER. Usually when I leave a conditioner on for 10 minutes I'm wondering if it's actually really good for my hair or if it's just that it's been on for ages. This guy is an on/off kind of deal with instant results.  Basically it acts as the detangler of my dreams.

The "Treat Yo' Self" : I have thirsty hair and I try every couple of weeks to give it a bit of tender love and care.  For this it's all about lighting the candles, running a bath, sticking on netflix and loading up Bleach Reincarnation Mask on my hair. It's a product DESIGNED by people who specialise in fucked up hair.  It reminds me of the super thick conditioner you get in all hair dye packets so having an embiggened version off that is a total dream.  Use when your hair is MEGA thisty.

The Leave In Number:  Lush continue to make some of my all time favourite products (their Curly Wurly shampoo missed out by a horses hair) but I couldn't leave out R&B Hair Moisturiser. This is another one for those with super dry hair. It's great for after a bleaching as it is essentially like giving your scalp a "I'M SORRY BRO. HERE'S A HUG." I'll throw it on when my hair feels like it needs a conditioning treatment and I don't have time to go the full 9 yards. Super snaps for being vegan.

The Ladies Choice: I'm going to let you finish but Milkshake's Conditioning Whipped Cream is one of the best hair care products off ALL time. I use this little number religiously because it makes my hair feel silky and smell the proverbial tits.  It comes out looking like whipped cream, goes on your dry hair and sweet lord, it smells like Banoffee Pie. Look if you don't have a sweet tooth give this one a miss but it's a great little fixer upper.

The Not so secret weapon:  I'm lucky that once I'm blue, I tend to have a colour that just won't quit. This is great if you're looking for something bold and vibrant, however if you're looking for something a little tamer (or want to begin the process of stripping your hair) Head and Shoulders is a girl's worst kept secret. Or you know "Hair & Scalp" from the poundshop. You get the same effect. This little baby strips the colour out your hair a peach and is how I keep my shade in the minty family after a fresh dye job. Only problem is that this guy is going to dry the shit out o your hair. I mean, if you thought it was thirsty before, your locks are going to be full on dehydrated. There is a reason I use a lot of conditioner.

So there you have it. Without giving my colours away (spoilers: it's a mix of Crazy Colour, Bleach, conditioner and a lot of fine tuning in the bathroom) you've got my haircare routine. Essentially the reason I manage to go through life without loosing all of it to the elements. I'm sure you guys have your top beauty buys. Am I missing any of your major hair care products?


  1. Agreed. I definitely don't over-wash my hair or you just lose that colour pronto. I'm not sold on having to have the same brand shampoo and conditioner either, plus I don't know anyone that can finish both at the exact same time, impossible task!

  2. I also agree. I am not a fan of hair coloring per say but anyway that's the best tips I have ever heard.

  3. I do not color my hair but I need special care cuz my hair is damaged anyway
    btw. I am so glad to find you! I am blogger (not very popular one) from Czech Republic, trying to find some bloggers form Glasgow since I started studying here and I love your style and blog so I am happy to follow you :)

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