Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bags all the way down

The clocks are officially back now which means only one thing. It's time to dust out the old Winter wardrobe. The tricky thing is, with well worn favourites, you can run the risk of a feeling of apathy. How can you be excited about things you've worn year in,  year out, whenever the thermostat starts to takes a nose dive?

Jacket - Henry Holland for Debenhams
Jumper - Topshop
Fluffy Top - Primar
Necklace -Next
Skirt - Charity Shop
Big Bag - Zara
Clutch - New Look
Boots - Topshop
Glasses - Alain Mikli

I'm a firm believer in style dressing opposed to as buying straight up trends, and for the most part, it means my wardrobe doesn't date and I can pull different pieces together both old and new to create looks I love. You know, like a normal person. I don't really know anyone who buys a complete new Winter wardrobe every year (and if they do, it's mostly Primark) but I see no problem in investing in a couple of key pieces to refresh your wardrobe. My bell sleeved jumper and chunky boots are both old as sin and manage to hold up on the merit of being completely my style, and yes, that's THAT Zara bucket bag everyone had last year still in rotation. To keep things fresh I tried the whole double bag thing (which turns out, pretty handy if like me you loose everything in the bag abyss) and trying some different layering. The fluffy Primark top has been a bit of a hero product for me and everyone I know, and still finds itself popping up time and time again here, and looks great under a loose knit if I do say so myself.  The parka you'll notice has become a returning featuring here, and for good reason. I've been looking for the perfect one for years and  you know what guys? This might just be it. The pink detachable faux fur (I'll say that again for those in the cheap seats) PINK DETACHABLE FAUX FUR, is what makes it. No wonder it keeps selling out right?

Now the leaves are falling and it's getting a bit chillier I'm finding myself super excited about dressing up again and digging out goodies, including some old vintage treats that have been desperately in need of some love.  How do you freshen up your look for Winter?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Permanant Bargain Hunting

There's a real cult of bargain hunting among me and my friends. A constant game of one upmanship if you will. It's never been about who has the latest designer bag or the it shoe of the season. Instead it's that need to get the best deal. Get your coat half price? Well I got mine for £3 at a car boot after bartering down from £10, and so on and so forth. It's the kind of shopping that would make my Granny proud.

So this is where I tell you how much my jumpsuit cost. Go on, chance a guess. I'll wait.

Shirt - Vintage
Jumpsuit - Primark
Bag - New Look
Shoes - Converse (duh)

So what were you thinking? £20? £15? Try £3. And I wear it CONSTANTLY. The price per wear on this beauty is down to near zero. Yeah, there is the threat of looking like a giant baby as there always is with a jumpsuit, but I can't find it in myself to care. It's crazy comfortable and constantly finding new things in my wardrobe to pair it with. Turns out it's quite the peach for layering too which is a mega help over the next few months.

Sale season seems to be mostly over for now, so other than Christmas shopping (I know..I know, I invoked the C word) I'll be watching my pennies until the sales or unless I find something so spectacular I must buy. This may in fact call for a bank card freeze right?


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Favourite Things: Pretty much everything you need to know about right now

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favourite things. It's been a pretty long week however there is so much to look forward to in the coming months. Other than Halloween, fireworks night and Christmas (sorry) there's a whole host of goings on that you'll be wanting to be hit up this season.  Until then here's a round up of wonderful things from around the web as well as some key dates for your diaries. Get it in there!

Best/worst timing ever? A whole mess of my favourite designers are gathering under one roof in Princes Square for a kick ass pop up event.  From Thursday till Saturday you can pick up one off designs, editorial samples and end of lines from the likes of Bebaroque, Rebecca Torres, Georgia Wiseman, Naromode for starters.  It's officially time to start trot out the C word.

These DIY emoji balloons are the best thing I ever did see, get the tutorial here. 

Speaking of sample sales, the guys and dolls over at Abandon Ship have a sample sale booked in for their Glasgow store on the 9th of November. One off samples and end of line all skanky cheap.

These Bob's Burger's nails by Another Nail in the Coffin are the literal tits. I want her to do my nails already!

A pop up department store featuring a bunch of the best Scottish Designers ever? Sign me up. The lovely folks over at Scotland Redesigned are taking over a shop for 3 months in Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal. Other than being able to pick up some kick ass designs (Obscure Couture anyone?) there will loads of in store events over the party season to keep you busy.

You 100% want to go to this. Brass Neck City is a celebration of Glasgow style with all of Betty and I's fave vintage shops throughout the city. It's going to be pretty amazing and bonus points, it's free too. Hillhead Bookclub on the 20th of November for 8pm. See you there cuties.

It's officially winter and I want to make these already. Minimalist Baker has become my new favourtie site. 10 ingredients or less in under 30 minutes? Most vegan or gluten free friendly? HALLEYLOO.

Anything you're super excited about?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Lazy Girls Halloween Costume Guide

It's nearly a week away and it's time crack out the Halloween costumes. You could buy an overpriced ready made outfit from one of those pop up halloween costume shops that shows up every year, "Pirate Captain" anyone? Seriously though you don't have to spend a ton or really have to be super crafty to pull together a kick ass Halloween look. All you need is your own wardrobe and some creative accessioning, here's my lazy girls guide to Halloween.

Mary Poppins

Who: The quintessential English Nanny who is practically perfect in every way.

What you'll need: A good button down shirt with a long black skirt and you're already half way there. Pair with some pointed lace up boots and a bag that looks like it is 100% bigger on the inside.
Finishing touches: A bowler hat with some flowers from the poundshop and a wee spot of red ribbon are all you need to complete this look. Parrot umbrella optional but preferred (yes, I'm still hunting one down.) 

Rosie The Riveter

Who? FOR SHAME. Rosie is a god damn cultural icon, used to represent the female factory workers who kept the planes and other machinery in check during world war II. 

What you need: This is perhaps the simplest low budget look you can crack out without dawning the boxers and going all Risky Business. So dust out your old canadian tuxedo, a red bandana and a can do attitude and you've got one of the most recognisable icons of the 40s. 

Finishing touches: A good flex and some lippy. SORTED. 

Creepy Doll

Who: Straight up from your childhood nightmares (and let's face it, a good few of your adult ones too.) 

What you'll need:  For  this you're going to have to do a little bit of prep. Put your hair in to some tight curls (or some damp plaits overnight brushed and backcombed out should work just as well.) The actual outfit is pretty simple, any dress with a peter pan collar, pop socks and mary jane shoes or plimsolls. 

Finishing touches:  Ribbons and bows for your hair, a wee bit of handywork with fake eyelashes and white eyeliner and big circles of blush. Finish off with the perfect cupid bows pout or if you are feeling a bit more creative, perhaps a dislocated jaw is your look of choice?

Dana Scully

Who: Our first lady of skepticism herself. 
What you'll need: For this you are ALL about the power dressing. A matching blac suit, a button up and a large trench. Scully's sleek bob is mandatory, with a little bit of backcombing at the roots to get that special 90s lift.
Finishing touches: Mock yourself up a wee FBI badge

Tina Belcher

Who: The hero we both need and deserve, the eldest of the Belcher clan is a god damn inspiration, even if she does put her bra on one boob at a time like anyone else. Time for this charm bomb to explode.

What you'll need: A light blue tee paired with a darker blue skirt is the basis for channeling your inner Tina. You'll want to crack out some black square glasses, you're black cons and black and red sports socks. Perfect.

Finishing touches: Yellow barrettes and your favourite erotic friend fiction.
 I don't know about you, but I could pretty much create every single one of these looks right off the bat without too much bother, so if you find yourself skint, heading to a last minute party or just really aren't that crafty (I hear ya sister) any of these guys should stand you in good stead or Halloween, and no sticky back plastic in sight!

What costume will you be rocking this season?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Snake skin and kitty cats

Turns out I have quite the thing for novelty cat bags. While this will be a surprise to absolutely no one, most would think one cat clutch would be enough. They'd be wrong. When I first clocked this furry little beast online a few months ago I knew it had to be mine. His furry little tale, his grumpy wee face - this little New Look number was my must have bag for Winter.

Roll  Neck - H&M
Necklace - Primark
Trousers - Next
Shoes - Debenhams
Bag - New Look (OMG also comes in black)

Emerald green is everywhere this season (there is a sequined skirt in Debenhams that I have my eye on) so it's the perfect time to dig out these little beauties from Next. The fact they also look like fish scales? A welcome cheeky bonus and the perfect backdrop for my new kitty bag. While the novelty kitty may not be for everyone (madness) fluffy bags are pretty much everywhere at the moment, which I'm more than okay with.

Do you think you'll be rocking a fluffy clutch this season?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Tutus and Tartan

It's officially sale season which is the worst possible news for my bank account.  While I've been on a massive wardrobe purge recently and trying to do this whole buying better thing, it can sometimes tricky to get over that wardrobe fatigue. It gets to the point where you feel you've worn everything you love to death (not untrue, everything here has made an appearance on here at least once) and sometimes a wee timed purchase can revitalise your wardrobe and make you love everything again. Remember my 3 ways to wear rule?

Top - River Island
Necklace - Next
Skirt - eBay
Bag - Charity Shop
Shoes - Doc Martens

If I can't imagine it with 3 different looks in my wardrobe, it doesn't get bought. It's a pretty good rule of thumb when you're trying to be thrifty. The River Island sale is always one of my first port of calls when the red signs go up in windows (and online.) I completely fell in love with this print and treated myself to a little co-ord set for under £30. And I haven't worn them together yet. Both pieces blend seamlessly in to my wardrobe already. Long shorts and a crop? Dream team!

So yeah, a few squid dropped has been giving me a totally fresh perspective on my wardrobe. I'm looking out old favorites that I forgot I had and mixing them with some staples. Peachy keen. When was the last time you bought something that gave your wardrobe a new lease of life?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Abandon Ship's got True Guts

There's no cure, an estimated 250,000 people in the U.K have it and it's not something many people like to talk about. Crohn's disease is a chronic irritable bowel disease with a list of super fun symptoms like the worst cramps imaginable, fatigue, bloody diarrhea and can lead to death.  Sufferers (because yeah, it's hardly a walk in the park is it) find themselves in and out of hospital at the mercy of their body. And the treatments available? Colostomy bags, steroids, bowel removal and keeping a strict control of their diet.   In a word, Crohn's fucking sucks.

Abandon Ship Apparel are raising money for Crohn's and Colitis U.K with their "True Guts" and "Fuck Crohn's" tees. This isn't the first time they've supported the charity either with a previous "True Guts" line.  With more people developing the disease (it usually sets on between 16-30) they are donating all their profits to the charity that specialises in informing, support and research.

Crohn's has seen a spike in awareness recently with more people talking about it (remember Bethany Townsend and her massive fuck you to Crohn's this Summer?) but it's still vastly misunderstood by anyone not directly effected by it.  So if you fancy doing your bit for an awesome charity and get a pretty sweet t-shirt in the process, make sure you grab your True Guts tee from Abandon Ship and let Crohn's know it can go fuck itself.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Top Haircare goodies for Dry, Damaged and yeah....brightly coloured hair

I have super dry hair. It's the kind of thing that is going to happen if you, you know, bleach and dye it on a regular basis. However I keep it manageable with a few key products that find themselves on a continuous rotation in my bathroom. Basically? This is my dyed hair girls guide to haircare.

The "Everyday" Shampoo: Pro tip. Or you know, common sense. Don't wash your hair every day. I give my coloured locks a good shampoo and rinse twice a week MAX.  For this I reach or Phyto's Phytocitrus shampoo. It's not the cheapest going (£10-£12 a bottle) but it lasts for ages and it smells bloody incredible.  It's been designed for colour treated hair so it gently washes without stripping away colour. If I had one little niggle it would be the metal bottle which can be tricky to get product out of when you're nearly out but it's made more than one appearance in my bathroom cabinet meaning at it's price point, it must be good.

The "Everyday" Conditioner: I don't usually believe in the whole use the same shampoo and conditioner combo for max effect, it tends to read a bit scammy to me. That being said I love the hell out o the Phyto Phytobaume conditioner. Again it's for colour treated hair and it smells fruity and delicious, but the real thing that won me over? EXPRESS CONDITIONER. Usually when I leave a conditioner on for 10 minutes I'm wondering if it's actually really good for my hair or if it's just that it's been on for ages. This guy is an on/off kind of deal with instant results.  Basically it acts as the detangler of my dreams.

The "Treat Yo' Self" : I have thirsty hair and I try every couple of weeks to give it a bit of tender love and care.  For this it's all about lighting the candles, running a bath, sticking on netflix and loading up Bleach Reincarnation Mask on my hair. It's a product DESIGNED by people who specialise in fucked up hair.  It reminds me of the super thick conditioner you get in all hair dye packets so having an embiggened version off that is a total dream.  Use when your hair is MEGA thisty.

The Leave In Number:  Lush continue to make some of my all time favourite products (their Curly Wurly shampoo missed out by a horses hair) but I couldn't leave out R&B Hair Moisturiser. This is another one for those with super dry hair. It's great for after a bleaching as it is essentially like giving your scalp a "I'M SORRY BRO. HERE'S A HUG." I'll throw it on when my hair feels like it needs a conditioning treatment and I don't have time to go the full 9 yards. Super snaps for being vegan.

The Ladies Choice: I'm going to let you finish but Milkshake's Conditioning Whipped Cream is one of the best hair care products off ALL time. I use this little number religiously because it makes my hair feel silky and smell the proverbial tits.  It comes out looking like whipped cream, goes on your dry hair and sweet lord, it smells like Banoffee Pie. Look if you don't have a sweet tooth give this one a miss but it's a great little fixer upper.

The Not so secret weapon:  I'm lucky that once I'm blue, I tend to have a colour that just won't quit. This is great if you're looking for something bold and vibrant, however if you're looking for something a little tamer (or want to begin the process of stripping your hair) Head and Shoulders is a girl's worst kept secret. Or you know "Hair & Scalp" from the poundshop. You get the same effect. This little baby strips the colour out your hair a peach and is how I keep my shade in the minty family after a fresh dye job. Only problem is that this guy is going to dry the shit out o your hair. I mean, if you thought it was thirsty before, your locks are going to be full on dehydrated. There is a reason I use a lot of conditioner.

So there you have it. Without giving my colours away (spoilers: it's a mix of Crazy Colour, Bleach, conditioner and a lot of fine tuning in the bathroom) you've got my haircare routine. Essentially the reason I manage to go through life without loosing all of it to the elements. I'm sure you guys have your top beauty buys. Am I missing any of your major hair care products?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Full time fashion fanny

T-shirt - Hope Street
Parka - H! by Henry Holland for Debhenhams
Jeans - customized
Shoes - Shcuh
Watch - Caravelle

Hope St has fast become one of my favourite magazines. There is literally no reason for you not to read it. Other than some of the most beautiful fashion editorials ever, in depth conversation pieces (the latest topic? pubegate) and oh yeah, Dolly Parton riding a unicorn. No big deal. So yeah, it's pretty obvious I'm in love with all the content and it's faux ad campaigns (Pish: Mark Your Scent) it's pretty much perfect.  Gorgeous conceptual shoots and with the tongue firmly in cheek, Hope St is well worth your cash money. Call it the ultimate coffee table magazine.  Bonus points? They are based in Glasgow (right next to the Betty & Bee office) and throw the best parties, hands down. When I saw the "Fashion Fanny" t-shirts promoting the latest mag drop I was ready to beg, borrow or steal (okay, maybe not the later) to get my paws on one. Luckily it didn't have to resort to that and I have a new wardrobe staple.  A wee birdy tells me they may be available to buy soon which is obviously the best news I've had all year, so it's something you will 100% want to be putting cash money on to.

If you love gorge visuals, irreverent humor and some of the best god damn writing you better be ordering yours stat. Issue 3 has me wanting every image hanging on my walls. Look like print isn't dead after all.

Over and out fellow fashion fannies.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Scot Street Style kicks off Crowdfunding campaign for crowdsourced annual #Onward

If you spend any time on the internet, you've more than likely come across Scott Street Style. And if you haven't?  What rock have you been hiding under?

Scot Street Style is a creative community started by Gordon Millar centred around promoting creativity, style and innovation in Scotland. Through instagram.  While the idea of street style is hardly reinventing the wheel, what made Scot Street Style different was it's openness to share everyone's story and to promote outwith and within Scotland. With 5 Gatherings (social networking events bringing people off the screen and together in real life) Millar is hoping to ignite the community in his most ambitious project to date.

The Scot Street Annual #Onward is a book featuring crowdsourced stories of the people of Scot Street Style. Designers, photographers, musicians et al are all contributing their stories and images to be part of the project which will see the book hit shelves before Christmas. How about that?

However to make it happen, keep costs low and pretty much take over the world (the next Gathering is already pinned for NYC!) they need your help. Scot Street Style is crowdfunding to raise £7000 via kickstarter to make the project happen with 9 days to go. Those of you not familiar with Kickstater, (under the same rock as the non-scot street style lot I imagine) - it's easily the biggest crowdfunding platform out there. One small snag though. If they don't reach their target they get none of the money. ZILCH. O course this means if you pledge and the project isn't funded you don't get your reward (but you do get your cash money back) which would be a damn shame as the rewards are amazing.  Other than copies of the book they've got some rare treats up or grabs to be added this week including photo shoots with renowned photographers, grooming hampers and custom jewellery. 

It's time to give back guys and when you pledge you are helping grow and develop the Scot Street Style community.  Also, no matter what you pledge, be it £1 to £100 (yes please) you'll guarantee yourself an invite to the book launch.

I thin it's an amazing project and would love to see this one go through. Make sure to make your pledge here, and you, I'll see you at the launch party.
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