Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cleo Ferin Mercury

I don't quite think there is an appropriate amount to be obsessed with Cleo Ferin Mercury. You just are. The London based designer has been carving out quite the niche for herself with what can only be described as wearable art.

No doubt you'll have seen Mercury's work before, her animal friendly stole are a corner stone of kitsch style iconography and can be found everywhere from the streets of London to Tokyo. The panther has been a bit of an unofficial calling card (quite like the pineapples hidden in her larger more traditional - a word I use loosely - scarves) and come in a variety of colour ways each season.  The addition of tigers, cats with little pink bellies and foxes feels like a natural progression.

Mercury's SS15 collection has a distinctly more nautical feels and seems to be pulling everything from 50's Americana to traditional Japanese art. Mermaids, hidden treasure and coral reefs feature throughout in her latest fantastical offering.  Every piece of Mercury's work all looks lie they belong to the same world, which is what I love about her collections, it's like you're visiting little pocket universes and piecing them all together yourself.  Her current Circus collection is all Show Horses, tigers jumping through fire and magicians and some how they all look like they belong to the same magnificent fairytale.

I love scarves and this dreamy under the sea island collection is no different. That said I do feel like I am pining primarily for the long cat scarf for nothing else than his cute little pink belly. After visiting the stand at LFW I wasn't quite sure if I would ever be ready to leave.

Mermaids, pineapples and kitty cats, you may as well be reading off a list of my favourite things, and with pocket squares to detachable collars there really is something for everyone. February can't roll round soon enough!



  1. The mermaid scarf is beautiful! Although the kitty one is obviously my favourite...

    1. I now! Need a wee cat scarf in my lie stat! x

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