Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I Believe in Isolated Heroes

There are few designers who when their new collection drops my heart effectively stops.  Well perhaps not stops, but my bank balance definitely does a shudder, sensing a disturbance in the force. With a new collection from Isolated Heroes, it's got every right to be quaking in its metaphorical boots because I.Want.Everything.

"I Believe" may not seem like a natural fit for me, after all it's a literal explosion of sequins and colour, but damn if that doesn't make me want it more.  It's playful, satirical and a whole lot of fun, inspired in part by the designers 20s. Cocktails and teardrops,  embroidered self help slogans (just in case you forgot your daily affirmations) and floor length sweeping sequined coats with removable Mongolian fur in rainbow colours, "I Believe" manages to hit all the right notes from girls under pressure, to girls in love. It's all very girl power for the millennial, and manages to be nostalgic without being overly derivative.

Every collection from Isolated Heroes keeps getting stronger. It's smart, self-referential and perfect party wear.  Obviously the ombre sequin dresses are a highlight for me as well as the oversized mermaid biker but the trophy jacket with embroidered detail and detachable collar has got to be the centrepiece for me. 

If  you're looking to add some texture and colour to your life, Isolated Heroes brand of post-apocalyptic retro futurism is a pretty god damn good place to start. 


Monday, 29 September 2014

The Brotique rolls in to town with gents pop up shop

I love Glasgow, I truly do. We are however lacking in one thing that Edinburgh have pretty much nailed. I'm talking about the indie boutique. While Glasgow may have some of the best vintage in the country (fact) and some of the most talented and exciting young designers (also fact) yet we've not really had anyone fill Che Camille's sizable shoes.  We've had some amazing pop ups in the city centre with goodies from Bebaroque, Karen Mabon and Georgia Wiseman, but there's one thing missing here. What have we got for the boys?

Thankfully the gents from the Brotique have rolled out west for a pop up in Glasgow's City Centre until the 7th of October. Convenient post pay day timing gents.

Gifting for guys can be tricky if you don't want to just blow your load on amazon (I'm a lazy shopper, and maybe I'm just talking about my own guy) so it's great to see something that really tries to cater to every niche. Luxury stationary, fine grooming products and everything a cycle nut would want, the Brotique have carefully curated their stock designed for the urban gent in mind.  From your literature lover to hardcore survivalist, the Brotique is a mix of the practical, the stylish and the straight up bonkers.  They've already made a name or themselves with their luxury Man Hampers (designed to make gifting for even the most discerning men easy.)

Taking over the Posh Room in Glasgow's Hummingbird (that's on Bath Street on the first floor out of towners) The Brotique promise to bring their favourite products to the Glasgow market. With only a few days left to shop (okay....technically just over a week) make your way down to get those Christmas orders in early (I'm not even sorry) or just as a cheeky wee treat.

 The Brotique is open 11-5 every day in Glasgow till the 7th of October. Happy shopping boys!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sheer Socks and Winter Coats

It's officially Autumn guys!  Pumpkin spiced lattes are bake in store, chocolate santas adorn supermarket shelves and it it time to crack out the "Winter Coat."  It was something that growing up I dreaded (along with getting my feet measured at Clarks and buying the exact.same.black trousers from M&S) but it's now one of my favourite things to buy. I love a good coat. I have A LOT of coats. A LOT. What I didn't have however was a parka. How did I even manage that?

Parka - H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams*
Dress, socks and necklace-Primark
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Baia

Debenhams however came to my rescue and answered all my winter coat prayers with this little beauty from Henry Holland. I've been meaning to find the perfect parka for years but never quite found the one. I think this guy is pretty much as close as I could hope to get. Seriously - that light pink faux fur trim is unbelievable (and oh snap, detachable.)

I've pretty much been living in it since I got it, though pairing it with some pretty cheap and cheerful staples has been my modus operanti as of late.  It's all about the bells and whistles though. My baia bag with black furry pom pom, a simple gold chain and my favourite - cracking out the sheer socks. Only problem with these guys is that they don't really last more than one wear because they're so thin. They look great for the duration though right?

Have you got any A/W staples?


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cleo Ferin Mercury

I don't quite think there is an appropriate amount to be obsessed with Cleo Ferin Mercury. You just are. The London based designer has been carving out quite the niche for herself with what can only be described as wearable art.

No doubt you'll have seen Mercury's work before, her animal friendly stole are a corner stone of kitsch style iconography and can be found everywhere from the streets of London to Tokyo. The panther has been a bit of an unofficial calling card (quite like the pineapples hidden in her larger more traditional - a word I use loosely - scarves) and come in a variety of colour ways each season.  The addition of tigers, cats with little pink bellies and foxes feels like a natural progression.

Mercury's SS15 collection has a distinctly more nautical feels and seems to be pulling everything from 50's Americana to traditional Japanese art. Mermaids, hidden treasure and coral reefs feature throughout in her latest fantastical offering.  Every piece of Mercury's work all looks lie they belong to the same world, which is what I love about her collections, it's like you're visiting little pocket universes and piecing them all together yourself.  Her current Circus collection is all Show Horses, tigers jumping through fire and magicians and some how they all look like they belong to the same magnificent fairytale.

I love scarves and this dreamy under the sea island collection is no different. That said I do feel like I am pining primarily for the long cat scarf for nothing else than his cute little pink belly. After visiting the stand at LFW I wasn't quite sure if I would ever be ready to leave.

Mermaids, pineapples and kitty cats, you may as well be reading off a list of my favourite things, and with pocket squares to detachable collars there really is something for everyone. February can't roll round soon enough!


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bee does LFW Day 3 - Whiter Shade of Pale

It always seems to go so fast. 3 days in and I was painfully aware that I was going home the next day. Worth making my second last day a good one then right?  Sunday morning meant breakfast with two of my best girls in London (though alas not at The Breakfast Cub because that line?...NOPE) before heading over to The Apartment to raid their borrowing closet, watch some shows and deek out some fine fresh customised denim.  After running between exhibitions, showrooms and presentations, The Apartment was pretty much the perfect place to escape the madness for a wee break.

We made sure to swing by the Aspinal Lending Lounge to check out the new collection before heading back over to Somerset house for the Edeline Lee presentation which was beyond lush. It was pretty much like stepping in to a doll house with all these little self contained rooms, all colour co-ordinated and telling a different story (and made for an instagram dream.) It was a nice way to round off the day before getting ready for the Hope Street Party.

Bomber - Arsalan
Joggers - Arsalan
Shirt - Topshop
Bag - New Look
Watch - Caravelle
Rings & Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Doc Martens

Other than being one of my favourite magazines going (seriously the images are unreal) Hope Street is Betty & Bee's neighbours so OBVIOUSLY we has to pop down for a dance, a drink etc etc. There invite was also Dolly Parton riding a unicorn so we couldn't not go.  It was the perfect way to finish the day, surrounded by friends, dancing like a dick and generally having a big of a Glaswegian invasion.

Buzz - It's Topshop day so of course everyone is super hyper for this years UNIQUE show. Also turns out that Mulberry turned their press rooms in  to an English country garden.

Highlight - Hanging out in the Apartment, chatting denims and fawning over the borrowing wardrobe with my best girlies. This could have happily been my home away from home this season.

Day 3 jam - Higher Ground x Roll My Bumpa x Hold the Line (DIPLO MIX) - take me back to the Hope Street party yeah?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bee does LFW Day 2 - How much is that doggy in the window?

Day 2 and it was a slightly later start for Betty and I. This of course merited breakfast in bed while working through our itinerary for the day and as per it was shaping up to be a busy one. Today was all about checking out the exhibitors, catching a few shows and of course the Lulu Guinness Party celebrating 25 years of design.

Matching my hair and bag seemed like a solid choice for the day and with the Holly Fulton show on scheduele it seemed the perfect time to trot out the Holly Fulton x Radley clutch.  I wasn't the only one going nuts for dogs though as inbetween shows we spotted the best sausage dog in the world, armed with a go pro camera and snapping shoe street style.

Necklace - Primark
Polo - ASOS
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Faith
Bag - Holly Fulton X Radley
Rings - Primark. All of them. In one pack. You are welcome guys.

The exhibitors are my favourite part. I get to try on, feel and play with the designs and chat right good and proper with the designers. Hedonisim is always something I look forward to as I am in love with Britain's millinery scene. Other than Scottish design star William Chambers we had kissing bird hats, perspex visors and my personal favourite, a pagan inspired crown from Stephen Jones. I loved trying it on (it pretty much made me feel like an Egyptian goddess.)

Lulu Guinness was amazing as expected and I 100% want a disco ball bag now (my Betty already has her eye on the massive lipstick clutch.) It was the perfect way to round off our second day - a night filled with champagne, drag queens and kisses.

Buzzing - Sergio the Shoe Hunter, giving a dogs eye view of the best shoe style from LFW. His tiny bow tie and go pro camera were to die for. Also, sorry - basically a doggy fashion blogger. I really have no idea what to do with this information. 

Highlight - Pretty much all the exhibitors but I have a special place in my heart for Stephen Jones Millinery (for making me feel like an Egyptian goddess) and Cleo Ferin Mercury (because of the pink bellied white kitty scarf.)

Brain worm - Katy Perry - This is How We Do

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bee does LFW Day 1- Blogging babes, blue hair and Meghan Trainor

Leaving London is always the worst.  There is nothing quite on Earth like LFW and in between shows, press appointments and parties (yawn I know, hard life) is this real electric buzz. Truth be told, I'm never going to be a S/S girl, with a good few of the shows leaving me with a feeling of...meh. What never lets me down however is the people.

mermaid hair
blue hair
blue hair
blogger street style
Jumpsuits - Obscure Couture
Bag - Baia
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Converse...obviously
Also featuring That's So Yesterday who other than having the best hair, loves a titty shot.

Obviously I love creeping other peoples style (as a result leather opera gloves have made it on to my wish list) but it's fab to meet up with my Southern blogging sisters (HI GIRLS) and have a good catch up (read: eat all the things.)  It was an early rise for the Company Blogger Breakfast at ME, which has to go down in history as the best smelling hotel in the history of everything. We talked A/W shoe trends and eat all the parties and because it's fashion week I got the fine folk at Toni & uy to give my hair a wee boost (spoiler: I kept my hair this way the entire weekend - sorrynotsorry) while reading through the new Office magazine. My one question though girls. Where's my perfect thigh high boots at?

From then it was the Oasis and Snap Fashion Event which sees the launch of a new app that helps you find items like the ones you love (like a-line skirts, this guys going to find all the a-lines for you. Consider your sale shopping made easier babes) which seems pretty useful and I can't to give it a whirl. As far as I'm concerned, anything that makes shopping easier for me is a must.

As per I spent most of the day with my beloved Betty over at Fashion Scout before setting up camp in the UGG lounge which I don't think I could quite live without. I packed away a considerable amount of diet coke and even in flats, it was nice to have a sit down away from the mania of Somerset House.

Everyone was buzzing about: UBER - the new cheap taxi app that's just hit London. Get yourself a cab in 15 minutes or less (or something fancier if you prefer.) Already going down a storm.

My highlight: Seeing my best blogging birds. Has it really been 6 months already?

My LFW Day 1 Jam: Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (don't think this is ever going to leave my brain.)


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Let's talk Glasgow Wedding Collective

I've never been a wedding person. Okay, that's a lie. I love weddings, or more speciically my friends weddings. I genuinely think there is something really beautiful about coming together with the people you love the most and celebrating something just so brilliant and positive and lovely. Weddings (and funerals) are the two great social unifiers and I know for sure what I'd rather attend.

When it comes down to it though, I've never really liked the idea of a "wedding." You know the ones. A checking of boxes that is served with a side of chicken balmoral and a slightly dry over iced cake. The ones that say absolutely nothing about the couple getting married.  I'm super lucky with my friends going or weddings by the seaside and with pet cemetaries. They've never really done anything by the book and their days were as special as the couples themselves.

Thankfully we're moving away from the trend of the by the book wedding and in to a whole new era entirely. While I may gauge my eyes out if I see another barn wedding or mason jar (sorry guys) I love that couples are adding more of their own flair to their day. It doesn't need to be timeless, but more of a capturing of a moment. Who you and your partner are.  For some that means unicorn pinatas, others an old cabaret hall.  For the Glasgow Wedding Collective, this celebration of individuality and tailoring a day that feels like its yours.

GWC bring together the best wedding suppliers going - from vintage wedding dresses, bespoke jewelers and offbeat bakeries.  Now while I can easily get in to the nitty gritties of food and music (Three Sisters Bake and their coriander coleslaw is reason enough to get married) but the actual styling?  That seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. So naturally I (and some of my fellow blogging babes) were given a short window to pick our wedding look, hair, beauty, shoes - the whole shabam and present out wedding looks in front of everyone. High school presentations all over again. The pressure was pretty intense.

Can we remember I'm not bridey bridey?  With the exception of one dress, I was presented with rails and rails of ivory, creams and whites. I had no idea what to do. So I picked the shoes and decided on my make up and worked the rest from their. Maybe not the most conventional bridal dressing right?

I was dressing the gorgeous Evelyn who other than being the biggest babe ever, was a super good sport as I squeezed her in to size 5 white booties that reminded me of Sophia Webster. If I couldn't do colour or a two piece I was 100% not going for a peep toe. Her hair was already set for vintage curls which I protested (slightly) against, and the amazing hair and make up team softened it right down or me to make sure she looked less done. Considering I was wanting to give my girl a yellow eyeliner with red and orange lip, well, it's safe to say I wasn't going for classically polished.

Everyone really does make a big focus on the dress, but really or me it was just the piece of a larger puzzle. I loved the textured vintage number, and with a big old flash of colour to go with the eyeliner in the underskirt? I was golden. The whole thing was tied together with a 20's style headpiece (you can tell I'm not precious about mixing decades) a big ole bunch of wild flowers and a smile.

While it may not exactly but what I'd pick (part of me still thinks if I ever do get married I'll pull a Detrich and show up in tops and tails) but it still felt fresh and fun and yeah, I think I pretty much created a bride I'd want to hang out with.

Naturally the fine folk at CineMate were there to capture the whole thing on film and yeah, pretty sure they have me fantasising about a wedding videographer. Sorry P. 

Glasgow Wedding Collective Style A/W 2014 from CineMate Films on Vimeo
The Glasgow Wedding Collective host a range of fairs filled with the best in handpicked wedding suppliers at the Lighthouse with their next event slotted in for the 29th of September. A must visit for brides to be, or anyone with an interest in party planning. For now though? I'm still trying to figure out how I can get that Scissor Kick Design backdrop back tae mine.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Day to Night for under £100 - well go on then.

I'm pretty guilty of impulse purchases. The problem with living in the city centre is that it is just too easy to "just have a look" and walk out with a ton of shopping bags and a noticeably smaller bank balance. It's not entirely practical especially when you're on a budget.  My beautiful Betty and I are were challenged by St Enoch Centre to pull a quick day to night look for under £100. Natch my choices were about dance optimisation and hangover care.

Glasses - Alain Mikli c/o Pretavoir
Necklace - Primark
Jumper - H by Henry Holland for Debenhams*
T-shirt - Pulp*
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins*
Socks - Dorothy Perkins*
Shoes - H by Henry Holland for Debenhams *
Bag - Lulu Guinness

Basically it's about shopping smart, and for me that meant employing the rule of thumb of "will it go with at least 3 things in my wardrobe."  It's hardly the most exciting way to shop but if you're proper skint, it's a good way to make sure you're getting your best price by wear.

The big purchase for me was my boots eating up nearly half the budget (luckily there was a cheeky 20% off) but I've already worn them a ton. They are total witchy ankle boots and perfect for dancing and Glasgow weather.  I managed to play about with the rest of my outfit by snapping up a wee sale purchase from Dorothy Perkins and a quirky printed tee from Pulp. Shopping outside of my usual shops helped me find some right wee beauts (seriously, how amazing are those little zombie hands?) and give my wardrobe a much needed refresh.  It was also kind of nice to find everything under one roof rather than trawling about the city.

For the full run down of the challenge you can deek Betty & I's article for Scotcampus and video on our retail adventures. What do you think? Could you do better?

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