Friday, 11 July 2014

Date Days and Bag Ladies

Planning a date after a day of building furniture is perhaps not my most inspired of moves. Some would even go as far to call it poor planning? Me? I was just excited to spent time with my boo, but mostly (sorry bear) move in to the Betty and Bee office.

So armed with little but a hammer, a velvet cow head, a ceramic dog and some nails, Betty and I set to work in making our wee office in to our home away from home. I wasn't exactly prepared for an afternoon of furniture building, or indeed shuffling so pretty much ended up in my pants screwing legs on to tables. It's all glamour all the time for us. I did however find myself sans date night outfit. Thank the fashion gods for Primani that's all I can say.

glasgow fashion bloggger
glasgow fashion blogger
glasgow fashion blogger
glasgow fashion blogger

Dress, Necklace, Tights and Shoes - Primark
Bag - iKrush*

Meanwhile my hunt for my next "big bag" continues. I've got this gorge mint one from iKrush in the mean time which is so far ticking a lot of boxes. It took my laptop without totally freaking out and has exactly a bajillion pockets which is ideal. Turns out it was much bigger in person than on the site and while the main zip is a little stiff, it's fast becoming my daily bag of choice. I'm not quite ready to let go of my Lulu yet, but I thin I'm getting closer to finding my bag S.O.

I'm not sure what I'm quite looking for as of yet. I haven't really set myself any guidelines other than BIG. Any suggestions?


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    1. Thanks so much John, that's so sweet! Glad you enjoyed it!


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