Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Andsmile - Keys, cacti and Frida

Occasionally (okay more frequently than naught) I stumble across someone's instagram and become completely and utterly obsessed. Double tapping all over the shop, starry eyed emojis as far as the finger will scroll and often a strong burning desire to buy all the things. Don't get me wrong, I love instagram for creeping on my favourite bloggers as much as the next gal, but ever since I moved in to the office (and if I'm completely honest, before then) I've been deeking about for illustrators and artists and all that other good stuff.  Which is how I came across Andsmile.

motivational poster

 Don't get me wrong, I've got my default list of old faithfuls that I will always always love(James Jean, Tara Mcpherson Junko Mizuno and Miss Van since you asked) but it's always nice to find someone who's work you find you want to keep around you. From motivational posters to Wes Anderson inspired brooches, London illustrator Viktorija has a lot of bases covered for me. I love her use of colour, the quirky details she included in her portraits (party fox and banana necklaces apleanty) and okay, yeah, the subject matter. Film characters, feminist icons, pastel haired babes and dancing animals - you may as well be reeling off a list of my favourite things. 

I've spent far longer trawling her site than I'd care to admit, but she's got me hankering for some new prints. At this rate I'll have no wall left. I'm not quite sure if I could pick a favourite, but let's face it, their all gems.

Any illustrators you're loving at the mo?


  1. Love these illustrations! Especially liking the prints in the first pic, very inspirational. Also love that she does custom portraits, would be great to be Andsmile-ified. Hx

    1. I know right?? Her style is to die for!

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  3. I've been a fan of her illustrations for a long time now. She is the shrink art queen. Anything Wes Anderson is AWESOME!


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