Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sailor Moon Nails and Summer Days

"You look like a sack of potatoes." He's not far off. Ever since my wool dress took an unfortunate tumble it's definitley lacking a certain - je nai sais quoi. I am however trying this thing where I take better care of my clothes (Claire of the past missed the memo) and try and find new ways to wear them rather than my default of BUY.ALL.THE.THINGS.  Which is how I ended up wearing merino wool on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Excellent choice. 10/10. A for effort.

blue hair
sailor moon nails
scottish style blogger
sailor moon nails
 Dress - Cos
Belt - River Island
Tutu -  eBay
Shoes - Primark
Nails - Nancy Mc

I had however have a nail and sandwich date to keep so it was once more in to the breach. I was still trying to recover and Betty and I's jaunt down to London for Jimmy Choo so rocked up to DIY Nails office dazed with water and pastries. Pretty much all the essentials. Nancy Mc was up guest-painting for a couple of days so I HAD to book myself in. I've pretty much been hyping myself up for the return of Sailor Moon this year (just finished re-watching Stars and crying lik a baby) so I needed to get myself some magical girl nails. Watching Nancy work was amazing. With little more than google image search and a sketch pad she pulled together the basic design of my nails and we were ready to go. Since getting them done a few people have asked if they were decals. NOPE. Painfully hand painted over the course of 2 hours. Totally worth it though. I got some transformation brooches, wands and obviously Luna and Artemis. I honestly haven't been able to stop looking at them since I got them done. Girl is a genius.

While she may not be often, you can create your own Nancy Mc Nails at home with her killer decal collaboration with DIY Nails. Eyeballs, watermelon, teeth, lipsticks and ring pops - you may as well be checking off a list of my favourite things. 

The rest of the day spent with intermittent email checking, popping in to check new stock for a client and of course finding a wee patch of grass to have an impromptu picnic.  I've never been one for Summer dressing but if it means more dining al fresco and going sans tights then I think I can work around it.



  1. your nails looks incredible! i want sailor moon nails. so psyched about the reboot xx

    1. less than a couple of weeks too! CAN'T WAIT! x

  2. Nice nails. i like it much.

    1. thanks so much friv, nancy did a stellar job x

  3. Oh my gosh, the nails!!!!! So cool.

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