Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentines Day is Dead. Long Live Valentines Day.

I love kitschy holiday goodies more than anything and Valentine's Day is MY JAM. Pink and red is fo' realsies my favourite colour combo going (sorry guys) and I am all about novelty prints and jewellery. Hearts and roses for days people. Other than loading up my house in novelty heart shaped goodies (and let's face it, who doesn't need a heart shaped cake stand?) I love all the cute limited edition goodies that come out this time of year as well as discovering some gorgeous goodies from favourites old and new.

Dachshund Valentines Card - Paper Source, Oversized Rose Headband - Rock N Rose, Magician Scarf - Karen Mabon, Luckenbooth Brooch - Bonnie Bling, Hey You Earrings - Nasty Gal, Flamingo Candle in Pink Lemonade - Spoiled Brat

It doesn't matter if you're looking to drop some serious hints to your SO, fancy getting something fancy for your besty or just straight up want to treat yo' self there are a whole mess of goodies to choose from. OBVIOUSLY Bonnie Bling's new Luckenbooth collection is a Bee Waits favourite (the red and gold brooch looks like it's straight out of Sailor Moon) and I can't help fanning myself over Karen Mabon's Debbie McGee and Me Scarf. Kittys, cards and roses on a scarf? Well hot damn! 

I adore Rock N Rose's headbands and for Valentine's Day go big or go home with an oversized rose crown. Pair that with the gorgeous "I Love You" drop hoop earrings from Nasty Gal and you have a recipe for all kinds of perfect. If you're not looking to add something to your wardrobe but still want to treat yourself to a little somethin' somethin' the Pink Lemonade candle from Flamingo Candles sounds all kinds of delicious (though Thai Mango and Lime or Parma Violet also sound like they would be an utter dream.)

And if you do nothing else - let someone you love know you care. Preferred method? Dachshunds.
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