Tuesday, 29 October 2013

HOLD UP! Abandon Ship Return To Port for First Glasgow Pop-Up

Nominated as Glasgow's favourite business and well on their way to world take over, it's about time Abandon Ship Apparel had a Glasgow based pop up shop. Fresh off their success of their London Boxpark pop up and a year of globe trotting (and prospects of utterly smashing America on the horizon) - it's great to see this Scottish born brand come home with their first pop up on their own turf.

Abandon Ship have been utterly killing it since friends Richard Davies & Duncan Sweeny set up shop in 2011. It was all about making really well made clothes that they loves and wanted to wear. They've had some cool as collabs under their belt and have become one of the most beloved up coming cult street and lifestyle brands in a few short years.

The pop up launches this Friday - taking over an industrial styled space in Princes Square (I KNOW, BOYS BE FANCY RIGHT??) for a 3 month take over. Kicking things off from 5pm it's going to be a case of tunes, booze and excellent chat - with some in store exclusives and some other heavy exciting bits and bobs in the pipeline.

It's been a long time coming and am heavy excited to see some local boys done good with their own high street premises in the city centre. I know I'll be there on the night deeking out the limited edition bat top like nothing else and can't wait to see what else they have in store. If there is one thing the boys at ASA know how to do it's throw a party.

So 5pm, Friday, see you there?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Coco Fennell X Karen Mabon with brokendown beauty queens. I LIVE.

It's all a bit Drop Dead Gorgeous. That's the best way I can truly describe Karen Mabon (of Red Brick North fame) and her collab with the fab Coco Fennell. Mabon's detailed illustrations paired with cute collared dresses and given a subversive edge make for one hell of a partnership. Inspired by beauty pageants and what goes on behind the curtain, the humour throughout Karen Mabon X Coco Fennell's collaboration is coal black. AND I LOVE IT.

The clue is in the name. "Breakdown Beauty Queen" is heavily inspired by the darker sign of beauty pageantry. Pill popping, lipstick wearing, chain smoking gals who will near enough do anything to go home with the crown. I have ALWAYS loved Mabon's illustrations (quite frankly I feel her scaves should be framed, not just worn) so I'm actually crazy thrilled to see her distinctive illustrative style over there gorgeous classic and feminine dresses. The pill popper black dress with the sharp collar is a firm favourite but I just can't get over the Memorabelia Dress. Just looks the sort of thing you could just pour yourself in to.

Naturally there is some killer scarves as part of the collection . The Breakdown Beauty Queen scarf is unbelievable but got to say, the Fag Break scarf is my utter fave. Just saying. I may not know girls tumbling in tiaras, but lipstick armed chain smokers? Those are the gals I know. 

Fennell describes her designs as the kind designed to work with a women's body rather than against it (all cut to flatter boobs, hips and waists) and the kind of dresses you'd be happy to bump in to you ex in to. Partnered with Mabon's illustrations here it's easy to see why. I pretty much went through the entire lookbook squealing and clapping (merited a few weird looks, can tell you that for nothing.)

Pretty much everything has made it's way on to my Christmas list (never too early to start am I right?) The entire collection is available now for your perusal - and can be purchased here. So what we thinking guys? In tae it?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Straight Off The Catwalk and into my Heart. Bold Souls Returns.

It feels like a year and a day since the last Bold Souls event. While in reality it's been a few short months, Glasgow has sorely been missing the fashion pop up from it's regular event calender. Headed by Silvia Pellegrino of Chouchou, Bold Souls has been creating some of the most exciting fashion pop ups, always coming back a little bigger and a little better.

Reworking the pop up shop concept, Bold Souls couples it's pop up shop (free to shop y'all) with a boutique fashion show where you can order your pieces straight off the catwalk in a much more intimate and personal format. It's all about really building that community and in a digital age stripping it right back and having a real personal connection with your customer.

If you're looking for something to fill your calenders with next Thursday, Bold Souls will be returning full force with Off The Catwalk at Hummingbird on Bath Street in Glasgow. Fancy a wee casual browse of some of the stall holders (including Bee Waits faves Jane Gowans, Isolated Heroes and Naromode) there is a ticketed fashion show taking over the penthouse. For 10 of your British pounds you'll be getting a glass of something sparkly and fancy on arrival, a wee goody bag as well as an intimate fashion show in the heart of Glasgow. All in all I can think of far worse ways to spend a Thursday evening.

If you find yourself particularly titillated and fancy heading on down you can purchasey tickets for the fashion show here, or hell - pop up down for a shop. It's been far too long since we've seen Bold Souls take over and I for one am thrilled that they are back.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Scotland Re:Designed Launch Hunt for Next Top Design Talent

Last year, cult Scottish brand Obscure Couture walked away with the prize. This year it's anyones game with Scotland Re:Designed launching their search for Scotland's freshest design stars with their New Talent competition.  An award that focuses on celebrating the great young design talent, both graduate and otherwise in Scotland, the SR:D New Talent comp is a killer opp for those just finding their feet but with a real flair for design.

Unlike the main categories there's no need to have a stockist. SR:D definitely seem to be looking for something a bit greener this year, and the prize package is a total dream for a designer just at the start of their career.

SR:D have teamed up with online retailer Perry Nevill who will be judging the category to offer the winner a special feature on the Perry Nevill site, becoming a listed designer with their collection available for sale on the site as well as their designs being featured on the catwalk for a pretty swish as runway show at the Edinburgh Assembly rooms on the 8th of November with a guest list of industry professionals, press, consumers and a few special VIPS. Weet woo!

There is some really great designers emerging out the  wood works at the moment, a few I'd love to see apply (and a few I no doubt don't have on my radar....yet.) The applications are open now with entry closing the 21st of October. Interested in entering? You can do so super easily by deeking the SR:D site and filling out a cheeky application form. 

Do let me know of who you think should enter (or even if you enter yourself!.) Fingers and toes firmly crossed for you all!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Isolated Heroes: Kosovo Brides SS14

Hold up. Have we all taken a moment to fully appreciate how insanely good Isolated Heroes new collection is? Cause shut the front door, I can't even begin to deal with how beyond perfect this guy is. Dundee is just knocking it out of the park at the moment, and Samantha McEwen's new collection "Kosovo Brides" is just another reason in an ever growing list on why I'm buckwild crazy for this city's creative scene at the mo.

 Isolated Heroes is pretty much in the business of making ugly clothes beautiful and without a doubt "Kosovo Brides" is McEwen's strongest collection to date. Still fully channelling some fine,fresh,fierce 90's deliciousness (the laser cut pink plaid cut is all but named for our fave Clueless gal Cher Horowitz) but also plays with some massive furry jumpers, sequined kimonos, out of this world digital prints and some of the finest faux fur jackets I ever did see.

The collection takes it's inspiration from it's namesake - "Kosovo Brides" and is really heavily influenced by traditional folklore, mythical tales and ceremony and rituals. In Kosovo, traditionally brides will have their faces painted, and be covered in ornate designs, sequins, jewels and beads as well as wearing layers and layers of clothing. The whole idea is to protect the bride from evil spirits and conceal her innocence/virginity. It's obviously a much more wearable version of it, but the influence is still there. The high fantasy, romanticism, cool mythical and super luxe is all up in this collection.And like the bride, the collection is never more beautiful when it's worn layered up. It's a high impact collection, and every item on it's own is a straight up statement piece but wearing pieces together just looks straight up unreal. Wallflowers need not apply.

Palette wise it's almost sickly sweet, and like all of McEwen's work to date seems to channel some kind of weird tribal futurism. I say it every god damn time I talk about Isolated Heroes but I always get MAJOR tribe vibes. Maybe it's the cosmic print (who saw that feeling fresh again any time soon?) or the embossed faux fur coats but I'm getting total apocalyptic retro sci-fi. If this is what the end of the world looks like, I'm ready for it.

McEwen is clearly one of the most talented up and coming designers working in Scotland today and her new collection is fucking unreal. For me it feels like all the bases are covered here without compromise. Androgyny and uber fem sit happily next to each other in this collection, and the saccharine pastels that predominate this collection never feel too pretty or girly. It feels fresh and edgy and sexy without having to answer to anyone. Also it's the first collection in a long time  that's made me properly consider integrating a two piece in to my wardrobe so there is that.

Isolated Heroes is only going from strength to strength. and with this - her best collection to date IMHO I can't wait to see what she whips up next. Till then I think it's about time I embraced pastels....

Monday, 7 October 2013

What's up pussy cat?

Glasses - Forever 21
Jumper - Forever 21
Bag - Red N Bold
Dress - BCBG
Socks - Forever 21
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Primark

Forever 21's Cats & Bats collection is the single best thing I've come across in a long time. Seriously. More often than naught Forever 21 is just a store of misses for me, but give me a niche gothy mini collection and I am sold. Everything was super pocket friendly so meant I could pick up a few cute witchy goodies for the Winter. Obviously.

I deeked out the Kiltr Feastival at the weekend with my beloved SM Swollocks for a long awaited catch up and to do the rounds of as many of the food stands as humanly possible. The Kiltr Street Food Festival is a welcome addition to Glasgow's already pretty packed events calender and was glad to see it make a return to soon (bringing some cracking weather with it.) Loads of different wee bits and bobs to try - including haggis tacos, pulled pork and goat curry. That said my heart totally belongs to the philly cheese steak sandwich from Roast (which I will be paying a visit to in the very near future.) Best £5 I've ever spent.Not gonna lie, love an excuse to spend an afternoon eating all the best food so I can't wait for the next guy to come along!

Till then though I'm off to Paris - to eat more food and visit a cat cafe. There aren't words for how excited I am. Recommendations please!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

She Came From Venus

Autumn appears to be the season for new beginnings with a few of my favourite local designers coming back in a big way. It has all been fairly quiet at camp ten30 for the longest time (though this may have more to do with my paper thin patience than anything else) and all of a sudden I was seeing smitherings of prints, vaguebook statuses and finally...FINALLY the coolest invite I've got in a long time - a short b-movie inspired video invite from the man himself. Alan Moore always pushes the boat out with his presentations, previous shows including a ballet inspired catwalk show and embroided quote keepsakes so I was more than ready for his 60's sci-fi inspired evening to showcase the new collection "She Came From Venus."

Moving away from an atypical catwalk show, instead we were presented more with an exhibition. Distorted mannequins, flickering images and dresses hanging on white minimal walls. The vibe was 60s space age with an undeniable Glasgow edge. Moore's strength's have always been textiles and he's bringing them back in a big way with his bright colourful psychedelic prints on easy to wear luxe-casual dresses that wouldn't look out of place in the office or a special night out.  I loved the warped kaleidoscope effect of the prints. Big style. I do have to confess (and it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody dear readers) that my favourite favourite thing was the little black number I saw hanging on the wall (and mentally in my closet.) I look at it and I'm feeling a bit of a super bad ass and sassy rogue space piratess. And that's what I love about ten30. He's all about presenting stories but leaving it open so you can find your own. It's a gorgeous snippet of what he's been working on and quite frankly I'm glad that he's finally back.
Dress - Obscure Couture
Necklace - c/o Bonnie Bling
Bag - Red & Bold
Naturally for a launch of a Scottish designer's new collection a sister had to representin' so slid in to a wee number from Obscure Couture's Weekend In Hell collection, some docs and made sure my looked real big. It was a cracking night and it was great to so many folk turn out to support Alan and the Glasgow fashion scene in general (which has to be one of the most collaborative and supportive scenes going.)

Thrilled to have you back Mr Moore, can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

Photos c/o Martins Melecis

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hayley Scanlan - Queen of MY Heart

I effectively lost my mind when Dundee based designer Hayley Scanlan's last diffusion line dropped. It was bright yellow snake print and pink velvet, cut outs and so many spikes. It was beautiful. Naturally I am just as excited about her latest line - Queen of Hearts. The colour is stripped right back instead working predominately with a simple bruise like palette of blue, black and some way too delicious metallic silver leather for good measure. It's got this real post-apocylypic grunge feel which let's face it, is a sartorial style I'm never going to get over.

Every present are her use of cut outs but I'm all about the shiny pvc and leathers in her asymmetric black and silver skirts. There is so much hardness in this collection with angular prints, fishnet and zips. It feels like a more polished version of 90's grunge with easy to wear pieces that are simple to integrate in to your own wardrobe but act as statement pieces themselves.

Scanlan walked away with the coveted Scottish Young Designer of the Year at last year's Scottish Fashion Awards and it's great to see her return to form with a darker diffusion line. Just in time for winter too. I'm TOTALLY feeling the printed jumper dress (blue and black together are one of my fave colour combos ever ever) and already trying to justify to myself why a metallic silver asymmetric skirt is a total wardrobe staple.

You can hook yourself up with some H.S by picking up some goodies from her site and feel to give her a creepy stalk yourself via facebook for more fine/fresh/fierce fashion goodness.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Introducing: Lazy Line Painter Belle

I did a double take the first time I saw Lazy Line Painter Belle's stock. It was a Sunday and I was having my bi-monthly browse at Granny Would Be Proud hunting for bargain vintage goodies and properly something baked and delicious. I'm not really one what's ever really on the hunt for jewellery but I could not but help but fawn ALL over Michelle Souter's tattoo inspired designs. I'm a right sook for illustration and her paper cut tattoo styled art work ticked boxes that I wasn't even aware I had. Bold colours, fine lined hair and just a hint of Litchenstein about her whole aesthetic (though cites one of her main inspirations as Japanease artist Yayoi Kusama who's influence is undeniably present)  it's safe to say I was head over heels.
Souter's jewellery was a natural progression. She was an artist who was always experimenting with different techniques like embroidery and printmaking so jewellery was just the next step. She works with shrink plastic - which she finds similar to acrylic but without the glossy finish as well as allowing her a real flexibility with her designs and giving her a quick turn around in her designs. 
Chatting to Souter it's hard not to get sucked in by her energy and enthusiasm. Meeting her she is a modest girl who loves her art, but after emailing and asking a bit more about her brand she is an optimistic bright individual who wants nothing more than to make something she loves and hope other people love it too.

"I believed it was possible to be an artist and produce wearable art based around the things in life that influence me the most. It's hard work, but I've always believed that if you want something in life you have to go out and make it happen. Not everyone gets what I do, but those that do are the ones that matter."

With broaches, cards, phone covers and nail decals - Souter is making her art accessible and wearable by all. The purse friendly price point didn't go a miss by this bargain hunter either. £3 for a ring? On my hand now please and thank you. The cards and the broaches have got to be my favourite and I could spend hours having a wee browse through her facebook album.

You're most likely to find Lazy Line Painter Belle at your local craft fairs (she's been known to roam Aberdeen & Glasgow) as well as a limited selection on her own site as well as availability at Fred's Emporium in St Andrews. Cracker of a wee find. I'm already mentally purchasing bits and bobs for a few of my best gals stocking fillers (too soon??) 
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