Sunday, 29 September 2013

The White Snake

I'm a girl who swears by a predominately black closet - but I can't escape a fondness for a good print. It's been forever since I came away from a local shown and was just blown away. As me and my beloved Swollocks walked away from the venue (the GORGEOUS Arlington Baths) we were shaking with excitement. It was all wavy hands and wild arm gestures, raised voices and mentally (and vocally) styling our favourite pieces.

Which is what makes Naromode so exciting. Their debut collection had me crazy excited about Scottish fashion. We've got some amazing staples on the scene, but it had been a while since a totally brand new designer came out the wood works and just got it so very very right.

Naramode (or narrative fashion) are the latest luxury fashion label to hit the Glasgow scene. Iain Macdonald and Anna Thorn have pretty much nailed it. Each piece plays part to a larger fairy tale, and their debut "The White Snake" was just something else. I'm a real sucker for illustration and the pieces just features these really gorgeous prints that looked like paintings. They were full on fantasy with gorgeous prints and an effective use of colour set to instantly wearable silhouettes (maxis, cropped tops and shift dresses.)

Made possible thanks to crowdfunding (seriously how cool is that) I can't wait to see more from Naromode. I'm already in love with their printed scarves featuring bees, moths and lightbulbs - and the apple print dress is TOTALLY my favourite. They really are a brand worth getting excited about - keep your eyes and ears open from these guys, I know I will be.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

OOTD: Show Your Bones

Dress - Lazy Oaf
Cardigan - Obscure Couture
Necklace - c/o Bonnie Bling
Tights - Bebaroque
Bag - Red N Bold
Shoes - Dr.Martens

There are few things I enjoy more than some casual sequins and a novelty clutch. Pair that with a cartoonish print and I am golden. Was lucky enough to deek a preview of Scottish Ballet's newest production with my beloved Swollocks and Pops so pretty much used it as an excuse to get all gussied up. Also Autumn is practically Winter and thus a day time sequin is totes acceptable right?

I am head over heels in love with my new Lazy Oaf dress. It's far shorter and a wee bit tighter than I usually prefer but (and that's the important part) it was covered in lots and lots of tiny little bones. And was £15 in the ASOS sale (that too is the important part.) Can't wait to pretty much wear it all the time. Perfect wee numbero for hitting dancing but lends itself to a good knit. Also it's black s pretty much integrates itself with everything in my wardrobe again. Hurray!

I'm so chuffed the weather is finally getting a bit chillier. I know I sound like an utter traitor saying that. Me though? I'm all about the hot drinks and big coats and pretty much any excuse to go to the theatre. Hope you guys are as ready for Autumn as I am!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

So you've never been to the ballet?

 I find myself frequently referring to different Scottish Ballet productions as "gateway drugs" in to ballet. The more I think about it - Scottish Ballet as a company are entirely a gateway drug to ballet.  Every negative stereotype you have about ballet - it's inaccessible, stuffy, boring (SERIOUSLY??) - is thrown straight out the window with Scottish Ballet's increasingly innovative programming and fantastic team.
It's a mean feat to look elegant in neck to toe white lycra is what I'm saying.

This year, Scottish Ballet's Autumn programme features a wee back to back goodness with Rites of Spring & Elite Syncopantions. I was lucky enough to catch a wee preview of Elite before opening night and shut the front door but oh boy is this guy a must see or what???  The orchestra is on stage, in costume, with the dancers as they perform a 40 minute piece based on the idea of a 1920's dance competition. And it is wild. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at the theatre. Everything is just filled with so much character and personality. I mean yeah - the dancing is amazing, the dancing is ALWAYS amazing but it feels looser, more fun. It has this real feel of delight about it. Making something as physically enduring as ballet look this easy (and super fun and in skin tight lycra) is insane but the Scottish Ballet team do a bloody superb job.

I also pretty much need to take a quiet moment to fan girl about the costumes. I was ready to wear pretty much everything. Eve Mutso's little blue and white number was spectacular, and I never thought I wanted a bodysuit but I think I may be ready for it. Super fun, loads of colour (flashes of neons and pastels) with printed tights and hats - oh my god don't get me started on the hats - the feel is meant to be sort of goofy, a real caricature but - hell I'd wear half of the outfits on stage on a night out.

Rites of Spring & Elite Syncopantions are performed for a super limited time at Theatre Royal In Glasgow from 26th-28th of October with some cheeky chances to get some pre-show talks in first. Also HOLLA if you are under 26, time to score yourself some £10 tickets. Def worth making some room in your calender for.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Dressed to kiltr

Top - Primark
Dress - H&M
Shoes - c/o Dr Martens
Necklace - Zara
Bag - Red & Bold

With the nights fair drawing in (I KNOW I'M SORRY) it falls easy to slide back in to the old faithfulls. A wee chill in the air is enough to have me crawling back in to my good old 80D's and a wee camel cashmere number faster than you can shake a stick. That said it's still temperate enough that I can chance a bare leg - which I will be doing as much as humanly possible - I'm getting ready to try a wee bit of something different for AW13 and what better time to debut an all white look at the launch of Kiltr 2.0.  It meant a wee chance to crack out this wee Primark cropped number (answering the age old question of how do you wear a cropped top in the Winter) and my Zara necklace which has been sitting on my dressing table for actual week. Also marked the first outing of my beloved kitty cat bag. Natch.

I wasn't sure what to make of Kiltr at first - I'd had it for years and I'd really let my profile stagnate (for a lass who works so heavily with social media by day I really deserve a good hand skelp) but recently revisited the site and it looks fucking incredible. So much cleaner, fresher and has that business focus without being cold and corporate. It just feels like a really exciting new sharing platform - like tumblr and linkedin had a baby and popped out something for professionals who not only want to promote their work, but the things that they love, the good stuff. While it's Scottish focused, it has global appeal - really focusing on pushing Scottish talent and welcoming anyone with an affinity with Scotland. It's a niche concept and I'll be really interested to see how it develops over the coming months but there definitely feels like there is a real buzz around it. Plus let's face it, they got their design on fucking point. My fave wee feature is the different buttons you have for your followers (including Porridge, Scottie Dog, Sporan etc.) It's really playful but really seems to be about building online communities and collaboration which let's face it, is something we definitely need a lot more of.

I don't know about you but I'm giving it a shot (find me)- also with some of their events coming up *cough*OffKiltr Street Food Festival *cough* they are definitely worth giving a goosy gander.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I style my Joanne McGillvray

Viktor & Rolf coat
Rebecca Minkoff t-shirt
Givenchy Bracelet
 Hansel from Basel Socks
Miista shoes
Gema trousers from Joanne McGillvary

I love few things more than a style challenge and when Joanne McGillvray invited me to show my dream look for wearing a piece from her latest collection, well be damned if I could resist. I'm all about a good print and McGillvary's collection is all about that. It's got a total old world feel with some really clean easy to wear shapes. The trousers may be my favourite with the Isla dress coming in not far behind. The prints are fab so they don't need much else - just an elegant coat and some accesorise with some coloured accents to pick up the look and you're good to go.

Now the question is - how do you style yours?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Punk Inspired Deliciousness with USC

Red Star Jumper
Fringed Backpack
Leopord Print Wiggle Dress
Plaid Cropped Top
PU Leather Look Top

There's a brisk chill in the air and the weather can pretty much be describe as dreich but you know what that means right? It's time to crack out the AW wardrobe which by the way I pretty much live for It is (mostly) the season of dark colours but it's also when all my favourite fabrics come out to play. Leather, cashmere, silks - I am ready for all of it. One of my utter favourite trends is punk. I'm all about fashion taking it's sartorial cues from sub culture and anything that means more leather and tartan for me is okay in my books. 
Rock & Rags by Firetrap for USC is pretty much nailing it with some really easy to wear trend pieces for AW. Cropping and plaid, lots of faux leather and some scrummy leopard print makes it to the cut as well as pretty much flying the flag for this seasons signature bright - red.  It's a collection filled with trend pieces that are super easy to integrate in to your own wardrobe and will keep you on point without screaming fashion victim. My favourite guy has to be the PU bag with fringed detail though - proper flashback to school days (and perfect for this time of year, amirite?) 
What's your fave AW13 trend?

Team Torres: Triumph's Next Maker Competition with Stylist

If you've been paying attention to anything (outwith the usual LFW madness) you'll have noticed some rumblings over at Stylist magazine. They are working with lingerie giant Triumph in a competition to find Triumphs next top maker. It all sounds pretty elusive but it's a pretty open competition to find the fine,freshest,fiercest talent and give them a sweet business boost in the form of £10,000 and mentorship from a celeb panel including Paloma Faith, Gizzi Erskine, Rosksanda Ilincic and Grace Woodward. It's all about supporting women in business which uh yeah - we can all get behind right? Anyway there is some utter FAB designer's taking part, but for this guy my money is on Rebecca Torres. 

So Rebecca, you already know I'm a MASSIVE fan. Would you be able to tell me a bit about yourself?

Thank you Claire!  I am womenswear designer based in Glasgow, my business was established just over 2 years ago, though i have been designing freelance and slowly building my brand for a few years now. I started my career at Cardonald College and then onto Caledonian University were I studied fashion business.
After university I wasn't sure what I wanted to do whether that be work for my own or someone else. After coming back from London  I was working full time in a clothing store and started to create garments to wear at the weekend and gained a lot of attention from doing so, my brother got a website together for me and I started selling made to measure on the site, which then lead me to be approached by who placed a large order on my collection which really kick started the business. I have been really fortunate to have been featured in so many great things but it all comes down to hard work and never giving up.
How would you describe the Rebecca Torres aesthetic?

I would describe the Rebecca Torres aesthetic as Clean, sleek and geometric.  Though I think depending on the person who is wearing it, it can have a different look which is what i love about seeing customers wearing the garments. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I have always found that if I try to force myself to find inspiration it very rarely works. For me the most important aspect is to stay open to new ideas. For example one of my collections was influenced by an article I came across in an old magazine about women’s roles in computer programing in the 50s, after some research I discovered that the first computer programmer was a women called Ade Lovelace. This became the foundation for the collection Programming Require Patience.

Fave trends for AW13?

This season I really love the powder pastel colours that we have seen in the catwalks especially mixed with the oversized coats.  My favourite style came from the Celine show, they were all amazing! 

Could you tell me a bit more about the Stylist Triumph competition?

 I have been chosen as a potential to become Triumph’s Next Maker!   Stylist Magazine have teamed up with Triumph Lingerie and is launching an empowering campaign to showcase a series of fellow makers as ambassadors for the new season, as well as find a 'new' maker and help one lucky winner launch or further her creative business by winning £10,000 bursary as well as a years worth of mentoring from the Makers Collective which includes Paloma Faith, Gizzi Erskine, Roksanda Ilinicic & Grace Woodward.  This is such an amazing opportunity for me as a designer as well as for my business and I'm really excited to be apart of this.

What would the £10,000 (and sweet mentoring) prize mean for you as a business?

Being apart of this competition is a great opportunity for my brand and I cant believe the support everyone has given me so far, its very overwhelming and i cant thank everyone enough!  

To win the £10,000 and the mentoring would be a great support for my business and help me push the boundaries to develop and diversify the brand for the future.  Having the support of the mentors for a year would be really valuable for me not only as a designer but as an entrepreneur, they are such inspirational women and to be able to meet them and gain there knowledge and advice would be an fantastic experience.  To win this prize would be amazing and overwhelming.   
You can vote for Rebecca by visiting stylist website here and also be in with the chance with winning some Triumph lingerie just for entering. Total win win! Torre's is firmly in the lead - let's keep it that way. TEAM TORRES!


Friday, 13 September 2013

Bonnie Is A Vampire Slayer

Well someones been reading my memos. Bonnie Bling has only went and launched an entire collection inspired by Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I know. I still haven't fully come to terms with it either. Aptly titled "Bonnie Is a Vampire Slayer" could any concept be more perfect? From art deco geometric stakes, flashes of UV neon and loads of glitter - Bonnie Bling's latest collection has fully ramped up the fun factor with this collection. While Bonnie the Vampire Slayer uses crucifixes, stakes, stars and hell even blood drops as motifs throughout, it never feels like it takes itself too seriously.  It's cute and playful and everything I've come to expect from the brand and more. 

It's super wearable - the earrings are among some of my favourite pieces bu I am all about the necklaces. I've got Spike for myself (a collection of tiny geometric little yellow gold stakes) though I also love love love Giles (the perfect statement necklace) and the Cordelia (I'm a sucker for a blood drip.)  Halloween's only round the corner but I think we can all agree that this entire collection is perfect for year round forever wear right?

Any faves?

AW13 Details from House of Fraser

 AW details including Lashes of London, Mcqueen and Biba

It's that time of year folks. While everyone is getting all hyped up about what we'll be wearing next Spring (looks like vinyl will be sticking around for next season by the look of it) I am all about my Autumn/Winter goodies right now. It's no secret this is my favourite season - layering, texture, an excuse to crack out the mohairs, the cashmeres, alpacas, when the nights start drawing in I KNOW it's my time.

I got a wee chance to deek at some of the goodies that House of Fraser have coming in and I'm all kinds of excited about starting to build my AW wardrobe. They check off all the key trends including white, quilting and plaid as well as having some of the BEST party dresses I've seen in a long time. The accessorize are a total stand out this year as well. The gold spiked belt is utterly swoon worthy (also pretty sure it could double as a weapon on a Saturday night) but ticks this gals love for glorious trashy maximalism. House of Fraser have really stepped it up a notch, and along with their own brands have got some unbeleivable brands in store at the moment. The concessions have never been stronger (or more dangerous for me to visit.) I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

You want candy? Give me ice!

South Fisher Points - £13.50
Clarks Sharna Sandals - £24.50

Where has the year gone? It feels like only a few weeks ago I was melting outside in the park and now it's Autumn - heralding in a season of some of my favourite things. Fashion week, pumpkin spiced lattes and a chance to crack out my favourite knitwear. It's also no secret that AW is just my favourite season for clothes and I am all about this seasons turn for softer hues. While I'm not quite sure I'm there with the pastels (I look like a marshmallow vomited all over me) I think I can get totally down with a soft frosted look. Trading in my black wardrobe and making a transition to the lighter side? I think it's about time.

It's still that awkward time of year where we are still transitioning from Summer in to Autumn, so I had a wee deek at Littlewoods* to check my favourite white shoes to take me through season to season - and nary a boot in sight! For me - I'm all about the classics and I like pieces that I can wear time and time again and than will go with like 90% of what's in my wardrobe already. The Sharna Sandals are the kind of guy that work super well going from office to evening and are perfect for the next couple of months. I can already feel the eye rolls about sandals for AW, not only in you know Autumn, but in Scotland but bear with me. They look great if looking for something simple and elegant for drinks with the work friends PLUS I think they would look super cute all layered up, tights, some cute patterned socks and yer finest knitted goodies. Perfecto. No season can go amiss without a quirky heel and these South Fisher heels are not only a slammin' bargain but they are an easy, chic way to add a wee bit of quirk to any outfit. Fun, playful, easy to wear ANYWHERE (boyfriend jeans, cocktail dress) these are the kinds of babies I'd keep in my desk drawer if was heading out for a fancy party. Finally a total classic and staple that pretty much everyone with two pair of feed should own. White lo top cons are my favourite thing ever. Cool, comfy and the easiest things to wear ever. They are utter style classic. The white and cream ones are my utter faves and they still have a really clean, edgy look with a bit of wear. Result.

So anyone else going to take the head to toe white plunge with me this season?

Thursday, 5 September 2013

OOTD: Black's a colour of celebration right?

Dress - Dr Martens (available here)
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Topshop
Belt - Primark

How do you celebrate one of your blogger babes returning to the motherland? Pink champers, dancing and chronic bitch face of course!

Honey Pop has has made a welcome return to Scotland (you'll remember her as the frosted haired babestation who joined me and my beloved Swollocks back in our One Month One Dress escapades in February.) Gurl left her job with Next and has scored a fancy pants new job title with Abandon Ship - which means she gets to share an office with a zebra and her new fiance. All super big changes which naturally had to be celebrated. Swollocks and I panic bought some brut (pink of course) before heading to Mamasan with the promise of scrummy thai food and loads of dancing. One peach bellini and that was me on the dance floor - giving it what for and generally continuing my life theme of being a riot. And I wore black. My natural colour of celebration. Seriously though - the invitation said "dress nice" which has me standing in front of my wardrobe for half an hour and greeting before settling on the most basic of basics And these shoes which I utterly forgot about but love love love. Great for the dancing but did find myself walking home with them tucked under my arm on a Monday night officially making me THAT GIRL.

Congrats Honey Pop and welcome home!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

I love birthday's. Especially my own. It's not so much about the presents and the cake (though both of those things are very nice), and hell it's not even about celebrating my actual birthday. For me it's all about the party. In the past I've had a pop up cinema and an Elvira witchy themed affair so this year with the whole quarter life crisis (apparently a thing now) I thought I'd do a straight up flashback sleepover. Basically loads of junk food (I made a massive macaroni and cheese), some movies (10 Things I Hate About You topped the list), doing our nails in a blanket and generally having a dead girly time.
And it was killer. I got to guzzzle champagne with some of my favourite human beings (including my beloved Swollocks, Calgie and Lady Bon) as well as attempting to do my nails with some gorgeous decals gifted to me by the bodacious Tammy at DIY Nails. Decals, I swear have to be the only thing that are both more difficult and easier than you think to use at the same time. Can't even begin to deal.
Obviously no birthday is complete without cake and the newly opened Snuggle Muffin (I am still not over how cute the name of this place is by the way) donated some cakes to fill out bellies. Seriously I've never seen so much cake in all my life. Red velvet, smore, lemon meringue, banoffee - it was utterly heavenly. Found at 220 George Street, Snuggle Muffin is a hop, skip and a jump from Casa Waits. The temptation to go in on a daily basis for my baked good needs (I heard through the grapevine they do some smashing pancakes) is near overwhelming.
I think it's safe to say I was utterly spoiled rotten for my birthday and am the luckiest Bee to have such wonderful and generous friends and family and I couldn't have asked for a lovelier birthday. I am however still recovering from all the gummies and chocolate at the weekend.

Oh and before you ask - that IS a bag shaped like a cat.
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