Monday, 29 July 2013

OOTD Sunday Brunching

 Jacket - H&M
Shirt - Charity Shop
Scarf - Vintage
High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers - Marks and Spencers (similar here)
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Vintage

There are few things lovlier than after a night on the tiles than a leisurely lunch and catch up with one of your best gals. I met up with my favourite flame haired beauty Betty Swollocks (with matching hangovers natch) to deek what was going on with the Merchant City Festival (deek her post here) and some of this Vintage Glasgow chat. For me this means rolling out of bed and trying to present myself in something in a way that doesn't flat out read death-warmed-up. Using Marlene Dietrich as a base point (basically fine,fresh,fierce vintage androgony) I worked my look up from there.  Also lots and lots of eyeliner. Sorted.

I have to say I'm enjoying the slightly cooler weather and feel like my wardrobe is slowly getting back to normal (for a while my uniform was shorts, tank top and me star fishing on any cold surface I could find.) Any excuse to crack out this jacket from H&M. Picked it up in the sale last month and I've been wanting to wear it constantly. Currently trying to restrain myself as a few more key sale picks drop in my inbox so shortly after pay day. Think this month is definitley going to be an excersise in self control!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival: On bringing back the kilt and future fashions

 Top, Necklace & Shoes - Primark
Kilt - Charity Shop (similar here)
Jacket - Topshop
Broach - Kate Rowland

Does it make me some kind of ridiculous cliche to wear a kilt to a Scottish fashion event or just wildly unimaginative? Wendy from Thank Fifi was kind enough to say "You've made a kilt sexy" - and while I'd be the first to contest that, I also feel I could totes bring it back. No longer is the kilt reserved for school uniforms and weddings dollies. It's pretty much set to become a wardrobe staple for me over the next few months. After seeing this cheeky J.W Anderson one a while back I'd been dying to get something similair to add to my closet. I managed to pick up a few in different colours (although I suspect my red number does make me look like I belong on the side of some porridge oats) it feel like a good trans seasonal staple. Who am I kidding? I just like any kind of plaid print I can get my filthy wee paws on.

The Future's Fashion market and fashion show has for me, been the most hotly anticipated part of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival's programme. This year has been jam packed with some utterly cracking events, but it should suprise no one that seeing some fresh designs from my favourite Scottish designers was going to be an utter highlight for me. Let's face it - getting a lookbook is lovely and all but it doesn't even begin to come close to being able to see collections in the flesh.

Jacob Birge, Joyce Paton,Obscure Couture

It's so encouraging to see the vast range of talent we have working within Scotland today, and the opportunity to see some of my favourite independent designers under one roof was too good to pass up. Rebecca Torres is still pretty much the queen of colour with a new collection with some of the most AMAZING prints I ever did see. Still bold, graphic designs but with some new silouettes added. A few zips, a few splits and a wee sexy off the shoulder. The nude sheer used her new collection is to DIE for. Bebaroque still make the finest hoisery and bodies going with intricate beading and detail. There wasn't a single look from their collection I did not flat out adore. The big ones for me however were Obscure Couture and Jacob Birge. Obscure Couture's Weekend In Hell collection is something I've been waiting for for a while and it did not disapoint. The bondage dress that opened their catwalk was to die for but the fur cape from the RTW with the striped skater mad have been my top look. 
Recent graduate Jacob Birge is rapidly making a name for himself for his clean contemporary designs. Futuristic sports luxe - with the finest laser cut leather this lady ever laid eyes on, bright perspex visors and bold silhouettes with rounded shapes. Birge is certainly one to watch and definitely one we'll be seeing more from in future.

For me this is the end of my Edinburgh International Fashion Festival adventures for the year, but what I managed to see was phenomenal. It's wonderful to see more events like this North of the border and can't wait to see more like this. Already making space in my calender for next year.....

Thursday, 25 July 2013

OOTD The Face of a Macaroni Fiend

 Cardi - Cos
Top - Cos (similar and in sale)
Trousers - Matalan
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Lulu Guinness

Guys - this is the face of someone who has ate too much macaroni, a feat until tonight I didn't think was even close to possible. Sauntering up Buchanan Street to deek my wee head in to the John Lewis Vintage event I felt a mixture of smug satisfaction and just all kinds of ill. Like my mum always said - "You've got eyes bigger than your belly."

It's all been fairly non-stop at the moment. Work wise we have the launch of the somewhereto_re:store hub in Glasgow next Tuesday (which if you're in the city and at a loss for something to do you should totally pop along. Been getting back in to blogging with a vengeance - all while on a super steep learning curve on how to use my camera - coupled with really having to knuckle down with my Tough Mudder training which is little over a month away. I am pretty sure I've effectively blocked out the fatc I'm going to be running through fire and getting electrocuted in little over 31 days. Things I keep telling myself? IT'S FOR CHARITY. Also hilarious.

I cannot wait for the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival's Future Fashion Event on Saturday or the Vintage fest as part of Merchant City Festival. It's going to be a packed weekend (in-between hoping to teach myself how to sew a peter pan collar, don't laugh) and I cannot wait! Seems like there is so much going on in Scotland at the mo and I am way way in to it.
So what's your plans for the weekend?


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival: Clements Ribeiro

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival has been generating all kinds of buzz for weeks now, and kicked off perfectly Friday night with their Opening Gala with a runway show from British design duo Clements Ribeiro and a fancy ass after party. Set in the stunning venue Mansfield Traquair (Edinburgh I knew you were beautiful but where you been hiding this wee gem?) with a specially composed score by Marty Hailey the show was big on drama and just creating this really amazingly charged atmosphere.

Incancio Riberio cites classical punk as a heavy influence for the A/W 13 collection - teamed with bursts of Brazillian florals to help create a collection that is elegant yet still heavy on the sexy. How could I not love something like this? I am an utter SUCKER for a good A/W collection and this guy just ticked all kinds of boxes from me. Easily one of the most wearable runway shows I've seen in a while (never mistake wearable for boring btw) I don't think there was a single piece that went down that catwalk I would not love love love to have hanging in my own wardrobe. Laser cut wool, embroided knits, the softest looking cashmeres,  kilts and lots and lots of colour including my favourite colour combo of pink and red. Just fully all in about it.

Trend reports are all about predicting what everyone will be wearing a few months from now, and while I'm sure the whole "pastels for winter" looks gorgeous, it's hardly practical for you average Glasgow November afternoon. Also - who the fuck wants to be ruled by trends? Clements Ribeiro creates a highly wearable collection with pieces that you could pretty much keep forever (literally any of the knitwear, just any of it.) It's a fun, sexy collection with a very elegant interpretation of punk. I was delighted to get the chance to go along as the show was pretty much breath taking.

I'm utterly gutted to have missed the Diana Vreeland symposium this morning but the fest still has LOADS packed in before closing next Sunday. Top tips? Head along to the Eribe knit workshop - a must for any knitwear junkie, definitely see the Coming Into Fashion Exhibition to see some of the fiercest fashion photography ever from Conde Nast's back cataloge (which almost definitely makes up for those unable to go to London for the Miles Aldridge exhibition atm) and my hottest ticket? Future Fashion next Saturday. Your wee minds will be blown.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

OOTD: Edinburgh International Fashion Fest Opening Gala

Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Dress- Vintage 
Necklace, shoes, bag and sheer socks - Primark

There is nothing more exciting than a fancy fashion party. Add in a runway show by Clements Ribeiro, a stellar soundtrack and one hell of a dramatic venue and you've got all the makings of a killer opening night. Edinburgh International Fashion Festival kicked off last night at Mansfield Traquir and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. It's only the opening night of the fashion festival but as a taster of what's to come babes - you should all be VERY VERY excited. I've already given you a run down of my top picks (like choosing between children I swear) and can't wait to creep more of the festival in the coming weeks. Next up for me will have to be Future Fashions though hoping to maybe pop through to see some other bits and bobs this weekend.

Anyway with a fancy fashion party gal better get herself all gussied up. In 25 degree heat with a predominately Glasgow wardrobe this can be, shall we say, problematic? I must have went through 8 outfit changes (including one misguided attempt in staying cool that was mostly sheer and left little to the imagination) before setting on a wee vintage number. I think I just have to come to terms with the fact that in this heat I'm going to be cool in nothing.

By the by - the show was phenomenal and I can't wait to share my thoughts/photos with you all (silk, embroidery, bold colours, oriental flowers, embellished collars - just OH MY WORDS AND WHISKERS.) Edinburgh International Fashion Festival is exactly what Scotland needs and I cannot wait to see more of it!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

OOTD: Seaside Living

Dress - c/o French Connection (on sale)
Jacket - Charity Shop
Necklace & Sunglasses - Primark

Last week the boyshape and I took a few days off to head out West. We went to Millport, which is pretty much the closest thing to time travel I'll ever get. Knicker blocker glories, £1.25 put put golf, sticks of pink rock and riding bikes (or in my case trikes) around the island. It was all sorts of magnificent. The weather was gorgeous and it should suprise no one that I managed to get myself burnt (I really should know better.)

So what's a  gal to wear or a day of picnicing and cycling? I may not have thought things through with the length of this dress - I lived in perpetual fear of nearly flashing every time I cycled - but it was perfect for walking around the Island with my boo. Sweedish hasbeens have become my default shoe for the summer. Nice clean design, small heel and super comfortable. They are pretty much the only thing that stop me from living in my cons and flip flops in this weather.

I'm sure I'll update you all in my Island misadventures soon enough but just now I'm currently navigating myself through Summer styling (seriously how do you dress for this heat and still look good, HOW???) I'm this close to living in shorts at the moment. Can't say I'm complaining! What have you been doing with the stellar weather we've been having?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Our Founding Daughters

Date for your diaries babes! Dropping in just over a month will be an exhibition of some of the finest,freshest,fiercest up and coming female fashion photographers working in Scotland today.  Featuring Levi Macdonald, Emily Wylde and Nuala Swan - the exhibition launches the 9th of August with vino, chats from the ladies and the opportunity to score yourself some sweet ass prints from these talented ladies. I've already got my eye on a few!

Our Founding Daughters launches 9th August and will be open 8pm til 10.30pm (get there for a sexy as fuck wine reception) and you'll be able to drop in 11am-7pm on the Sat and Sundays. Located at the somewhereto_ re:store hub at 12-16 South Fredrick Street (just off George Square babies) this is one exhibition you don't want to miss.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Riot Grrrl: Scottish Designer Catherine Aitken Launches Punk Inspired Collection

When asked to describe my personal style, more often than naught I roll out the old “awkward teenage goth” line. This pretty much reads as I'll wear anything as long as it's black. That said I always look for something that reads as a classic piece – some longevity where I know it's going to become a total wardrobe staple, which is why I am all up in Catherine Aitken's new Riot collection.

With a background in film and tv, Edinburgh based Catherine Aitken wanted to develop her love of luxury handbags and created her own line of tweed and silk bags often using reclaimed tweeds and silks in her creations. I'm oft partial to anything that works with heritage fabrics and love love love her tweed messenger bags, so was super excited to see she was launching a collection inspired by her favourite ladies of punk.

Tweed, leather, hardwear and a good dollop of tartan for good measure define the “Riot” collection – a new limited line of handbags and accessorize. Aitken has launched a small collection of women and men's bags as part of the Riot collection which pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. Leather, hardwear, tweed and tartan. Check,check,check,check!

Obviously the stand out pieces for me are her slightly larger collection of handbags. For me they are the obvious centre piece of the collection - 5 gorgeous bags featuring Scottish deerskin black leather, studs, kilt pins, various tartans and harris tweeds. Each bag is named after an influential dame of punk rock history including Patti Smith, Poly Styrene, Siouxie Sioux, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett. The more muted tones of the Patti is a total winner for me though I love love love the flash of orange in the Poly Styrene bag. Full on swoon over here.

The collection launched today with prices starting off to £70 to £215. Get in all about it!

Catherine Aitken - Twitter
Catherine Aitken - Facebook


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bee Waits Runs: Do You Even Lift?

Last week I pretty much gave my full blown account of how I went from someone who couldn't run for  the bus to someone who runs for fun. I also briefly touched on how it's helped me with my own struggles with anxiety and body issues. All in all real uplifting stuff right?  I recommended a few bits and bobs on how to start including Couch to 5k and my favorite running app Zombies,Run. That said if you're going to run (or hell do any exercise thing) I cannot emphasise how important it is to include strength training as part of your routine. SERIOUSLY GUYS.

There still seems to be these massive misconception about weights in the gym. The amount of women who I've spoke to who're worried they are going to "bulk up" (seriously guys, you really think it's as easy as lifting a few times a week) and ending up looking like Jodie Marsh (like that's the worst thing in the world guys, c'mon now.) The thing is adding weights to your training is one of  the best things you can do. It builds up your strength, balance and makes you far less prone to injury. I know it may not be the big calorie burner (can we all stop being terrified of these guys by the way?) but it is key to anyones fitness programme.

This is probably the weirdest one for me talk about as I think I've been in the actual 'weights' area of the gym once. I've never bothered with the machines because for the most part they aren't great, but I've never quite felt I could broach on 'Muscle Boy' territory. Which by the by I know if one of the most fricking ridiculous things in the world. Still I knew how key it was for me to build up my strength so I started going to classes (as well as having some written in to my PT programme.)I don't claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination but here's what's worked for me (littered with words of wisdom from my actual-qualified-to-talk-about-this PT sister.)

Body Pump

It's been my gateway in to actually working with weights. I started Body Pump last year and I was utterly rubbish. Wee weights, wee reps and the reddest face you ever did see.Body Pump is all about working all over your body. Smaller weights than you'd use in the floor but going constant for about 4-5 mins for each body part (ie back,chest,triceps so on and so forth.) I was lucky enough to have a super encouraging trainer leading the class that changed it up every week and encouraged us to add weights on and push ourselves harder. At the end of the day if you stay doing the same weights over and over again you're not going to get stronger. For me this was a great place to learn about form and technique in a class that had people working at all levels.  It was also the class that made me see active changes in my body. My arms definitely made me look less like some weird chicken hybrid and I could actually feel myself getting stronger. I could work with heavier and heavier weights over time and I felt really proud of myself when I left the class feeling strong....and yeah a little bit sick. Utterly addictive. If there is a class near you I'd thoroughly recommend popping along to one. Start off light for your first class to figure out what you can work with. If it's too easy - put up your weights. It's a safe place to learn form and figure out what you are comfortable with (and learn a few different exercises while you're at it.)

Kettle Bells

I'm pretty new to Kettle Bells but can already feel myself getting pretty addicted. A kettle bell is essentially a giant hulk of iron with a handle and can be used for a variety of exercises. It's great for getting an all over body exercise and strengthening your core (basically stomach/back/general balance.)  A good all rounder if you're looking to build strength as well as build calories. Most gyms will offer some kind of Kettle Bell class 3-4 times a week however there are utterly loads of fantastic instructional.videos.out.there that are definitely worth checking out though this site is great if just looking for a list and some basic instructions on some great exercises to start you out.

Body Weight

Real talk. You don't need to lift weights to do strength training. Body weight training is great for all levels, can be done anywhere and yeah - you need bugger all equipment. It's basically using gravity and your own weight to build strength. Push ups, squats, lunges, flies and crunches - you can pretty much work your entire body with body weight exercises. Here technique is key. "10 perfectly done push ups are better than 100 shite ones."  If you're still not confident about going to the gym these guys are perfect if looking for something to do at home. The best thing about this is that you can try different levels (there is at least 3 different ways you can perform a plank with varying levels of difficulty) and you can build up your abilities and increase your intensity as your fitness grows. Being able to do push ups without having to go on my knees (though I do have to drop eventually) still feels like a flat out miracle. If you're looking for something to get started here is a fantastic wee list to get you started. 
Also - super plus. Can totally blare your own tunes to this. I favor a Beyonce megamix myself.

Weight training has really changed the way I feel about my body. It's helped me feel more (not totally, I'm still a long way to go) body positive. It's definitely made me physically stronger and prevented me from getting a shit ton of injuries while out running. You really see the difference from weight training and you really do get what you put in. That could be anything from finding your runs easier, to being able to squat a weight you never thought possible to hell- even being able to complete a push up.

Obviously strength training is a major part of my training for Tough Mudder which is much closer than I'd like it to be! Tough Mudder is essentially a half marathon with hunners of obstacles. A real mix of physical and mental endurance.Think ice baths, walls to climb, electric wires, crawl tunnels - the whole whammy. It should definitely be an experience. Anyway I'm raising money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) who are just a really wonderful charity that do all sorts of good stuff to break down the stigma surrounding mental health as well as supporting those suffering fro  it as well as their family and friends. If you can spare a cheeky wee pound it would be much appreciated.

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