Saturday, 29 June 2013

Curiouscope serves up fruits inspired Kamikaze Girls - Nails it.

I may have casually mentioned in the past how fine/fresh/fierce I thought Curiouscope was. Hell - the second the first look went down the catwalk at Glasgow showcase Nightwalk I had the brand based as my one to watch.  This latest editorial (featured on - HOLLA) has further emphasised my growing love for the blossoming Glasgow brand.
Shot in a back street cafe in Glasgow - 'Kamikaze Girls' takes a big old nod to Japanese street style.  I am all up in this. Heavily textured, lots of soft pastels and some of the most flawless hair I ever did see. Seriously, where did did I leave my crimpers? (A:1997.)
I love the floral cropped jackets and multi-coloured faux fur coats. Safe to say this shoot has utterly NAILED IT - right? 

Photographer: Emily Wylde Models: Macoula Dembele and Jodie-Ann McNeill Stylist: Roisin Ferguson Makeup Artist: Nancy Ingrey Hair Artist: Anna Wade Assisting Designers : Jocelyn Copeland – Curiouscope, Dawn Smith – Dawntroversial, Tatty Devine & Helen Rochfort

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Friday, 28 June 2013


It would be pretty much irresponsible of me not to drop this little nugget of fash wisdom on you for the weekend. Especially just after pay day.
I'm a mad fan of Euan McWhirter's jewellery (his Marie Antoinette collection, seriously guys, I don't die...I LIVE) and his work featuring hot pops of colour is all kinds of wonderful. I've been meaning to creep out his elusive studio in the Hidden Lane forever (it also gives me an excuse to get my scones on at the Hidden Lane Tea Room) so a cheeky wee flash sale the second after money dropped in to my bank seems like the perfect excuse to head out. You'll be looking at on average 40% off RRP. 40% GUYS. Also...I know it says from 1am-5pm - now while I am ALL about getting up early to be down for the sales with sharpened elbows and debit card primed, I suspect that's meant to be 1pm, so no eager beaver fashionistas about Finneston in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning ya hear?
Just, man, I love sale season.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bee Waits Runs : Chain-smoker to (half) marathon runner

If you told me a couple of years ago I'd be a runner I'd have flat out laughed in your face. I was a chain smoker, chronic macaroni cheese eater (this one still holds) and couldn't run for a bus let alone for fun. Sometimes I'm still utterly baffled that I made the transition from utter couch potato (slight exaggeration) to the kind of gal who runs to work.

We all want to be fitter, stronger, healthier in general and  running is flat out one of the best (and cheapest) ways to go about it. I had other reasons though. I'd battled with anxiety for years. I'd done the whole talking to someone, I'd done the whole meds thing but real talk? I just ended up letting myself get sucked in to my own head. I know these things work marvelously for other people, but for me it just wasn't the right fit. It wasn't particularly great, it wasn't particularly healthy, and coupled with years of dealing with general body hate I was pretty miserable. I was ready to try anything. I balked at the idea of exercise helping because when you feel like you can't be around people, let alone leave the house how are you meant to find the motivation to stick some trainers on and get to the gym? Running was something I could do on my own. I could always come home. It was a safe start.

My first run was fucking hilarious. I all but attempted to sprint to the shops and back. I was out for about...10 minutes total? I had walked half of it and was a heaving gross mess. How the fuck was I meant to start running if this was a thing? So I signed up for a 10k. Because it would be funny. And it meant I couldn't give up and would have to train. I read a few tips (things like I should be able to sing/talk to someone when running -it's how you set your pace) and started running. Just going to Glasgow Green with my pedometer. The first week I started off with no more than 2k, 3 times a week. Each week I'd do a longer run and then run further each week. For me it was all about building up distance rather than speed. I started strength training to help protect myself from injury and before you know it I'd run my first 10k.  It wasn't always easy - hell some time it flat out sucked (forgetting to stretch, Glasgow weather etc.) but having a goal to work towards really helped me stick to my programme.

And I noticed something. I wanted to do MORE things. I found myself feeling more positive. Other than the changes in my body (I didn't become a size 8 or anything but I felt stronger and more powerful) I just felt that I could manage my emotions more easily. When I'm upset I can pull on my running shoes and it helps me compartmentalise everything. It's also where I do all my best planning. Blog posts, what I'm going to do at work today, meals for the week. It's just this wonderful breathing space where everything gets easier.

People may say you need to get fancy gear to start running. PAH. Seriously guys all you really need is a good sports bra (I wear a high impact underwired number from M&S) and a good pair of running trainers. My old faithfuls are a Nike Lunar Eclipse 2 and they were worth every penny. If you are serious about starting running I would thoroughly recommend getting your "gait" measured (basically the way your feet land when you run - the simplest and broadest of explinations here.) You can get this done at the Nike store with no obligation to buy. They will stick you on a treadmill and film your feet. Me? I over-pronate so turn my feet out (not entirely unlike a duck) when I run so I need a shoe with a bit more stability to protect my feet (and knees and the rest) when I run. A good pair of running shoes is essential and is just as important as an LBD in your wardrobe. 

So if you want to start running but are still nervous about it there are LOADS of training tips out there. Couch to 5k is a popular training programe that I know a few folk have tried and loved. Me? If you have a smart phone I would thoroughly recommend downloading Zombies! Run. It's a radio play/running app that measures how far you run and where. You can add your own playlists, build up your town, oh and get chased by zombies so, nice way to introduce sprints in to your run. They also have a wee 5k training app to ease you in. I listen to it on my runs most days (you can set it to play for either 30 mins to an hour) and has really helped me add more speed to my runs as well as making me want to go out even on utterly vile days as needed to know more of the story. Running4Women has also been a great site for logging runs, deeking my pace and generally finding tips and recipes.

Best advice though it to sign up for a run. 8-10 weeks and you could go from a non-runner to a 10k and if you have a deadline you will work towards it to make sure you don't utterly belt it on the day (it's what worked for me.) I've got a few runs in the next few months. A 10k in July in Edinburgh, Tough Mudder in August and my first half marathon in October.

I guess it must seem weird me going from nattering away about Scottish fashion and being an overgrown teenage goth to chatting about running and mental illness. Real talk though. I'm running for the Scottish Association For Mental Health in August (yup that'll be Tough Mudder then.) SAMH do so much great work helping break the stigma around mental health (which btw why are we not talking about it more?) and just generally doing all sorts of good stuff. I'm utterly terrified for Mudder as it's pretty much a 20k assult course with ice baths, fire runs and electricity. Knowing that I'm doing it to raise money for such a wonderful charity is really going to help me push through my mental and physical barriers.

I'll be doing a series of fitness tips (and generally talking about the stupid shit I've done, the stuff that's worked for me and a few recipes), if you have any suggestions do fire them over.So should you feel so inclined you can sponsor me by visiting my justgiving page or texting BEEWAITS88 to 70070. If you have any questions about Mudder, running or anything else in this post you can catch me as usual at @beewaits or

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hey There Andy Murray

Boyfriend Jeans - Topshop - £42
Necklace - Statement Baubles - £19
Sheer T-shirt - Cos - £39
Wedges - Topshop - £135
Broach - Bonnie Bling - £8

It's that time of year again. Time to crack oot the pimm's and settle down with a punnet (go bit or go home) or strawberries and lashings (is there any other measurement?) of cream. Yup. It's Wimbledon. Which pretty much means I loose friends, family and acquaintances to the telly box for a fortnight of tennis and my facebook feed becomes filled to the brim with all sorts of tennis chat. Mostly in the vein of ''Mon there Andy Murray..." etc etc. It's all fairly surreal. For me tennis has pretty much the same affiliation with Summer for me as disposable bbqs, the smell of suncream and massive sunglasses. I've never been much of a Summer dresser but when I deeked Bonnie Bling's new 'Hey There Andy Murray' (a cheeky wee collab with music man Far In Jim I knew I was going to be all about the wish list dressing. Some cropped boyfriend jeans and some wooden wedges, nothing too fancy but does the job. Also I am ALL about those wooden wedges. YUM. 

Anyway I've got some tennis to watch....

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Scottish Fashion Awards 2013 - Thoughts/Feels?

The other week the Scottish Fashion Awards released their shortlist of nominees (yipee) as well as a move to London for the the 2013 show (which honestly I'm still processing.) That said, the nominees for this year are some of the strongest I've seen and I couldn't help myself from getting utterly sucked in the list, debating internally (and externally among friends) about all things Scottish Fashion. So who are my picks from the proverbial litter?

Designer of the Year:
Pretty much the most delicious cast of designer's you could hope for fill this category. Christopher Kane, Holly Fulton, Jonathan Saunders and Louise Gray all go head to head in this category. For the past few years we've seen Saunders and Kane both score Scottish Fashion Awards. Me? I'm hoping they'll go and throw the way of Louise Gray.

Lots of lovely lovely knit wear in this category this year. I really really love Rosie Sugden and believe she makes some of the most beautiful cashmere pieces period, but if I was a betting woman (I'm not) my money would be behind Eribe.

This category is filled with some dead wonderful and talented folk flying the fash flag. Thank Fifi, Lynn McCrossan and Laura Craik would all make super wonderful winners but as a die hard reader of The Gentlewoman my vote is behind Penny Martin.

Young Designers:
Real talk? This has to be the toughest category for me to choose my top pick as it's pretty much filled with some of my favourite up and coming designers period. Saunt & Sinner haven't even been kicking about for a year and already scored themselves a wee nom against Bee Waits favourites Rebecca Torres and Obscure Couture.I'd love love love to see the OC's to walk away with a win this year - however I think this one will probarly go to Jacob Birge (who's work is frigging spectacular) or Jennifer Morris. I'll be flying my OC flag till the day I die I fear

Graduate is always one of my faves and you get some really beautiful collections from the fresh faced designers. I think Matthew Houston, Lauren Jones (her 20s inspired graduate collection - I LIVE) and Laura Jaye Nevin all have some really really beautiful stuff in but I think they are just edged out by Judy C Clarke protege Kirsty Maclennan and her baroque lace and beaded designs.

This is probarly the category I'm least excited about. It's lovely to see indie darlings like The Pokey Hat on the list but over all as a category nothing really pops for me. That said the jackets from Tom Morris look to die for. I'm voting for them.


House of Halo, Jenivieve Berlin and Georgia Wiseman are all pretty delicious but I have to say I would really love to see this one to go to Jane Gowans. I've been such a big fan of her work for the past few years and I'd like to see this girl blow up.

International Designer: (for best use of Scottish fabric.)
This has got to be Chanel. It cannot possibly be anyone else right?  If for some reason Chanel doesn't walk away with this on the night I would love for it to be Moschino because overall, I enjoyed their collection more. But it's going to be Chanel.

Creative Excellence:
This is a toughy. I do think it will be a close one between Brian Rennie for Basler and Pam Hogg. OBVIOUSLY I'm #teampam. All the way but this one for me feels like a bit close.

So there you have it. I'm ready to have my predications dashed come October, but I have to say I'm pretty stoked with some of the names listed this year. Regarding the move to London? I think it's a great opportunity for smaller designers to get their face/name/generally fine/fresh/fierce work known in the Big Smoke and it's lovely to see a celebration of Scottish fashion in the capital. I mean LOOK AT SOME OF THOSE NAMES? Scottish fashion has never been better. Would I have liked to see it stay in Scotland? 'Course I would. I'd like to see designers working,selling and all the like in Scotland. For me it feels like it could send out the message that you can't be a designer in Scotland and succeed as the support network isn't there. It's a real shame that the funding and support hasn't been in place to keep it in Scotland this year, but maybe a wee jaunt to London is what's needed before returning home for the Commonwealth right? Either way it's set to be a stellar show and congrats to ALL the nominees. Looks like this year's a biggie!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival Press Launch

 Lynne Mccrossan - Fashion Writer and Style Queen extraordinaire wearing Joanne McGillivray
Jacob Birge - Designer wearing own designs
 Sheri Scott - Events darling and lady blogger wearing Rebecca Torres
Lyndsay Pagan and Jenn Coyle - Hot little bosses and directors of Obscure Couture wearing their A/W13 Weekend in Hell.

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival is still in it's relative infancy - entering it's second year, but that doesn't stop it from having one hell of a programme. For the weekends between the 19th and 28th of July, all sorts of fashion delishnessness will descend n Scotland's capital. A mix of currated exhibitions, intimate talks and runway shows make up this year's programme - exploring fashion of performance and storytelling.
My top picks?
Gianna Scumaci: Unplugged: The youngest creative director of Vidal Sassoon and all round creative vissionairy. Also known for shaving the side of a horse. A limited event with only 120 tickets, the intimate talk with one of the most innovative creative minds in hair is def one worth snapping a ticket up for.
Future Fashion: Fashion show, design market and all round good times - the future fashion event at City Hall is all about celebrating the fine,fresh,fierce talent we've got going on in Scotland at the moment. Bebaroque, Obscure Couture, Jacob Birge Vision, Euan McWhirter and Eribe knitwear all make an appearance on the runway. Set against the backdrop of the Conde Nast exhibition (which by the by DYING to see) this is for anyone who has an interest in the next big thing in Scottish design.
Fashion Scandinavia: An exhibition of up and coming Sandinavian's designers (popping up to Edinburgh after a brief jaunt in London) with a curator's talk sounds like it will be right up my alley. Also free so no excuse not to pop along.

It looks like I'll be spending as much time as humanly possible in Edinburgh come July (Fringe who?) and a tip of the hat has to be made to the multi-talented power couple that is Anna and Jonathan Freemantle for bringing a much needed festival to Scotland and filling it with such wonderful events. I can't wait to get right in about it.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Johanna Basford: Wonderbeasts

Can we all take a moment just to fully appreciate how talented Aberdeen based artist Johanna Basford is? She's already stacked up an enviable lists of clients - counting Crabtree and Evelyn, Thorontons, Absalout Vodka, Brewdog and Kember and Jones among them. Her intricate hand drawn illustrations are deeply routed in nature with a real focus on detail (hidden quirks from a tiny lady bird to a crocodile in a party hat.) With her designs you are always finding something new to look at, which is why when I was up in Dundee I knew I had to make time to creep at her first solo exhibition - Wonderlands - at the DCA.

I first came across Johanna Basford's work on Kickstarter via her Wonderbeasts project. Basically Basford was crowdfunding to create a co-created art work, asking funders to tell her what to draw as part of a massive print. Backers could donate different amounts, asking for anything from creatures of the deep sea (lobsters, angel fish),  woodland creatures (rabbits,badgers and foxes) to mythical beasts (think unicorns, dragons and the like.) The campaign raised over £8000 (double it's initial target) with over 150 backers contributing to Wonderbeasts. Naturally I was dying to see how it turned out, and I wasn't disapointed. Wonderbeasts is just INSANE. 152 different animals make up the inky piece of deliciousness and it's just breathtaking. Given the time I'm pretty sure I could have spent an afternoon in front of it and continute to find something I hadn't noticed. A few of my favourite creatures included a sloth (having a time), a frog having a cuppa brew and a fox who pretty much knows what's up. It's an insanely cool project and I'm utterly gutted I found out about it too late (rewards included temporary tattoos, limited edition prints, handwritten letters of thanks and her Wonderlands book.)

While Wonderbeasts was effectively what I was there to see, Wonderland as a whole was all kinds of magnificent. Cuckoo clocks, a massive elaborately illustrated boat, a paper forest as well as a look at what inside of Basford's studio looked like (which included some amazing skis as well as wall to wall sketches of previous designs.)

I'm super glad I got the chance to see it, and if you're in Dundee or can spare time to pop up (if you book train tickets in advance can get some pretty sweet deals) I'd fully recommend it to everyone. The exhibition is free to enter and will be open at the DCA till the 7th of July.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Introducing: Victoria Kelsey

Inspired by discarded and long forgotten objects at flea markets - young up and coming jeweller Victoria Kelsey's 'Precious Grime' shows car boot bric a brac in a new light. With a focus on the build up of dirt over the years - Kelsey instead takes influence from objects that are usually seen as undesirable and transforming them in to something beautiful.

A collection inspired by dirt may not seem like the most obvious choice for a jeweller's collection - but it makes an odd kind of sense. With exaggerated shapes she creates a highly stylised version of dirt, grime and the organic shapes found in nature. From gold rings that look as if they have melted together through age, well worn looking strands of pearls, baubles of lava and glasses that look like straight up sprouted out of the ground - it's an interesting concept, and oddly it works. It has a very fluid look throughout - with a real clean (I know....I know) contemporary feel.

Currently working out of Dundee jeweller hub Vanilla Ink - Kelsey's designs have a really refreshing organic feel throughout. If you fancy picking up one of her guys (the lava watch strap bracelet and gold plated glasses are PERSONAL favourites) you can hook yourself up with some Victoria Kelsey via her etsy store. Kelsey is just one of many talented jewellers working out of Vanilla Ink and absolutely adoring the amount of talent that's pouring out of Dundee at the moment and I can't wait to see what else Kelsey (and indeed the rest of the Vanilla Ink team) do next.

Monday, 10 June 2013

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR Obscure Couture's Weekend in Hell

So the new lookbook from Glasgow darlings and Scottish Fashion Award 2013 nominees (CONGRATS DOLLIES) Obscure Couture dropped earlier today and just - holy fuck. It is fucking delicious. Seriously though - an all black collection? I am all up in this. It's nothing short of a face heel turn for the Scottish design duo after their high fantasy, frothy and candy coloured Fake Believe collection. They've kept the fantasy, shifting away from fairy princesses and unicorns, instead shifting towards dominatrices in their fetish inspired collection entitled "A Weekend in Hell."

Harnesses, latex, leather, and sheer - and LOADS of black, for a collection that is do heavily influenced by eroticism, I have to say this is probably their easiest to wear collection to date (for me at least.) It's their one collection where I could pretty much envision every piece hanging in my wardrobe. In typical fangirl fashion I found my squealing at the sheer polka dot skirts and the latex bodies. The full length Villain halter dress with collar was definitely one of the highlights.

Previously Obscure Couture RTW collections have focuses on tongue in cheek slogans (Too Cool To Swedge, I Flew Here On My Unicorn) and a vibrant use of colour which is perhaps why Weekend is Hell is so refreshing. Completely black and with a focus on texture and shape makes this their best collection to date.

Weekend In Hell drops in August/September but you can get your pre-orders in before hand by emailing with the style and size and get your grubby wee paws on it before general release (that's the beginning of August fash fans.)  If you fancy seeing the rest of the collection and believe me YOU DO it's available online here.) It's safe to say A Weekend is Hell is doing nothing to dull my Summer apathy. A/W 13 I AM READY.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bee Beauty Review: Ali Mac Skincare

When it comes to skin care I'm serious business. You'll nary see me without some kind of SPF on my skin and always always always (almost always) take off my make up after a night out. That said I'm always looking for something that actually works with my skin. It feels at times I've tried every skincare product going (both luxury and high street) and well, I've yet to find the one. I've got a few beauty babes that have been known to pop up more than once in my bathroom cabinet *cough* Shu Uemura *cough* Origins *cough* - but I'm always on the look out for my next beauty babe. Ali Mac is a small independent beauty company with a brand philosophy I think we can all get behind. Producing ethically produced (no sad bunnies folks), mostly organic and free from synthetic ingredients, Ali Mac seemed well worth a shot.
I was sent the Camellia Cleansing Melt and Rose Face Balm to give a shot and I have to say I am in love. First of all the products come in these really dinky heavy dark jars - the kind that you know whatever is going on inside is going to be crazy good for you. And it is. I've been using Ali Mac for just over a week now and my skin seems to be thanking me for it. The products smell amazing - though the Rose Balm has to be my favourite. My skin seems to be perpetually thirsty at the moment (what's up with that?) so it's great to give it a moisture hit.

That said the texture of the product isn't for everyone. It's not more than a stone's throw away from Vaseline (though much much lighter.) This isn't such a problem for the cleansing melt as you wash it off and your skin just feels all kinds of fine/fresh/fierce - however the rose balm does sit on the skin. That said make up does apply on top of it fluidly (no streaks here folks) and it smells amazing, so you win some you loose some. It's not much more expensive than most premium skin care products either - £18.95 for the cleanser and £32.95 for the moisturiser. Gets the job done which isn't always a guarantee with luxury products (at times you really are just paying for the name without any real benefit to your skin) as well as being a lovely premium cruelty free product!


Cruelty Free
Free from Synthetic and Unethical Ingredients
Skin looks all kinds of fine/fresh/fierce
Cleanser moisturises but also gets all sorts of horribleness out your skin
Rose Balm is pretty much a miracle product if suffering from dry skin


Textures a bit weird
Balm can sit on the skin and leave a bit of a shine
No SPF :(

It's really lovely to discover a brand that creates beautiful products that are also animal friendly. I know I'll be re-ordering the Rose Balm (and maybe the cleanser) once I'm done but so far my pots are lasting for an age and a half! If looking for some new cruelty free skincare goodies off the beaten path Ali Mac are a good place to start.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Harvey Nics A/W Press Day

It may seem twisted that I'm gearing up to fill my A.W wardrobe already. While Scotland is experiencing it's mandatory 2 weeks of good weather a year I'm already full on fantasising about shearling, heavy knits and faux fur skirts. You can thank the Harvey Nichols press day for that.

Fast fashion has no doubt changed the way we shopped, but its also had a transformative effect on the way we consume luxury products. As a whole there has seemed to be a shift moving away from defining customers purely by age (it's a pretty archaic practice to assume a woman won't want to buy some printed trousers because she's not 25) but there is also a focus on products being transeason. We're buying things that we love, that last and we can wear all year round. That said it's still super exciting to hear the trend forecasts – which have definitely taken a more classic, clean cut focus.

My favourite up and coming trends shouldn't come as any big suprises and feel very organic and wearable. Androgyny
is looking to come back in a big way (flat fugly shoes, sharp collars – I am delighted), a move from all black to softer fondants (I LOVE all white looks) and a really big focus on texture (chunky knits are a winter MUST but also loads of faux furs on skirts, on jackets, on pretty much everything.) We can also look forward to jewellery becoming a big harsher – less delicate and feminine – let's think insects, bats and eyeballs. Seriously – the Harvey Nics press day was essentially like a crash course reminder of why I fell in love with fashion.

I had a few pieces I fell in love with that will be available in store come September. Kenzo continue to utterly KILL IT with their jumpers – and the embroided evil eye number is something I'm all in about. Hitting my knitwear fix and inputting some much needed frosted goodness in to my wardrobe. If you like to keep it dark and twisty for your knitwear James Long has a spectacular Divine jumper as part of his new range of sweaters which I utterly love. I am all about shopping across departments and this guy is spectacular. New menswear brand 1205 also do a gorgeous quilted charcoal grey jumper that's perfect for Scottish weather in general.

Bugs, insects and all things nasty in accessorise are something I'm super excited about with a range of gorgeous jewellery from Bernard Delettrez. Eyeballs, bats and skulls – oh my! It feels like someone has been reading my memos. However creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night aren't restrained to our jewellery – with new brand Mother of Pearl releasing a gorgeous range of street wear inspired shoes with luxe fabrics. Bees and moth prints on my shoes? Now THIS is what I am talking about.

Texture wise my favourite pieces come from two new brands to Harvey Nics – Kara and Mackage. Kara's range of textured bags is utterly gorgeous and I utterly live for the camel shearling number. Got size, good shapes and utterly gorgeous. Mackage deliver transeasonal style across all ages with really really beautiful jackets. This collarless leather number is clean, elegant and belongs in my wardrobe as of yesterday.

Fashion has always been a bit weird (lobster prints and cat shoes) and I love how distinctly unpretty A/W is set up to be. A real focus on texture and really minimal clean cuts which I'm all about as well as some curio jewellery pieces.

Not that I'm fully ready for Summer to be over (it's really just begun) but it Winter yet?

Monday, 3 June 2013

OOTD The perils of wearing a jumpsuit and other stories

 Jumpsuit - Bonprix*, Scarf - Vaslav and Lily, Sunglasses - Osiris

I've always had reservations about wearing jumpsuits. I always thought they basically made people look like giant babies. Also can't forget the impracticality of being able to go to the bathroom. For me they just seemed to tick all the boxes that point towards a bad idea.

Which I suppose was why I wanted to try it. And not just any jumpsuit. I wasn't looking for one to pull over the bikini to head to the beach or whatevs. Homegirl wanted to give off some air of class, sophistication. I wanted to look like one of those effortlessly chic women of the world, and I wanted to do it in a romper. Because it would be funny. 

I had the 15 years of GC at Rox coming up - an event where the dress code is "glamorous" so it pretty much seemed like it was time to bite the bullet and crack out the jumpsuit. The Rox parties are always those properly luxurious affairs (I'd basically been invited to drink champagne and look at relatively expensive watches - not a bad way to spend a Thursday night) and I always feel like I'll be a bit out of place. Surely if I rocked up in a romper I'd be turned away at the door or met with hushes whispers of who let the massive woman child in the building.

Luckily I found a jumpsuit that I believe makes me look pretty pulled together (one hopes.) I got this lovely black jumpsuit from Bonprix with a flattering wrap detail and wide leg trousers. It's a pretty statement piece even though there isn't loads going on and since it was a pleasantly balmy night in Glasgow (how often do you say that) I slid on some black loafers and my Vaslav and Lily scarf to go with.  While it made sure I wasn't out of place for the Rox party I was suprised by how much I like the jumpsuit and how versatile it's going to be in my wardrobe. Brunch with the girls on Sunday? Sorted. Fashion show at Caley, go on then. Dinner with the bf - DONE. It's just a very easy piece to wear and quickly replacing my usual easy peasy outfit of blue jeans and a tee.

Safe to say that I'm a convert. If you're looking to try out something a bit different for Summer could do far worse than one of these guys.

Pic courtesy of the good folk at Rox.
© Bee Waits For No One. All rights reserved.