Thursday, 28 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 27

 Dress - New Look, T-shirt - amazon, Shirt - Charity Shop, Shoes - Converse from ASOS

You know what's exciting? Eating 4 kinds of macaroni. For the pen-ultimate day of #onemonthonedress I only went and hit up the first ever Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club meeting (SMAC for short.)  Now the mystery macaroni I could take or leave (it was revealed to be a sweet macaroni crumble - not entirely sold on it but after trying not totally adverse either) but their Tex Mex macaroni - well I'm pretty much ready to replace all my meals with that bad boy.

Anyway just got one more day and one more look to post before my One Month One Dress journey comes to an end. If you would like to donate you can visit or text BEEW88 £X to 70070 with the amount you would like to give. Let's see how close I can get to my next target!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

One Month One Dress Day 24 25 and 26

Day 24: Dress - New Look, Skirt - Urban Outfitters, Socks - Primark, Shoes - New Look, Bag - New Look
Day 25: Dress - New Look, Shirt - Tatty Bon, Jumper - New Look teens section, Boots - New Look
Day 26: Dress New Look, Jacket - Charity Shop, Cashmere Cardigan - Charity Shop, Boots - New Look, Necklace - New Look, Glasses - Primark

The past few days have been manic. I had the closing gala of the film festival, my laptop performed it's swan song (I am not ashamed to say I cried) and scored myself a job interview. Thankfully my one dress was up to the challenge.

For the Closing Gala I was off to a screening of Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing - and while I seriously considered cracking out my Sunnydale Allumni t-shirt, I also didn't want to give off any crazed fan girl vibes (present though they may be.) The last few times I've dressed up I've tried to just focus on the dress - adding wee details like a sequined clutch and sheer socks or some illustrated nail art. Instead I decided to wear pretty much all the holography at once without looking like a giant mirror. The bag and shoes are long term faves of mine and while I often think together they can be too much - the closing gala was the perfect excuse to get all fancy.

My laptop had been playing up for a long time and I've been working on increasingly creative ways to keep it charging. Alas it was not meant to be and it went kuput. Black screen of death. I tried all the things (including phoning my computer genius Dad who couldn't help because he was all the miles away and chastised me for breaking another computer. And at least my 12th charger.) Thankfully I found my receipt and it still was under warranty so nothing that a trip up to John Lewis didn't resolve. It does mean however I'm without my beloved HP for anything up to 28 working days and am working entirely on the boy faces computer which whenever I open Firefox brings me up 3 pages all about the NHL. Expect me to be able to answer all sorts of hockey shaped trivia by the time March is out. Anyway outfit wise just needed something I could kart about town in. Also warmth.

Last but not least - today had a job interview so cracked out the cashmere and google mapped my way there. Suffered from the weird cold/bright weather in Glasgow so I was dashing about town with as many layers and scarves as I could manage and sunglasses. Seems like a legit life choice.

The end is now in sight though and One Month One Dress ends in two days (I know I know) and I'm a fair bit from my next target yet (I may have been a bit overly ambitious hitting for £750 straight after £500 but a dame can dream can't she?) Anyway if you've liked reading my #onemonthonedress natter and have anything from £1 and up to spare please donate by visiting or texting BEEW88 £X to 70070. All profit goes to Glasgow Women's Aid so here's hoping I can raise all the ££££.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

OOTD On Month One Dress Day 22 and 23

 Day 22: Dress - New Look, Shoes - New Look, Necklace - New Look, Top - Primark

 Day 23 : Dress - New Look, Shirt - Charity Shop, Jumper - Topshop, Bag - GFF, Shoes - New Look, Watch - Casio

Two outfits in one today! Yesterday was the SHOWstudio event with Glasgow Film Festival up at the CCA. Marie Schuller - head of fashion film at SHOWstudio came up to talk about the history of fashion film and how it's progressing. I hosted the q&a at the end and we got some interesting debate going. Mostly people wanting to understand the difference between fashion film and an advert. There still doesn't seem to be any definitive answer (and it's never really something I've thought about myself, for me it had a lot to do with the presentation but it opens a whole big discussion on how anything gets artistic merit.) A lot of it had to do with medium and the presentation - will be pretty cool to hear any more future feed back surrounding it all. One other element that came up again was how to make money. SHOWstudio has a very unique format as it's self-funded by Nick Knight so they have a lot more creative leeway as they may have for a more commercial film. How fashion film works as a wider format for film makers and designers outwith SHOWstudio is would something I'd like to see explored more. That with the abstract/narrative divide in fashion film and should fashion film imitate short films (ie David Lynch for Dior) or go for something a bit more conceptual. It was a bit of a late one as ended up having a few dark rums for dinner (not the most sensible of choices) and nattering about feminism, festivals, cats and Nick Cave. As one is wont to do on a Friday night. All in all pleased how it went and people seemed really positive about the whole thing so thanks to everyone who creeped on down.

Tonight I'm off to host the Red Bull catwalk event. Red Bull have brought this really cool menswear designer Alex Mattsson up and going to be a big presentation with his fashion film and about his collection. It's all biker gangs and a cheeky musical collab with Zebra Katz so again should be cool. It's free so if you're looking for something fancy to do on your Saturday there is a screening at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm with an after party down at SWG3 after. Can't really go wrong with that can you?

As always if you want to support me in this #onemonthonedress chat you can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting

Thursday, 21 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 21

 Dress - New Look, Top - Primark, Scarf - c/o Saunt & Sinner, Shoes - c/o Barratts, Glasses - Glasses Direct

Hot damn. One week to go after this! The month has utterly flew by. Just off to intro a film at the CCA tonight so wish me luck.

As I mentioned yesterdat I've upped my target to £750 (I know I know a big jump and I feel like an utter chancer but worth a shot eh?) Anyway if you'd like to donate you can visit or text BEEW88 £X to 70070. Anything as little as a pound folks. All goes towards Women's Aid!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 20

 Dress - New Look, Shirt - Matalan, Cardigan - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - New Look, Necklace -H&M

20 days in to One Month One Dress and I'm actually kind of dreading #onemonthonedress being over. There has definitely been something cathartic about knowing exactly what I'm wearing to all of the things and just building around it. Don't get me wrong, come first of March I'll be wearing denims for a solid week but it hasn't been quite as terrible as I'd thought. It's also helped me purge my wardrobe something awful.
I introduced my first film on Monday (About Face at the GFT.) I managed to forget my name and what I did but I did thank all the key funders and say something legible about the film so I don't actually feel too terrible about it. I'll be doing a few more intros this week before doing a Q&A on Friday night so definitely nervous about that. If you're Glasgow bound please feel free to come support/ask questions/heckle. It's the World's Most Fashionable Prison Tonight, Helter Skelter tomorrow with a repeat showing Friday morning then of course SHOWstudio in the evening. I'm super lucky but also legit terrified.

As you can see I've made a wee video update for all those of you who have followed #onemonthonedress. Thanks to everyone who's helped so far. You can continue to donate or texting BEEW88 £X to 70070.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OOTD: Day 19 One Month One Dress

 Dress - New Look, T-shirt - H&M, Necklace - New Look, Shoes -Primark, Shades - Primark, Blazer - Charity Shop, Broach - Katy Rowland from Hannah Zhakari (gift from the boyshape)

Today I pretty much forgot it was February. And Scotland. I'd went for the first proper run of the year (the first one where I went a distance I would consider respectable and didn't spend half of it walking because of blisters) and was filled with a new joie de vivre. It was bright and sunny and fuck it - I was going sans tights and throwing on a light jacket. It's been known to snow in April so I don't really know who I was kidding. Today's outfit wasn't unpleasant for the outdoors (mostly because I was doing lots off brisk walking to get all round the place) but not one of those things you wear if hanging about.

By the by - managed to hit my target this morning and am now sitting at a most respectable £510.70. HOLLA. You guys are pretty much the best people going and wanted to do a big old thank you to all you crazy cats who've donated and shared. You can continue to do so by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 (anything as little as a wee pound) or visiting

Monday, 18 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 18

 Dress - New Look, Skirt - River Island, Shoes - Primark, Necklace - Primark, Bag - GFT

One Month One Dress has utterly flown by. It seems insane that there is only 10 days left! Today I'll be doing a spot of sorting the house (a never ending task,) job searching, introducing a film at GFT (About Face 16:40 at GFT come say HEY) and the gym. My GFF bag from the Opening Gala is making a pretty sweet bag for lugging my gym gear about town so cheers for that film festival.

By the by - less than £25 to my next fund raising target. You can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting Here's hoping for all the £££.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 17

 Dress - New Look, Hat - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - TK Maxx, Socks - Primark, T-shirt - Primark Menswear, Elvis Broach - Tatty Bon, Blinger Broach - Bonnie Bling, Jacket - Tatty Bon

That's me back from my weekend in Greenock and as expected I spent most of my time in my jammies, eating and crying at all the films. Nice wee getaway even if it is only a half hour train ride away. Today will be spent sorting out the house. I've been working on putting some pictures up (slow realisation that at some point I'm going to have to go to ikea) and making my flat more home shaped. Hoping to maybe nip to some films at the GFT tonight as well.

Anyway this morning I woke up to 3 missed calls from my sister and a frantic text of "CALL ME ASAP!" Naturally my mind went in to over drive. Someone is in hospital, there's been a fire, she's fallen down in the shower and I am the only one who can help her etc etc. Point being I was worried sick.

Give her a call and she's all like. "So uh - yeah we're going to Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just bought you a ticket." WHAT EVEN? I think I may have the best sister in the world. She was just all like "Don't sweat it, just get to Edinburgh, gussy yourself up, mon, it'll be funny." I may have to try get her to make a stop off in Glasgow so we can dress up. Last time I did Rocky Horror was to see my besties Dad as Dr Scott (don't think I'll ever forget George Mckee in suspenders in a hurry) and we dressed up as Brad and a gothy Magenta. We invited some strong stares wondering about Irvine - me with jet black brows and slicked back hair and Soph in her boxers. Fine times. Needless to say I'm pretty excited.

Oh and by the by - I'm less that £25 from reaching my £500 target. JUST SAYING. You can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting Mon, it will be dead good.

If you're seeing any of the fashion strand films this week at GFF (which you should #shamelessplug) look out for my introducing them. Will be hosting a Q&A with Marie Schuller from SHOWstudio on Friday night who will be there to answer all your questions about fashion film in new media. You can tweet questions using #showstudiogff or even better come along and ask them live.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 16

  Belt - Primark - £3, Necklace - Gift, T-shirt - c/o Curioscope, Tights - River Island - £3 (Sale), Converse - Christmas, Dress - New Look - £12.99

I've escaped to Greenock for the weekend. It pretty much means I'm going to spend tons of time in my jammies, watching Harry Potter, eating all the food and receiving loads of kitty cuddles. Smokey is pretty much one of the prettiest kitties going and she makes the cutest little bird chirping noises when you scratch her behind the ear.

Today got a big dinner with the boy's family and a list of films to watch the length of my arm. It was nice to have a gallivant around town (Paul chirping in with bits of trivia from his teens) and making a good creepola of the charity shops (priced like actually charity shops - all clothes £1.99, now that is more like it.) Picked up a nice wrap print dress from Florence and Fred that I'll be able to crack out i March so not feeling too shabby about that.

As always you can donate to my #onemonthonedress cause by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting
That's me 93% towards my next target so thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

Friday, 15 February 2013

OOTD One Month One Dress Day 15

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, Collar - River Island - £5 (Sale), Shoes - Converse- Christmas, Jumper - Primark - £8, Hat - Urban Outfitters - £10 (Sale)

That's us officially past the half way mark! Can't exactly say I'm in to the home stretch just yet but the end is in sight. I'm not totally sick of the dress (was def sure I was going to want to burn it a week in) but there is something oddly comforting about knowing what I'm going to wear every day and having something to build around. I wouldn't want to wear it forever mind and I am quickly running out of ways to play around with it but so far so good.

I'm off down to the boys mum's tonight for a few nights. Mostly to get away from the city but also so I can spend like 70% of my time in my jammies (I'll still be posting my outfits, carting a whole bunch of clothes down with me.)

I'm 92% towards my third target if £500 now so pretty pleased, just shy of £40 to go! The support I've received from bloggers, friends, family and even total strangers has been insane/super lovely. thank you so much everyone! Remember you can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visit Thanks again!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

OOTD: One Month One Dress Day 14

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, Belt - Primark - £2, Bag - Topshop - £25, Nails - DIY Nails - custom, Shoes - Carvela - £69 (Sale)

Tonight's the Glasgow Film Festival Opening Gala with a screening of Populaire. Nout like a french rom-com about typing for Valentine's day right? Went for something simple for today and instead focus on the sweet custom DIY nails I got for this evening. I sent Tammy over the GFF13 trailer illustrated by Lesley Barnes collaborating with animator Bruce Cameron. Tried to file them in to a more acceptable shape till I could file no more (seriously my file that came with my nails went from sandpaper rough to silky smooth) in a matter of moments and I've still not quite mastered the art of nail glue yet (my fingers got stuck together on no less than 3 occasions) but safe to say they are definitely worth it.

I'm 87% of my way to my next target (£500) so a big old thank you to everyone who has donated and shared my whole #onemonthonedress chat. Remember you can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting  You can also follow my rants/ravings/angst over on twitter @beewaits under the hashtag #onemonthonedress.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

OOTD: One Month One Dress Day 13

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, Cashmere Jumper - Charity Shop - £4, Hat - River Island - £5 (sale), Necklace - Primark - £2, Lace Gloves - River Island - £2 (Sale), Shoes - Matalan - £22

Today was a bit of a write off due to a snow day. I pretty much spent the day in the house clearing out my bedroom (unearthing a Tom Waits poster from 2008 that I plan on getting framed as well as a bunch of cards from my friends.) I'm a total hoarder - there is no reason for me to have 3 broken laptops still in my room. What even.

I put this on to nip to the shop (milk and jelly babies, I am after all an adult) so the prerogative was keeping dry and warm. Cashmere and wide brimmed hats? SORTED. I've worn this hat maybe - twice since I bought it - so was nice to be able to crack it out again.

I've put my target for One Month One Dress up to £500. If you'd like to donate you can text BEEW88 to 70070 with the amount you'd like to donate or visit

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

OOTD: One Month One Dress Day 12

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, Sheer baroque T-shirt - New Look - £22, Shoes - Internacionale - £20, Necklace - Primark - £2, Cardigan - Obscure Couture - £160, Custom Knuckleduster - c/o Bonnie Bling

How cute it this "One Month One Dress" knuckle duster from Bonnie Bling? It arrived on my door step yesterday and been itching to wear it ever since. What a sweet wee present and great way to promote the cause right?

I wanted something pretty simple today (sheer and black are my defaults) so thought would pull out this old guy and throw it over the dress. I've been feeling a bit peaky so went for my chunky cardi from the OC lovelies to top it all off.

The boy and I are doing an early V-day date night tonight (we have the film festival opening gala on actual Valentine's day) so we're looking at heading down to Taco Mizama to try the burrito challenge, though the temptation is there to just order in and watch Harry Potter (we're working through our blu-ray boxset,currently on Prisoner of Azkaban.)

Thanks for everyone who has donated to #onemonthonedress so far. Donating is super easy - you can text BEEW88 £X to 70070 (with the amount instead of a kiss) or visit Let's see if we can hit £500 eh?

Monday, 11 February 2013

OOTD: One Month One Dress Day 11

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, Shirt - Matalan - £7 (Sale), Belt - Primark - old, Bag - Christmas Gift, Shoes - Primark - £6 (Sale), Necklace - Birthday present (similar here.)

Today I had a group assessment day with a graduate placement company - so um business attire right? This isn't that far off from things I've worn to interviews in the past (usually high waisted wide legged trousers) but was nice to be able to try and pair it with the skirt. I was a bit worried about how I'd do the whole interview look during one month one dress but I thought I brushed up okay. Plus I don't think I really get enough opportunities to crack out this shirt. I stumbled across it in the Matalan sale last month and the print is gorgeous. I've no idea why I don't creep in more because they have some really pretty bits and bobs my wardrobe is ALL about.

As I mentioned I went for coffee with a couple of my gal pals who also decided to do One Month One Dress. Basically we ate ALL the cake and caught up on each others scandal and Betty revealed she had created a wee image on her iphone of the 3 of us.

Rainbow Brite, Akward Goff and Powdered Sugar

It's pretty cute right? Think she distilled our style personas pretty well - and my likeness to a blonde Daria is only highlighted further here. We've all been doing super well with our fund raising and no doubt will be setting new targets soon - £500 surely the next milestone right?

As usual you can donate by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 with the amount you'd like to donate (anything from £1) instead of the kiss obviously or just visit MON - let's smash this!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

One Month One Dress Day 10

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, T-shirt - Topshop - Old, Hoody - Topshop - Nicked from the besty, Flatforms - River Island - £15 (Sale), Jacket - Urban Outfitters - £10 (Sale), Vanity Case as bag - Charity Shop - £3, Scarf - c/o Saunt and Sinner

Day 10 and it's a lazy Sunday for the boy and I. A lie in after a Christian Slater double bill at our friends last night (Heathers and True Romance) before heading up to the CCA in the second part of the Caroline Sascha Cogez programme as part of Glasgow Short Film Festival.  It was 3 documentaries - Between Rooms, She Sings and Showstopper. I loved all of them and can't decide if I loved Cogez's fiction pieces or docs more. 

We're having a Sunday dinner tonight so roasting a chicken so it's all been pretty chilled. And OH YEAH - I'm only in bloody Scotland on Sunday in Spectrum.
 I got interviewed a couple of weeks ago about Glasgow Film Festival's fashion strand and why you should go see ALL the films as well as giving them a bit of chat about this One Month One Dress thing I'm doing. Recognise the stairwell? It was super weird popping in to tesco and seeing this double page spread of me on my stairs not sounding like a complete idiot. Very cool but also very surreal.

Oh and by the way I HIT MY TARGET. A wee donation of £22 came through from my sister's boy this afternoon while I was at the pictures so yeah I'll be putting up a wee thank you video and raising my target later but seriously I cannot thank everyone who has retweeted, shared, donated and generally been all kinds of lovely about this so far. I am truly touched.
If you'd like to donate you can by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 (anything from £1) or visiting my justgiving - Remember I'll be giving you all my #onedressproblems over on twitter using the hashtag #onemonthonedress so hopefully you'll keep following me and listening to my wardrobe angst.
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