Tuesday, 29 January 2013

So exploring this video chat as I prep for One Month One Dress

So I've only got a few days of complete sartorial freedom left before I start my challenge of One Month One Dress. I thought no better time to dip my toes in to this whole video chat thing (using only the finest laptop webcam obviously) to talk a little bit more about what I'm doing and generally be like DONATE.SHARE.ETC.
Anyway if I've some how persuaded any of you fine people to donate you can do so by visit my JustGiving site and do look up more about the work Glasgow Women's Aid do because they are pretty much AMAZING.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Audrey Horne: Style Icon

Bra -Deborah Marquit Antoinette on The Outnet - £63 (originally £140), Twin Peaks Broach - Hannah Zakari - £8, Pink shell knit jumper - New Look - £19.99, Boxpleat Checked Skirt - J.W.Anderson on Young British Designers - £195 (down from £565), Boyfriend coat in monochrome - Topshop - £75, Gel eyeliner - ELF - £3.75, Cashmere Checked Jumper - Topshop Boutique - £65,  Navy T-bar shoes - Topshop - £30

Audrey Horne is one of my all time style icons. I don't think there was a moment when Sherilyn Fenn was on screen where I wasn't utterly captivated. Every outfit was pretty much flawless. She'd have this amazing 50's inspired school girl look - with long plaid skirts, knits and the most flawless eyebrows in the world and then next thing she would transform in to a vintage sex kitten - all lashings of lipstick, beauty marks and black silk dresses. Girl knew how to work an outfit.  From the high school toilets to One Eyed Jack's Audrey always looked stellar and her style still holds up today.  I'd noticed a few cute knits kicking about recently and it reminded me of Audrey and how effortless she looked. I went for a muted palette with some dark red, I'm not going for a carbon copy but wanted to evoke the feel of her look more than anything else. While I may not be dropping £195 on a checked skirt any time soon I am HEAVY in love with navy t-bar shoes and the cashmere checked jumper, total staples. I think any of these pieces topped off with loads of eyeliner (ELF provide a great dupe AND an animal (and purse) friendly alternative to MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack) a good arched brow and hunners of attitude and you'll pretty much have Miss Horne down to a tee.
I fear this revisit to Audrey Horne is going to have me spending my evening on youtube trying to find tutorials to recreate her eyebrows. That is pretty much what is going to happen.

Who are your style icons?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

One Month One Dress: A Personal Challenge

I am pretty sure this is up there in one of the more ridiculous ideas I've had.  A few of you out there will be more than a bit familiar with "The Uniform Project." In 2009 Sheena Mathiken decided to wear one dress every day for a year - making it look different each time in an effort to raise money to send less fortunate kids to school.  She raised over 100k for charity and managed to make one dress look completely different for 365 days. UTTER MADNESS.

I'm a self confessed clothes hoarder and while I won't be wearing the same dress for a year (phew) I will be taking part in a challenge called "One Month One Dress." The rules are simple. Pick a dress. For one month wear that dress as many ways as possible. Yes you can wash it. Yes you can have more than one of the same dress. You can still wear your own clothes at the gym but for 28 days you have to come up with 28 different ways to wear a dress.  Not one to back down from a challenge I've decided to bite the bullet and come February I will be wearing the same dress every single day.

When it came to picking my dress I needed something that is going to be versatile. It's winter in Glasgow, I've got my sister's 21st, the film festival, blogger events and date nights all coming up so needs to be good for the dressing down AND the dressin up. I've went for a black capped sleeve bodycon midi dress from New Look (£12.99). I tried it on with a few things in the changing room and it layers well and I can play around with the length a little bit. It should also be relatively easy to dress up. Famous last words.

Anyway since I was doing something so utterly mental I thought I may as well try and raise a bit of money for charity. So that's what I'm going to do. For 28 days, starting the 1st of February, I'm going to wear the same god damn dress and post the different ways I wear it here - and hopefully raise lots and lots of money for Glasgow Women's Aid.

Other than posting my thoughts and outfits here - I'll also be tweeting about how this one dress will slowly gnaw away at my sanity uunderr my twitter @beewaits using the hashtag #onemonthonedress.

If you'd like to find out more - or even donate, please feel free to visit my Just Giving site here (and if you do donate remember gift aid is your friend!)

I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing and I'm not entirely sure I've thought this through but will be a fun challenge and really hope you enjoy hearing more about it!

OOTD: Orange Blossom Special

 Crop Top - Primark - £2, Maxi Skirt - H&M - £3, Orange Necklace - Primark - £2, Bag - Holly Fulton for Scottish Fashion Awards - free, Converse - ASOS - gift from boyface, 
Glasses - Glasses Direct - 2 for £60

I wore this to the cinema to see Django Unchained (which is fantastic by the by - do go see it) so just wanted to go for something pretty much uncomplicated and comfortable.I've been defaulting to jeans recently and trying to get myself out of sliding in to that habit so thought would pull out my old maxi (that JUST survived my last wardrobe purge) to wear something that wasn't just me in a jumper, jeans and chelsea boots.

I'm a total bargain hunter and it's that time of year where all the sale goodies have become DIRT cheap. I'm not saying it's all gold mind. There is a lot of utter tack out there but I've picked up a few things over the last couples of days that I'm pretty thrilled about. I mean Primark is cheap at the best of times but I pretty much fell in love with this orange necklace (it fits quite nicely in to my every day Halloween palette) and the cropped aztec number was more of an experiment than anything else.
Still not entirely sold on it but for £2 worth the gamble.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So what's the Fine11?

Benefit Fine One One - £23.50*

Last night I was invited along to the launch of the newest beauty saviour from the babestations along at Benefit. Due to hit stores on the 26th - Fine One One is Benefit's new fix it product for the girl on the go. Described as a sheer brightening colour for lips and cheeks - Fine One One comes with 3 colours - a pink champagne highlighter, a soft coral and a sheer watermelon. Designed to be a multi-use product Fine One One is all about giving you one beauty product for a wee lift, shape and pop.

I've had a bit of a play around with it and I'm in love with the pink champagne highlighter (has a slight gold shimmer through it) which will be perfect for creeping in to my bag for after the gym and making me look like I'm slightly less dead. I've yet to fully give the watermelon and coral test runs on their own but when the 3 colours are blended together across the cheek it created a really flattering and easy to wear coral colour (how did the benebabes know that such a thing was missing from my make -up bag eh? I'm dying to use the watermelon as an alt to carrying a billion lippies around the bottom of my bag so it is a handy wee product to have.The colours are gorgeous and the fact that they are sheer is quite nice as you can build up to the effect you want. I guess the easiest way to describe Fine One One is like a cream blush stick and highlighter that works for boths cheeks and lips (and brow bones.)

If you're looking to streamline your make up bag for travel or just when you're out and about Fine One One is a pretty nifty multi-purpose goody to have on your side. Retailing at £23.50 and hitting counters on the 26th (Glasgow girls you are looking to go to Boots, Debhenams or House of Frasers) it's def worth a wee swatch.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

That time I decided to give blood

When it comes to thinks I'd like to avoid doing - having my blood taken is pretty high up there. For years when I've went to the doctor's I've avoided blood tests. I had a pretty nasty experience 8 years ago where someone was doing a blood test and was having trouble finding a vein so stabbed my arm to the tune of 5 times and I've just been petrified ever since. I know that my experience is obviously not what happens to most people and that having a blood test is relatively straight forward but for me it was a big no no.

And so in a way I decided a trial by fire. A shock therapy if you will. This year I want to do new things and really what is the point in living if you don't do things that scare you (even if it is something as daft and little as giving blood.) My friend Sean has been wanting to give blood for ages so he kindly came along with me for moral support - and I can't lie, it really was brilliant having someone there with me going through the same process.

The thing is - it was pretty much pain free. It definitely felt odd but it was over relatively quick. I felt utterly daft for not doing it sooner.  I pre-registed (to avoid chickening out) to go to my local blood donation centre in the city centre - making sure I did the whole eating/drink water thing before hand. When I got there I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire to see if I could donate. You're then given a finger blood test to check your iron levels. This was easily the worst part. They have a small needle they use to draw blood (it reminded be a bit of punching a hole in paper - sorry if I'm not selling this to you) which is a bit nippy but over relatively shortly. If you're iron levels are fine it's over to the chair where you are set up. They asked if I still wanted to go through with it (the nurse could see I was flat out terrified) but I'd started and I was going to see it through.

The actually donation is pretty simple. They apply a pressure cuff to bring forth a vein and then pierce your arm with a small needle and away you go. The needle was like a small scratch but other than that I was fine. The actual feeling of giving blood is very weird as could feel my arm pulsating a little bit and I kept wanting to lift it (don't do this.) They asked me if I wanted them to cover my arm and I stupidly said no which meant for the entire time I was looking at the other side of the room and trying not to look at the tube of blood coming from my arm. I would squeeze my hand in to a fist to encourage blood flow and in 10 minutes - boom, done.  Time for biscuits and juice. After it I felt fine - a little bit giddy but nout a good sit down and a bit of shortbread didn't sort.

Only 5% of the public are active blood donors which seems mental considering how straight forward it was. We'd all like to think if we needed it, it would be readily available to us and for something that takes so little time and does no much good it's odd how few people do it (myself included.)  Your blood is split up in to 3 groups - red cells for carrying oxygen and for people who've lost blood, platelets which work to stop bleeding and bruising and which are often used by patients who don't have enough like those going through chemotherapy and plasma which helps blood clot. Most blood donations are used for patients with blood loss or going through cancer treatment.

If you've ever thought about donating blood or want to know more I would fully recommend going to your local blood donation clinic. Mine is the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Clinic based in the city centre. They are open 6 days away and you can either book in for an appointment or just drop in. Either way I'm glad I did it and I can officially cross "donate blood" off my 2013 bucket list - though here's hoping it won't be the last time I do so this year.

Glasgow Film Festival 2013: Well I'm excited

For the past couple of months I've been working with Glasgow Film Festival currating the fashion strand. There have been a few films I've known about and been wanting to talk about for utterly ages and a few I only found about when I got the brochure in my inbox. After last nights press launch the embargo is lifted and I can finally talk to you about the films I'm most excited about for GFF13.

 The ABC's of Death

Well this guy just sounds like it will be a whole mess of fun. An anthology film of 26 ways to die, each by different directors spanning 15 different countries. With shorts from Ben Wheatley (Kill List) and Ti West (The Inkeepers) the film sounds like an utter riot and has creeped itself good and proper on to my MUST SEE list. 

The World's Most Fashionable Prison

Renowned Phillipines fashion designer Puey Quinones turns convicts in to couturiers. With his weekly workshops inside the largest maximum security prison in the Phillipines he teaches inmates new skills - how to design and sew working towards a fashion show at the end of the project.  It all sounds like it could be a little grim but the film is suprisingly upbeat. It's never exploitative - and explores the relationships between the prisoners as they work towards the runway show intertwining Quinones personal and work life throughout.

Helter Skelter

This guy is worth seeing just to look at. It's pretty. Real pretty. Directed by fashion photographer Mika Ninagawa and based on the manga of the same name Helter Skelter is frequently psychotic, sometimes delerious and always beautiful. Exploring the dark underbelly of fashion - we follow Ririko - a super model with a dark secret as she her obsession with beauty, power and fame consume her - pushing her sanity to the very brink.

Alasdair Gray: A Life in Progress

Using archive footage and new interviews - this feature length portrait of Scottish writer and artist Alastrair Gra looks utterly delightful. I've seen bits and pieces of Gray's work (and no - not just his mural at Hillhead Subway station) so would love to find more about the man who describes himself as a "fat, spectacled, balding, increasingly old Glasgow pedestrian."

SHOWstudio: Fashion Film in the Digital Age

I am super excited about this guy because SHOWstudio are just everything. Set up by fashion photographer Nick Knight in 2000, SHOWstudio is all about delivering fashion as it happens. SHOWstudio have a stellar back catalogue - having worked with Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane and their head of fashion film, Marie Schuller, is coming to Glasgow to talk about fashion and how it's changing in the digital age. Should be interesting to anyone with an interst in new media and fashion film.

In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey

I'm going to see this on the boys request. I was flicking (see:scrolling) down the brochure for GFF13 and he caught Fahey's name. "Ho...ho...ho...we'll be going to that." And so we shall. Oft described at the folk equivelant of William Burroughs and influencing the likes of Chris Funk of the Decemberists this looks like a pretty solid documentary exploring the life of an eccentric guitarist. A little bit different from my usual fare but what's a film festival for if you don't see something you're not familiar with - amirite?

About Face: Supermodels Then and Now

I should just be able to tell you Isabella Rosselini is in this being utterly fabulous and that should be enough of a reason to go see it. Exploring the process of ageing in a career entirley dependant on beauty, About Face is honest, charming and occasionaly dark and always entertaining.

Much Ado About Nothing

JOSS IS MY KING. Now that's out the way I can try and begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I've been following the progress of Joss Whedon's (yes Buffy, Doctor Horrible, Firefly and all that other good stuff) cinematic adaptation of Shakephere's classic. Filmed in his house over the course of 12 days with some familiar faces (Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion) this guy looks nothing short of astounding. Oh and Glasgow Film Festival totally has the U.K premier.  There is no way this will not be AMAZING. Added bonus of Joss coming to Glasgow which naturally crazy excited about (insert fangirl spew about how Buffy changed my life here.)

Obviously these are the guys that I'm going to make sure I see - by hook or by crook. That said there are a few other guys you should make an effort to creep. Rob Zombie's new film The Lords of Salem makes it's UK premier at GFF which looks like it will be utterly killer and the 50 Years of Doctor Who with Tom MacRae is deff on my to see list. Breaking The Frame - a portrait of artist and feminist Carolee Schneeman had caught my eye as well as a presentation of short films from Caroline Sascha Cogez (who's previously worked as assistant director to Lars Von Trier on The Idiots, Dancer in the dark and Dogville.) The Cinema City Treasure Hunt looks like it will be really fun as well as Entre chien et loup (translating at between dog and wolf - the french expression for Twilight) sees GFF work with artist Henry Coombes to explore the magical space between art, film and live performance at Grand Central Hotel. The art exhibition will be followed by a ball themed around the Gold Ballroom scenes from The Shining so REALLY excited about that guy.

Obviously tickets are are available from Glasgow Film Theatre in person or via the site. Honestly I don't think I'll be far from the GFT for pretty much the entire of February.

Safe to say I think the trailer is easily the prettiest thing I ever did see.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

OOTD: Grey Oceans and Gym Chat

 Top - £4 - Primark, Skirt - £10 - Urban Outfitters (Sale),Glasses - Glasses Direct - 2 for £60 Bag - Holly Fulton for Scottish Fashion Awards - None of the money, Converse - Christmas from the boyshape, Bracelets - ebay and celiana
Not Pictured: Hoody and Massive Jacket. It's Glasgow. In January. Just saying.

I don't think there has ever been a time when I haven't felt like King of the Dicks getting my photo taken for outfit pictures (okay - ASKING people to take my outfit pictures, that's the time I feel the worst, with the actual "photo session" being a very very close second.) My sister was coaxed (blackmailed) in to taking my pictures today. She thought she was just through for a nice day of lunch and shopping. Nah. You're going to help me take wanky pictures on the landing because it will be funny.

Pretty much defaulting to black - with a tote bag filled with gym gear this was basically my way of weaning myself out of boots and trying to get myself out of my weird jean funk (going through a blarg of hating all my clothes and just throwing on jeans and over sized shirts, lazy dressing at it's finest folks.)  I love this skirt but really don't think it gets enough outings. For a few reasons. Mostly because when I wear it I fear I look massive and although I think I could fix this with a belt it just LOOKS WEIRD.  Also I think I've finally found a foundation that may in fact me too pale for me. Who'd have thunk it?

I've been back at the gym hard. Not that I ever went away but there was a blip of illness and mince pies in December but I like to gloss over that. This year I want to really push myself. Last year I managed my first 10k and did not die so would love to do it again this year before working myself up to a half marathon. I've been doing body pump for a while now and hoping this year will actually be able to stop being a dick and push myself more, especially with my arms and chest and they haven't really moved much. I was watching the video for Tough Mudder - which is like this insane 10-12 mile obstacle course that is held all over the world and it just looks...amazing. I mean utterly flat out crazy. The Scotland event is at the end of August so would be cool to maybe try work up to be able to do that. I mean who doesn't want to celebrate the end of Summer by running through fire, getting electrocuted and crawling through mud? 

Anyone else got any fitness goals for the year ahead?

Monday, 14 January 2013

So Fresh and So Clean: A Brief History of Cleansers

When it comes to skincare I am all about the cleansing. I'm not big on wipes (use them for tables not your face) but understand their merit post night out (make-up is always better off your face than on your face come bed time but we're getting in to Captain Obvious territory here.) That's all fine and dandy but for my daily skin care routine I swear I chop and change my cleansers as frequently as I do foundations. I don't ask for much in a cleanser. I would like my skin to feel fresh and clean after I've used it. I would prefer if my skin didn't feel like it had been sapped off all nourishment. Also the quicker it can take all the eyeliner off my face the better.
So for you dear reader: a brief history in cleansers. The good and the great and a few that have got the apathetic meh.

Garnier Clean and Fresh Cleanser - £1.49 - Superdrug (1/2 price)

I am convinced at some point every single person I know has used this cleanser. It was like my first cleanser and you know what? Not terrible. I'm not big on the cream cleansers these days and I find the whole faffing about with cotton pads to be a right pain but this did the job. It smells nice, light and fruity and is pretty nourishing. I never really felt like it was completely off though and it was one of the few cleansers where I always used a toner after. This when I was 16 and has a well disciplined skin care routine. Which died swiftly for a combination of reasons (boredom, laziness, demons - take your pick.)  A purse friendly cleanser that is nice enough but a bit of a foof around for me.

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser - £6.75

People go on about this cleanser and how wonderful it is. Like manna from heaven. Are we using the same cleanser? Actually? I hated this guy. It felt heavy on the skin, it took for ages to get any of my make up off and it just felt too rich. I don't think I could have been less in to a cleanser if I tried. That said it did smell delicious so there is that.

Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser - £6.25

Aqua Marina is more up my street. It's pink and squishy and in it's roll form is easily my favourite of the Lush cleansers to look at. Inspired by mermaids it's designed to calm and cleanse the skin. I got a pot for Christmas and been using it religiously and definitely seen an improvement in a skin (remember my December/early Jan diet was mostly mince pies and Quality Street) so that's always a plus. I quite like how you roll a wee ball then wet it and turn it in to a milk to clean your skin. It always makes my skin feel very fresh and has got me back on the Lush skincare bandwagon.

Simple Purifying Cleanser - £2.99

Again this seems to be one that everyone has used. From my cream cleanser days this guy had a nice fruity smell but a very thin liquid and again was a bit of a faff to use (again - I'm lazy) but otherwise a pretty nice cleanser. It wasn't great for my skin - but I think that has come from a learning curve of "cream cleansers aren't for me" but know plenty of folk who still use it and swear by it.

Origins Checks & Balances - £17

This is easily my favourite cleanser ever and is the one beauty product the boy is always snaffling. I've gushed and gushed about Checks & Balances before and it's a near staple in my shower. It's great face wash which always leaves my skin feeling bright and thoroughly cleansed. One of the best beauty products of all time.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil - £28

Best for taking off make up. I would be lost with out this. I am quite partial to quite a lot of eyeliner and this bad boy is the ultimate quick fix in getting my make up off my face and in to the sink. I'd never used oil cleansers before this but after I was a MAJOR convert. It's not the cheapest thing going but it does last for ages - and I tend to keep it for nights out when I need to get my big face off quickly before bed. It's a great guy to have in your beauty cabinet and Shu do loads of collaborations with artists throughout the year so you can try and get some super cute limited edition bottle designs.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser - £15

A gel like cleansing soap Keihl's does what it says on the tin and cleans your face. Other than that there isn't much to say other than it's pretty inoffensive. It's fairly unremarkable as far as cleansers go. You get loads for the price but I can't say I'd buy again.

MAC Creme Wash - £15

I definitely worshipped at the cult of MAC for a good long while. My make up bag was a MAC paradise (thank you student loan) and I was just totally sucked in my it. Naturally I had to try the creme wash which was okay. It has a nice gel texture and cleaned my face good and proper, but in retrospect I feel I've been spoiled by the likes of Origins and Lush. It just doesn't measure up against it's peers.

Obviously there a few guys missing from this - Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap (meh) and Vitimain E's Make Up Remover and Cleanser (solid budget cleanser) spring to mind but really just wanted to do a quick exploration of a my history with trying to get all the make up off my face. I know everyone keeps telling me to get on board the Hot Cloth train - and you know what - I'm waiting at the station. I am ready to get on, the ticket's bought - but I have a few guys I need to work through first before I can legit start spending money on new skin care goodies when my bathroom is so stacked with treats at the moment (it was a VERY good Christmas for skin.)

Anyway what do you think? Any glaring omissions? Any cleansers that I need to try - or have you tried any of these bad boys and had a different experience?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

OOTD: Wednesday Addams

 Dress - J.W.Anderson for Topshop -£35 (Sale), Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Damsel in Soletrader - £29 (Sale), Bag - New Look - Christmas present, Bracelet - ebay - from the boyfriend
Nail Polish - orange - Topshop and apparently no longer in existance but Barry M also do a nice shade, the white is just a wee MUA number.

When it comes to my personal style - it's safe to say my default has become "I'll wear anything as long as it's black." It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that as such that when the French Maid dress by J.W.Anderson went in to the Topshop Sale that I snapped it up. I had designs on wearing it at New Year but came with stains across the shoulder (boo you Toppers, boo you) but have been dying for an excuse to crack this guy out and a night out on the tiles seemed a good excuse as any. I know Primark did some gorgeous Wednesday Addams inspired dresses a while back (and come on, that is exactly what this is channelling) but this guy is my favourite. It was down to £35 for £79.99 in the sale and the collar and cuffs are both detachable so like - 2 dresses in one surely? It's got that whole Babes in Toyland/Hole vibe going on which I was all up in. It's quite a smart dress so coupled it with Damsel Jeffrey Campbell's I snapped up for £29 in Soletrader. I'd been resistant to Jeffrey Campbell's for so so long but I love a good wedge and for that price it was pretty tough to argue with.

Surprisingly I did not break my neck or die in a pit of sweat - though one button did keep popping open on my dress, but I put this down to vigorous dance moves more than anything else and I slowly getting to the point where I can take smaller and smaller bags out. In days gone by you'd have thought I was away for the weekend, not for a night of dancing, when I rocked up toe club with something not too far off a hold all (think air plane hand-luggage and you get the idea.) It's taken a while but I have finally realised no I don't need my entire make up bag, two changes of shoes and snacks JUST IN CASE. My purse, lipstick and camera is quite enough. Also doing my back all kinds of wonders. Just saying.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

OOTD: Captain Spaulding for President

 Cardigan - Obscure Couture - £160, Captain Spaulding for President T-shirt (customised) - eBay,  Skirt - Primark - £10, Shoes - Internacionale - £20 (Sale)

 I wore this for a night of movies - The Seventh Seal which I'd never seen but just was everything I hoped it would be and more and a bunch of shorts by the Brothers Quay. I've always loved animation so their multi-media stop-animations were just tremendous to watch. Like actually flat out stunning.  A collection of their short films is on amazon for about £10 at the mo so feel like I'll be diving head first in to that before the month is out.

 Internacionale is one of those shops I never go in. In fact I was only in looking for onesies for New Year's Day when I came across those bad boys. It was like if someone had designed some shoes especially for me.  They were the last ones in store and HOLLA in my size. Had to be some kind of fate right? After I tried them on knew I was having them, and to find out they were in the sale when I got to the till? Utter dream. They were a bit slidy at first (nothing that a bit of wear and tear or indeed sanding won't sort) and made for a few precarious jaunts around Glasgow (and one MASSIVE bruise.) Well done Stuart as always.

I've had this Captain Spaulding t-shirt forever and it's only pretty recently that I've started reintroducing it to my wardrobe. I bought the tee off eBay about 6 years ago and had my friend Lynne (who is dab hand with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine) and turned it in to a fitted vest. I've got a bajillionv (no exaggeration) over-sized t-shirts left over from my "mosher" days down the skate park and feels like such a waste that they are lurking away in my Dad's attic. I'm currently in the process of streamlining my life (I have all the things) and looking at sending A LOT of stuff to Music Magpie and maybe some clothes as well, but may be worth trying to craft some bits and bobs as well Maybe reclaiming them and turning them in to cushions? I did it once in home ec so can't be that hard right?

On a final note: my hair is continuing to take over my head. It keeps getting bigger (it's filled with secrets) but definitley is feeling a lot less damaged. Hopefully I'm finally on to a winner in hair goodies.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Things I Enjoy

7: Internacionale Bat Jumper - £10 (Sale)

I know that this wish list should come as a suprise to no one. I know black is a "safe" colour and an easy option but I'm pretty much in love with with everything but bare with me. Also the whole monochrome trend is in so everything on this is total legit right? Just jazz it up with a flash of neon -maybe some orange and white nails. I'm aware that if I'm not careful I'm going to look like I rolled out of a Tim Burton movie but that's not really a bad thing. I'm not totally against dressing like every day is Halloween and we can all agree that Lydia Deetz is a highly underrated style icon.

 I already own the Amanda bra (which is easily one of the prettiest and comfiest pieces of lingerie I own) and I know before the month is through I'm going to be more than a little tempted to hook myself up with the bat print jumper and polka dot dress.  Earrings truly are a pipe dream for me. I have a massive hole in one ear from have a flesh tunnel in my ear as a teen. I'm considering getting it sewn up this year as it's been out for ages and it doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. I think the little bones are adorable and the ankhs remind me of Death in Sandman (also a highly underrated style icon along with Delirium) My own fault for home stretching...very very quickly. I think the thing about this wish list is the fact that I can see pretty much everything on it becoming forever classics (it's okay I'm aware I sound like a wanker.) 
Doesn't make me want the boots any less.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MUA: Lipstick Review Shade 3

For a very long time it's always been very easy for me to default to red with my lipstick, but when I saw this lipstick from MUA I knew I had to have it.

Shade 3 is a warm bright pink. I was a bit apprehensive at first - worried it would be "too bright" or make my teeth look yellow. The colour is warm and was a lot easier to wear than I thought.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the bottom of the lipstick unscrewed to reveal a small pot of a more matte and pigmented shade of the lipstick. HOLLA!

The colour applies evenly across the lips and it has a very creamy formula. It goes on very bold with one swatch and has a semi-matte smooth finish. It lasted about 2-3 hours on my lips (about average for most lipsticks) and faded quite evenly leaving a pink stain. It has a light sweet scent which may bother some but I didn't find it too intrusive and couldn't actually detect it once it was on my lips.

At £1 a pop you can't really loose with these lipsticks. If you're looking for a matte finish they aren't for you but if you want to experiment with colour and are looking for a creamy lipstick with a solid lasting time you can't really go wrong. The added bonus of the formula not being tested on animals should get snaps all round from beauty lovers! There isn't much holding me back from buying all of them now!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OOTD: Breaking bad habits and hair woe

 Jumper - £6 - Primark, Belt - £1 - Primark, Necklace - H&M - forever ago, T-shirt - H&M - also forever ago, Skirt - Topshop - £20, Boots - New Look - £22, Ring - Gran's Eternity Ring, Bracelet - Christmas from Boyfriend

My hair is currently going through a period of being - not terrible. This never happens. It's kind of in that weird stage between growing and full blown mane - which means I promptly need to find a good hairdresser. The madness has already begun as it begins to turn my entire hair in to one giant blonde knot (usually between where my natural hair colour ends and the bleached death begins.) If anyone can hit a sister up with an affordable hairdresser I can trust in the city centre I would be much obliged. I was utterly distraught when my guy left.

As part of my new year I've resolved to actually wearing the clothes that I own and only buying things that I utterly love. I have purged my wardrobe and still never seem to have anything to wear. Which is stupid because clearly I have all the things - I just need to actually wear them. Obviously the things that survived the purge were kept for a reason, i just need to get round to wearing them. I've had this necklace since forever and never really worn it as it never really fell in to my usual of "must be gold and chunky" but I loved it and was in a buy one get one free or something of the likes. Helps that it matched my lipstick (total accident promise.) This outfit was just something put on to go pick up my Abi. She'd just got her knees tattooed and wanted me to come collect her for a night of dinner and films (prawn,chilli and lime risotto and Phantom of The Opera since you asked.) I'm not usually one for belts over jumpers (and I'm still not convinced) but it is Glasgow and it is cold and quite frankly it looked better than this guy just hanging loose (plus I love this jumper hard.)

Surely I'm not the only one guilty of clothes hoarding?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Nailgasm - a doc all about nail art? HOT DAMN

I'm not quite sure how this guy went under my radar for so long and quite frankly I haven't been this excited in a short documentary in a long time. Nailgasm combines my love of docs and nail art in a BIG way - I mean gads - it's a film entirely exploring the global obsession of nail art and it's journey from the streets to high fashion.

The entire thing started as a Kickstarter projected headed by nail enthusiast, film maker and all around bad ass Brass. With interviews from nail stylists, famous nail art enthusiasts, independent nail artists and pop culture journalists from areas such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, London, Japan and beyond Nailgasm does a worldwide exploration of nail art which pretty much sounds like it's going to be a film filled with utter eye candy.

 I love the whole ethos behind it (crowd funding to make fucking amazing films - YES) and the fact it is exploring a predominately female business and how it's pretty much grown to something full blown insane. I mean fuck - did anyone see nail decals coming back in the way they did? FUCK. Seriously though I love the exploration of nail artists and the focus on the creative aspect of it and supporting your local nail artists. I mean we're lucky enough to have the amazerous Tammy over at DIY Nails who pretty much does the best nails in Scotland (fact) so it's really cool to see all these other super bad ass chicks from around the world designing some insane nails.  Melted ice cream, galaxy, evil eyes, studs and chains, bows, pearls, ombre, animal print, glitter - it is ALL UP IN HERE.

The 35 minute film is available for purchase ($9.99 - get in my post box now) or stream ($1.99.)  I am actually dying to see this.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

OOTD: Black and grey and looking like my dad

 Top - £4 - Primark, Skirt - Topshop - old as time, Jacket - Topshop - £52, Necklace - H&M - £9.99, Shoes c/o Barratts

Safe to say I am definitely my father's daughter. I don't get it half as much since he got the laser eye surgery (one day Stuart...one day) but there is no doubt that I have gone from twinkle in his eye to full human shape (kind of.) 

The weather is bollocks and since the New Year has kicked in my outfits have been as exciting and varied as gravy stained dress (from all the cooking), gym clothes and pjs. I don't think I'll ever get used to doing the whole outfit post thing due to the my non-stop inner monologue- ("why am I cocking my head like my neck is broken?", "who puts their hand on their hip?", "why is my forehead still shiny?" and "can you see my foof?") but having the boy take pictures and for the most part not make fun of me has helped. Wore this for a night in of films and chocolate elves with the boy. Finally saw the Artist which pretty much induced non-stop tears. I mean I knew it was going to be good but I didn't expect to feel. Not in that way at least.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Origins Mask Marvels Review: Out of Trouble, Clear Impovement and Drink Up

Was there a beauty blogger going who did not have the Origins Mask Marvels Gift set on their Christmas list?  Obviously I was super good last year (ie the mamshape heeded my not so subtle hints) and come Christmas morn this little beauty was mine. With 3 masks - Clear Improvement, Drink Up and Out of Trouble this guy pretty much covered all my bases. I'd tried Clear Improvement before and I pretty much think Origins so some of the best skin care going to having 3 of these beauties to play with especially with my post holiday skin (boo hiss) was an utter dream come true.

 Out of Trouble: 10 Minute Mask

I'd never tried Origins Out of Trouble mask but post Christmas my skin was crying out for something to dear god please fix it. The Out of Trouble mask is all about saving problem skin and is best for oily to combination skin. It sops up the oil from your skin and just takes off all the horrible death off your face. It's got a real medicinal scent to it - quite herbal and reminds me of vaporub (I love this but can understand this isn't for everyone.) A little goes a long way and it applied evenly with a very thick creamy texture. When I tried this out the boyshape commented I looked a bit like a mime. He wasn't wrong. I think if you're having some break outs this is perfect (my forehead of doom and chinchocfullofdeath loved it.) It reduced redness and my spots have def been less rubbish since I started using this. I wouldn't use this every week as for the most part my skin does like to behave but if you're prone to spots or your skin is generally having a shite time of it this guy is spot on.
 Use if: Skin is sad, red and wants some love (Oily to Combo)

 Drink Up: 10 Minute Mask

I've tried the overnight Drink Up Mask before which was super rich (and perfect for those late nights where my skin basically became reptilian) but was a bit too intense for every day or even every week. This guy however is a nice alternative with a lighter formula which is all about getting delicious nourishment back in to your skin. The formula is light and almost gel like and spreads evenly and easily and has a pleasant fruity scent. Of all my beauty products it's also the one I find the boyshape swiping too. It leaves my skin feeling much more awake and fresh after using it and it's not too heavy. It's ideal for a few times a week especially if like me your skin wants all the moisture it can.
Use if: Skin is resembling some form of reptile - best for plumping up dry skin.

Clear Improvement: Charcoal Mask

I'm just going to lay this on the line. This is my favourite face mask. Of all time. I got a sample of this years ago and really haven't turned back since. Whenever my skin is playing up this has been my go to mask. The consistency is this gorgeous creamy grey, you only need a little bit and I'm about putting this all over my face. Whenever I rinse if off my skin just feels like the cleanest thing ever and just looks all round healthier. There is no real over powering scent and it just feels like a lovely luxury mask when fancying to give my skin a wee bit of  the old TLC. After using the Out Of Trouble I would say that guy is better if you have problem skin but if you are looking for something that feels like a wee bit of luxury as well as visible improvements to your skin THIS is your guy. .
Use if: Out of all the masks this one I can see being used for normal skin and is probably the best all rounder.

Honestly - I don't think there is any of these guys I would not recommend. I was super lucky to get this wee gift set as you got 3 beautiful masks with 75ml for £29 and they usually clock in at £19 each for 100ml. It's really hard to go wrong with Origins Skin Care and all these masks have shown an improvement in my general skins health and appearance. They aren't any real quick fixes or miracle workers as much as treatments that over time will improve your skin and are easily some of my fave beauty buys. Do check them out, worth every penny.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Totes Amazed : Illustrated Bags of Deliciousness

It's well established by now I love a fancy ass bit of illustration. I got some gorgeous art prints for my Christmas - and on my most recent trip to Edinburgh during the festive season I couldn't help but pick up some Twin Peaks deliciousness at Hannah Zakari (it took A LOT of self control not to just buy up the whole wall.)   Chance would have it the store was also celebrating the launch of Totes Amazed - a selection of illustrated tote bags with designs from illustrators from around the world. Conceived one espresso filled October night, Rachael Griffiths (owner of Hannah Zakari and jewellery designer Dotpop) and Gill McColl (graphic designer and the mastermind behind Take the Proverbial) decided to combined their love of tote bags and indie designers and came up with Totes Amazed (Ta!).

I love a good tote bag (they make excellent gym bags resolutioners) and are perfect for picking up my groceries. Environmentally friendly combined with some sweet designs just sings to me in all the best ways.  Also it gave me a way to find out about some sweet illustrators who were off my radar. With a collection of gin, pug and kitty inspired tote bags it is pretty much like these guys have a direct link to the overtly fluffy bit of my brain.

Here are a few of my faves:
 This is a limited edition tote design by Gemma Correll, exclusive to Totes Amazed & Hannah Zakari. Gemma is a cartoonist, writer and illustrator. She’s also the author of A Cat’s Life (2012) and A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette (2013). She draws a monthly Skycats cartoon for Emirates Airlines Open Skies magazine and has worked for clients including Hallmark, The New York Times and The Observer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gemma Correll's work - girl shares my hard love for kitties and puppies (and let's face it who isn't all up in kitties and puppies.) This Pug meets Greyfriars Bobby is sure to melt even the coldest of ice queens. Also yes. It always rains in Edinburgh/
 Mark Errington is a London-based graphic designer who works at Radley Yeldar and runs Design & That in his spare time. His eyecatching Lego-themed tote bags are all hand dyed yellow and then hand screenprinted, making each one unique. I love Lego so so much much so this big old lego face is right up my street. I had like a billion of those little lego people back in the day. They chilled in their little beach house with their parrot, pool and interchangeable hair. Also they had a butler. This hits hard in the nostalgia factor for me and gets extra points for being yellow.
 Kate Rowland is an illustrator from East London. Inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, a love for coffee and old Americana vintage signs, this tote has been hand screen printed making each bag slightly different. I actually bought this guy as a print for the boyshape because he is a total Lynch fanboy (but then who isn't) and I really liked the design - looked almost like a coffee cameo. Can I have one featuring the log lady now please?

 Take the Proverbial is Gill McColl, one of the owners of Totes Amazed. Take the Proverbial products typographically illustrate tongue-in-cheek modern proverbs for a modern world and employ 100% environmentally friendly processes whenever possible. This popular gin-themed design has been featured in The Scotsman, The Sunday Times Style magazine and Easy Living magazine. This is the guy I would prob pick up for some of my girlies because gin is wonderful and the font is sweet.

hellojenuine is Jen Collins, a talented illustrator based in Glasgow. Her work is inspired by people (real and fictional), nature and every day occurrences. This extremely popular Cats tote is one of our best sellers and features lots of cheeky cat faces, screenprinted on a sky blue bag. This guy feels like it was made for me (and indeed the internet at large) by being comprised entirely of many many cat faces. I want this on my wall in an art print form so hard - it just appeals to the crazy cat lady in my a bit too much. Of all the bags this is the guy I'd like to see in all the colours.
 Memo is Helen Entwisle, a freelance illustrator and screen printer from Leeds. Her work includes hand drawn and screen printed illustration, zines, greetings cards, stationery, limited edition prints, tote bags and accessories.  This guy I can't can't decide if I love the blatant love for coffee or the design more. Obviously I am all about the colours and the little cafetiere is possibly the single cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm convinced coffee is probably one of the few things that does stop my brain from falling completely out of my head (a ringing endorsement if I ever read one.)
Noodoll are based in London and all the mischievous characters are created by talented designer and author YiYing Wang. Made out of noodles and rice, the colourful characters of Mr Rice Dust and Mr Rice Cracker have been two of their most popular totes. You can see why the Noodoll totes have been so popular because they are easily some of the cutest designs I ever did see. 

The bags are available from the Totes Amazed site or if you're Edinburgh bound - Hannah Zakari. If you're still not sold the girls are offering 10% off all designs on the site when you enter TOTES10 at the checkout. Not a bad way to start 2013 eh?
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